The million dollar engineering problem
How a company saved a million dollars a year by looking in depth into their usage of AWS
aws  architecture  cloud 
12 days ago
GraphQL - Helping you use all the databases
Use PostgreSQL, REST, Mongo and other databases in a single application? Then it looks like GraphQL may reduce the need for you to remember what data is stored where.
19 days ago
How to verify a phone number via SMS
Using Yii2 framework and Meeting Planner
19 days ago
Old Freeserve and Orange email accounts being closed
If you sill have an old Freeserve/Fsnet or Orange email address, it is being closed at the end of May
24 days ago
Your browser version and installed plugins - courtesy of Browser Details
I had an idea like this nearly 17 years ago to help a web hosting company...
5 weeks ago
"Become your own PKI/certificate authority in a matter of minutes. Generate and manage SSL certificates quickly and easily without looking up OpenSSL syntax"
5 weeks ago
PHP Developer - Job Description
Diginuity in Preston, Lancashire is looking for a PHP developer at £25k
5 weeks ago
Explaining and adapting Tay’s Sysmon configuration – Medium
SwiftOnSecurity (on Twitter) has published a "Sysmon" configuration to help enhance security on Windows machines
5 weeks ago
stickee careers
stickee in Shirley and London are looking for PHP7 software developers for £30k-£42k
5 weeks ago
Make Do careers
Make-Do in Barnsley is looking for a Senior WordPress/PHP developer (£32+ depending on experience) and a Junior Wordpress/Frontend developer (£24-£28k)
5 weeks ago
architecture aws careers cloud javascript speech

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