Telemetry: add prometheus endpoint option · Issue #2937 · hashicorp/vault
You can use blackbox for that. So for example in the blackbox.yml you can have
vault_unseal: prober: http timeout: 5s http: valid_status_codes: [200,429] method: GET no_follow_redirects: true fail_if_ssl: false fail_if_not_ssl: false fail_if_matches_regexp: - 'sealed":true'

The valid status codes are 200 and 429, because the standby node replies with a 429 (which is expected) and the active node with a 200

The rule in alertmanager to trigger the alerts:
- alert: Vault_node_sealed expr: probe_success{job="vault_sealed"} != 1 for: 1m labels: severity: xxx annotations:xxx

You can also use statsd-exporter to gather more specific stats and better alerts with expressions like:
expr: sum(increase(vault_core_leadership_lost_count{job="example"}[1h])) > 5

Hope it helps.
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4 days ago
Climate Change Town Hall - YouTube
Starts at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's answer suggesting that global warming is an opportunity to enact a New Deal, Great Society, and moon shot for economic and social justice. Bernie Sanders agrees.

"Sanders will be joined by 350.org founder and author Bill McKibben; actress, activist and Our Revolution board member Shailene Woodley; CNN host and author Van Jones; Earth Guardians Youth Director Xiuhtezcatl Martinez; Congresswoman-Elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez; Union of Concerned Scientists Director of Climate Science Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel; Dr. Camilla Bausch, President of Ecologic Institute; and Dale Ross, mayor of Georgetown, Texas."
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11 days ago
9 most useful piece of advice I’ve received – Mathilde Collin – Medium
- Paul Buchheit from YC: “Follow your growth.”
- Patrick Collison from Stripe: “Before you make an offer to someone, think about whether you’d like to have 10 times as many people like them in your company.”
- Laura Behrens-Wu from Shippo: “It’s better to have a hole in your org. than an asshole.“
- Jared Smith from Qualtrics: “There are 2 types of decisions: 1-way door decisions and 2-way door decisions. Be involved with the former, but less and less in the latter.” ("Type 1 decisions are not reversible, and you have to be very careful making them. Type 2 decisions are like walking through a door — if you don't like the decision, you can always go back." https://www.businessinsider.com/jeff-bezos-on-type-1-and-type-2-decisions-2016-4)
- Daniel Yanisse from Checkr: “Give generous packages when you let go people.”
- Peter Reinhardt from Segment: “State your mission at every all-hands.”
- Andrew Reed from Sequoia: “Don’t benchmark too much against other companies.”
- Jared Smith from Qualtrics again: “Always trust your founder instinct. You’ve sold Front to the first hundreds of customers, and you’ve done every job till now."
- Howie Liu from Airtable: “Don’t listen to most advice.”
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17 days ago
Sepak takraw - Wikipedia
Like volleyball but with feet
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4 weeks ago
Will Stanich's Ever Reopen? Why America's Best Burger Spot Closed Down - Thrillist
"This was the same sentiment the chef at Paiche had expressed, and that I’d heard from others. If there was one main negative takeaway from the raging fires of food tourist culture and the lists fanning the flames, it was that the people crowding the restaurant were one time customers. They were there to check off a thing on a list, and put it on Instagram. They weren’t invested in the restaurant’s success, but instead in having a public facing opinion of a well known place. In other words, they had nothing to lose except money and the restaurant had nothing to gain except money, and that made the entire situation feel both precarious and a little gross."
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4 weeks ago
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