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Karate, the black belt of HTTP API testing?
Video of my talk at adaptTo() 2018, on the Karate testing tool
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10 weeks ago by bdelacretaz
The future of open source foundations - Open World Forum panel - video
Panel at Open World Forum 2013 with Cedric Thomas (OW2) / Simon Phipps (Meshed Insights) / Gabriele Ruffatti (OW2 Consortium) / Bertrand Delacrétaz (Apache Software Foundation) / Gael Blondelle (Eclipse Foundation) / Stefano Maffulli (OpenStack) / Philippe Robin (Program Manager, GENIVI). We didn't really discuss the future of our foundations, mostly discussed the various foundation "styles".
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october 2013 by bdelacretaz would you hire an open source developer? - by Bertrand Delacretaz
I don't hire developers myself, but if I did "open source community skills" would be a big plus for selecting candidates.
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november 2010 by bdelacretaz

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