PlantShed New York Flowers - Google Maps
Interesting the number of fraudulent reviews.....
3 days ago
Google's DeepMind predicts 3D shapes of proteins | Science | The Guardian
"Liam McGuffin, a researcher at Reading University, led the highest-scoring UK academic group in the competition. “DeepMind appear to have pushed the bar higher this year and I’m intrigued to find out more about their methods,” he said. “We are not as well resourced, but we can still be very competitive.”
9 days ago
Usual Hermitage Bullshit Notice – MORNING, COMPUTER
"I like newsletters, blogs and RSS, podcasts, email, messaging apps and complete thoughts."
6 weeks ago
Idle Words—Portrait of a Campaign
donate a hell of a lot of money to thirteen such candidates
8 weeks ago
I Worked With Avital Ronell. I Believe Her Accuser. - The Chronicle of Higher Education
A culture of critics in name only, where genuine criticism is undertaken at the risk of ostracism, marginalization, retribution — this is where abuses like Avital’s grow like moss, or mold. Graduate students know this intuitively; it is written on their bones. They’ve watched as their professors play favorites, as their colleagues get punished for citing an adviser’s rival, as funding, jobs, and prestige are doled out to the most obedient and obsequious. The American university knows only the language of extortion. “Tell,” it purrs, curling its fingers around your IV drip, “and we’ll eat you alive.”
august 2018
Opinion | Trump’s Ludicrous Attack on Big Tech - The New York Times
"It’s certainly not good for most of the rest of us, who have to wade through the ever-growing digital muck on a daily basis to utilize what is actually good about it. (It’s pretty much down to the game Fortnite and meditation apps now.)"
august 2018
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