Ice Cube Celebrates The Eames - Dwell
“What I love about the Eames is how resourceful they are, taking something that already exists and making it something special, kind of like sampling.”
architecture  design  history  icecube  dwell 
2 days ago
download your twitter likes (nee favorites) and stick them into a sqlite db
twitter  twitterarchive  leavingtwitter 
5 days ago
“I Shouldn’t Have To Lose Weight For My Wedding. So Why Do I Feel Like A Failure?” by Scaachi Koul
“My wedding isn’t the most important day of my life, or at least, I don’t think it should be. But it could be the first day in a string of days of being done.”
weightloss  trauma  eatingdisorders  bodyimage  feminism  family 
5 days ago
YouTube is about to pass Facebook as the second biggest website in US
Facebook has seen a severe decline in monthly page visits, from 8.5 billion to 4.7 billion in the last two years, according to the study. Although Facebook's app traffic has grown, it is not enough to make up for that loss, the study said.
techindustry  traffic  monopolies 
8 days ago
Creating the “Perfect” CSS System, by lindsay grizzard
More than once over the years, I’ve typed some combination of the words ‘perfect CSS structure architecture’ into Google looking for guidance in building a maintainable and scalable environment. My work in these wide ranging CSS environments with equally diverse team dynamics has made me think a lot about what the “perfect” CSS system looks like for a project and a company.
css  frontend  architecture  research  process 
8 days ago
Yes, design systems will replace design jobs — DesignSystems.com
Design systems have plenty of tactical challenges — how to start, maintain and adapt them, and so on. But arguably the biggest question is cultural: What will happen to software designers’ jobs as their work is increasingly automated?
designsystems  labor  automation 
10 days ago
No, design systems will not replace design jobs — DesignSystems.com
We spoke with five design leaders and got their take on how design systems could change—or eliminate—the role of a designer.
designsystems  labor  automation 
10 days ago
Digital Finance For All: Powering Inclusive Growth in Emerging Economies (McKinsey Global Institute, September 2016)
“Rather than waiting a generation for incomes to rise and traditional banks to extend their reach, emerging economies have an opportunity to use mobile technologies to provide digital financial services for all, rapidly unlocking economic opportunity and accelerating social development.”
capitalism  emergingmarkets  mobile  neoliberalism 
10 days ago
John Maeda’s Design in Tech Report 2018
“88% of designers surveyed believe that it will be at least five years or more until visual designers are replaced with AI. AI can already do a lot right now.” (slide 58)

(Paraphrased (??) on https://twitter.com/bokardo/status/993462048670527488: “…I believe it will be sooner.”
design  automation  labor  technology 
10 days ago
You don’t have to live in public, by Austin Kleon
It seems ridiculous to say, but 2013, the year I wrote the book, was a simpler time. Social media seemed much more benign to me. Back then, the worst I felt social media did was waste your time. Now, the worst social media does is cripple democracy and ruin your soul.
online  productivity  writing  process 
10 days ago
Warren Ellis’ ORBITAL OPERATIONS, 1 July 18 edition
You don't have to live in public on the internet if you don't want to. Even if you're a public figure, or micro-famous like me. I don't follow anyone on my public Instagram account. No shade on those who follow me there, I'm glad you give me your time - but I need to be in my own space to get my shit done. You want a "hack" for handling the internet? Create private social media accounts, follow who you want and sit back and let your bespoke media channels flow to you.

These are tools, not requirements. Don't let them make you miserable. Tune them until they bring you pleasure.
writing  online  process  mindfulness 
10 days ago
Facebook is now a major mobile browser in U.S., with 10%+ market share in many states | TechCrunch
Most of the data around web browser market share puts Google Chrome or Safari at the top – with their percentage of the market varying by platform and region. But new research from analytics provider Mixpanel finds that many sources are overlooking a major contributor of mobile web browser events here in the U.S.: Facebook.
browser  facebook  access  mobile 
10 days ago
See No Evil, by Miriam Posner
It’s entirely possible to have an astoundingly effective supply chain while also knowing very little about it. Not only is it possible: it may be the enabling condition of capitalism at a global scale.

This peculiar state of knowing-while-not-knowing is not the explicit choice of any individual company but a system that’s grown up to accommodate the variety of goods that we demand, and the speed with which we want them. It’s embedded in software, as well as in the container ships that are globalization’s most visible emblem.
supplychains  infrastructure  capitalism  latecapitalism  labor  exploitation 
10 days ago
SHA1 sunset will block millions from encrypted net, Facebook warns | Ars Technica
Tens of millions of Internet users will be cut off from encrypted webpages in the coming months unless sites are permitted to continue using SHA1, a cryptographic hashing function that's being retired because it's increasingly vulnerable to real-world forgery attacks, Facebook and Web security company CloudFlare have warned.
ssl  https  httpseverywhere  digitaldivide  inclusion 
11 days ago
A Letter to My Brother – Keheira tha Dev – Medium
“I’ll start by saying my brother probably won’t ever read this and that’s fine. This is doubling as a letter I wish someone would have told me growing up.”
advice  personal  family  adulthood  writing 
12 days ago
Disturbances #16: The Price of Perfection, by Jay Owens (@hautepop)
“This late stage of consumer capitalism is the business of creating desire. Surplus value - the profit margin - is produced not only through alienating, monotonous labour in vast factory-towns in China but also the acts of design, advertising and branding which create a demand for the jet black iPhone 7 or the brand new iPhone X which is hungry to the point of lust.”
dust  design  capitalism  latecapitalism  labor  displacement  materials 
13 days ago
Molly Ringwald Revisits “The Breakfast Club” in the Age of #MeToo | The New Yorker
How are we meant to feel about art that we both love and oppose? What if we are in the unusual position of having helped create it? Erasing history is a dangerous road when it comes to art—change is essential, but so, too, is remembering the past, in all of its transgression and barbarism, so that we may properly gauge how far we have come, and also how far we still need to go.
filmcriticism  johnhughes  movies  mollyringwald  metoo  film 
15 days ago
Productivity & me – Keheira tha Dev – Medium
I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds timeboxing stressful!
productivity  personal  process 
16 days ago
Wildlife Photographer Captures Exact Moment Fox and Eagle Fight Over a Rabbit in Mid-Air - TechEBlog
Wildlife photographer Kevin Ebi managed to capture a once-in-a-lifetime photo of a red fox and bald eating fighting over a rabbit in mid-air at the San Juan Island National Historical Park on San Juan Island in Washington state.
photography  nature  eagle  fox  rabbit 
17 days ago
Browsh, the modern text-based browser
Browsh is a fully-modern text-based browser. It renders anything that a modern browser can; HTML5, CSS3, JS, video and even WebGL. Its main purpose is to be run on a remote server and accessed via SSH/Mosh or the in-browser HTML service in order to significantly reduce bandwidth and thus both increase browsing speeds and decrease bandwidth costs.
browser  performance  bandwidth  www  software  opensource 
17 days ago
“Neodymium,” by Ingrid Burrington for Popula
Maybe this can be seen in another weirdly poetic facet of magnets: the fact that attraction and repulsion happen not with just one magnetic object acting upon another, but two magnetic fields mutually acting upon each other. Magnetism is an interaction of forces, not a static surrender to them. The magnet in my headphones doesn’t merely push forward electromagnetic pulses as audio waves; it is mutually pushed and pulled, in concert with a shifting magnetic field. Equal and opposite reactions persist; to live with hard truths does not have to mean establishing a framework in which you accept those truths as irreducible or inescapable. It can mean establishing a framework in which you push against those truths toward something else.
environment  politics  mobile  rareminerals  supplychains  logistics  magnets 
18 days ago
Architects Debate Design's Role in Immigrant Detention - CityLab
In February 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, authorizing the U.S. military to round up people of Japanese descent on the West Coast and confine them in camps inland. The Japanese-American sculptor and designer Isamu Noguchi (1904–1988) was a resident of New York at the time, so he was exempt from the order. But he did something unusual in response: He decided to intern himself.
design  research  ethics  immigration  architecture  resistance  labor 
18 days ago
‘Intoxicating freedom, gripping fear’: Mumia Abu-Jamal on life as a Black Panther | US news | The Guardian
He went on: “I am reminded of [Frantz] Fanon’s adage: ‘Every generation must, out of relative obscurity, find its destiny, and fulfill it or betray it.’ I think both [the Black Panthers and the Black Lives Matter movement] have done so, if only in their own ways.”
racism  politics  carceralstate  racialjustice  blacklivesmatter  uspolitics  blackpanthers 
19 days ago
conflict/change | sara hendren
“To see life as a battle is a narrow, social-Darwinist view, and a very masculine one. Conflict, of course, is part of life, I’m not saying you should try to keep it out of your stories, just that it’s not their only lifeblood. Stories are about a lot of different things.” — Ursula Franklin
feminism  ursulafranklin  narrative  masculinity 
20 days ago
“Design Thinking”: Defending Silicon Valley at the Apex of Global Labor Hierarchies | Irani | Catalyst: Feminism, Theory, Technoscience
By drawing on artifacts, documents, public debates about the design profession from this period, I will demonstrate how champions of “design thinking” responded to expanded availability of design labor globally by figuring Asians and machines as the creative subject's Other.
research  ideo  labor  siliconvalley  design  colonialism 
20 days ago
Gaming’s toxic men, explained - Polygon
An excellent array of perspectives on the terrible array of problems facing the video game industry.
violence  videogames  feminism  gamergate  sexism  patriarchy 
24 days ago
Aviv Ovadya on Twitter: "What should Facebook do? @alexstamos nails it.… "
“We need to change the metrics we measure and the goals we shoot for. We need to adjust PSC to reward not shipping when that is the wiser decision. We need to think adversarially in every process, product and engineering decision we make. We need to build a user experience that conveys honesty and respect, not one optimized to get people to click yes to giving us more access. We need to intentionally not collect data where possible, and to keep it only as long as we are using it to serve people.”

— Alex Stamos, outgoing Facebook CSO

(Full text here: https://www.businessinsider.com/alex-stamos-reveals-what-facebook-thinks-of-russian-interference-2018-7)
research  ethics  monopolies  datacapitalism  privacy 
24 days ago
Two histories of Myst – Picking Up the Pieces – Medium
The function of computer game history in our time is to interrogate memory-histories like the ones above. Rarely have we asked, “Whose memories are these, anyway?” All of us have inherited a canon created with little formal process, or professional input. A canon forged almost by accident. Too often, even the scholarly attention we’ve received has taken its cues from our body of myth. This has given us context and, in a way, allowed us to survive during computer games’ long march to respectability. Memory-histories helped to carry us here. But we’re all much older now. The time has come to outgrow them.
design  games  history  cyan  videogames  myst  riven  doom  doom2  broderbund 
25 days ago
I’m Afraid I’m Just Not Interested, by Lisa Maria Martin
Last Monday, I woke up to a message in my inbox from a Facebook recruiter. And I tell you—maybe it was because I was surprised to see it (I’ve made no secret of my Facebook disdain in the past), or maybe it was because it was a Monday, or maybe it was because it’s 2018—whatever the reason, I was not having it.
recruiting  techgiants  facebook  privacy  capitalism 
25 days ago
Warren Ellis’ ORBITAL OPERATIONS, 22 July 2018 edition
When I was a kid, Paul Gravett said something very important to me. It's easy, relative to skill and vision, to make a fantastic looking comics page. It is very much harder to make a comics page that communicates so clearly that anyone can read it. Clarity is the gold standard.
writing  design  grids  process 
27 days ago
ᐃᓄᒃᑎᑐᑦ ᐃᓕᓐᓂᐊᖅᑕ - An Inuktitut learning resource for the Qikiqtaaluk region
Inuktitut Ilinniaqta is a blog / social media based Inuktitut learning resource for the Qikiqtaaluk region. Our content is created by a small group of volunteers who are passionate about Inuktitut preservation and revitalization and we genuinely appreciate constructive feed back from the community. Our goal is simple: to make learning Inuktitut a fun part of everyday life by connecting art, language and humour.

(Inuktitut, also known as Eastern Canadian Inuktitut, is one of the principal Inuit languages of Canada.)
language  history  inuit  canada  tutorials  aboriginal 
28 days ago
The (Amazon) Prime Directive — Bennett McIntosh
Prime Day is coming up! That’s right, the artificially constructed holiday devoted to boosting the fortune of the world’s richest man during slow summer sales months!
amazon  labor  exploitation 
4 weeks ago
A brief profile of Emma Willard, America’s First Female Mapmaker
A key to [Willard’s] survival and success seems to have been her ability to imagine a better reality. Through these maps, one sees that imagination and lively intelligence at work.
maps  history  unitedstates  america  visualizations 
5 weeks ago
Interview with Punchdrunk’s Felix Barrett, by Tristan Jakob-Hoff
A child brings so much imagination when they play, and maybe what we’re trying to do is engender the same response from an adult.
theater  fiction  videogames  games 
5 weeks ago
Road Trip
This app will read you about the places and points of interest you drive by. (By Malte Ubl, via https://twitter.com/cramforce/status/1015343841019228160)
speechAPI  speech  travel  webdev  wikipedia 
6 weeks ago
I Don’t Believe in Full-Stack Engineering • Robin Rendle
Every company that ignores front-end development is doing so at their own peril; they’ll lose millions of dollars every year because their websites are slow, they’ll be sued for violating accessibility laws, and they won’t be able to ship beautiful, high-quality and well-organized interfaces because no-one will be there to build them.
webdevelopment  frontend  webdesign  industry 
7 weeks ago
Warren Ellis’ Orbital Operations, 24 june 2018
Remember that I've said variants on "always be checking your practise" before? This is that. This is checking in with yourself as a writer, looking at what you're doing, what you're still doing, what's gotten stale, what's gotten predictable, what's gotten comfortable. It's easy, especially when you're working a LOT, to just blast through with the tools you have to hand. And that's how you get stuck in your ways and Old and mocked when you go outdoors and shunned by The People and denied food because there are other better persons who deserve it more and finally they come for you at night with a plastic bag for your head because you're using up air and other natural resources that belong to someone who can make more use of them.

Moreover, it is useful to be reminded that other people made challenging, innovative work and you are just a mudbound hack who never changed anything.
writing  comics  process 
7 weeks ago
It’s time to rein in the data barons - MIT Technology Review
starts well enough, but then galaxybrain’s about 75% of the way through on some “but what if data was EASIER to share” weirdness, idk
data  privacy  monopolies  regulation 
8 weeks ago
Gale Galligan | jon 2
a fan comic about jon arbuckle
comics  webcomics 
8 weeks ago
Abandoned States: Places In Idyllic 1960s Postcards Have Transformed Into Scenes Of Abandonment : DCist
The matchbook no longer lines up with reality. I look down through the viewfinder of my camera and up again at the matchbook, aligning the two images the best I can. Up (snap) down (snap). It feels like I'm seeing this place in some sort of dystopian View-Master, each image on the wheel darker than the next.
photography  history  poconos  abandonedbuildings  nature  architecture  postcards 
8 weeks ago
“GitHub Is Microsoft’s $7.5 Billion Undo Button“, by Paul Ford for Bloomberg
When you drink and talk about git, the conversation tends to drift into strange territories. If only everything worked like this! Why are we still sending files around via email? Why aren’t there multiple branching versions of everything? Why do we pretend that there’s any canonical version of anything? (Because we have to make money.) Git acknowledges a long-held, shared, and hard-to-express truth, which is that the world is ever-shifting and nothing is ever finished.
business  microsoft  github  opensource 
8 weeks ago
Scrapbook compiled by the Suffragette Kitty Marion - Marion, Kitty — Google Arts & Culture
Loose scrapbook compiled by the militant Suffragette Kitty Marion comprising newscuttings from national newspapers and The Suffragette. The cuttings dating from 1909-1916 relate to suffragette militancy including arson with some directly references to Kitty Marion. Many of the pages have been annotated by Kitty with dates and locations.
suffrage  history  uk  women  womenshistory  justice  socialjustice  library 
9 weeks ago
BOURDAIN - Every Day Should Be Saturday
There are people who can see the world in all its poverty and sorrow. But there are so few who recognize themselves in it and of it, and fewer still who invite it in to sit down, to eat, and to have a few minutes of peace and appreciation at the eternal, drunken forgiving present of a dinner table. Anthony Bourdain did — and most generously, tried to show everyone else how to do it, too.
anthonybourdain  inmemoriam  food  travel  rip 
9 weeks ago
“Can You Say...Hero?” A profile of Mr. Rogers by Tom Junod, for Esquire
“You were a child once, too. That’s what Mister Rogers said, that's what he wrote down, once upon a time.”
misterrogers  pbs  television  children  interview  emotions 
10 weeks ago
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