Daniel Tosh: Completely Serious - Clip - Comedy - YouTube
“Money doesn’t buy happiness.” Uh, do you live in America? ‘Cause it buys a WaveRunner. Have you ever seen a sad person on a WaveRunner? Have you? Seriously, have you? Try to frown on a WaveRunner. You can’t!
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3 hours ago
In my experience Amazon SES is great if you only used it for transactional email... | Hacker News
Pro Tip #1: "Use a different domain name for the from address while sending out marketing emails" For example if your primary domain is example.com. Use support@example.com as your from address in transactional emails. Use support@example-mail.com as your from address in your marketing emails. Off course forward all emails received by support@example-mail.com to support@example.com (Why? see Pro Tip #2).

Pro Tip #2: "Never use fake emails like do-not-reply@example.com for the from address for any email you sent. Yes not even for marketing emails" You will be surprised how many time customer just reply to emails they have received even if it is an unrelated marketing email. You will regularly see customers receiving a monthly newsletter and they will hit reply asking "Can you change the shipping address on my order?"
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2 days ago
Jet Lag Reduction Tip
"Before leaving, figure out what time breakfast is in the timezone you're traveling to. Then, 12 hours before that time, start fasting. When you arrive, have breakfast at a normal (for your new time zone) time. Your circadian rhythm will reset almost immediately."
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18 days ago
Some years ago I came up with a system which I still use extensively. I added th... | Hacker News
pushd ~/logs;
echo >> $*;
date >> $*;
cat >> $*;


cat ~/logs/$*;
notetaking  journalling  bash 
18 days ago
Ath Speaker Series Kicks Off with Free Speech Talk by TV Host Dave Rubin
“Fraught with cognitive dissonance and contradictions, Dave Rubin's speech at the Ath tonight certainly showed how intellectual you can sound when you speak with confidence and don't acknowledge the context of the words you use,” Shirrey wrote in an email to TSL. “He used many commonly used phrases about the virtue of 'the American Dream' and many misconceptions of anti-racist schools of thought to claim that politically correct speech shuts down conversations. [W]ords like 'rape' distract from Thomas Jefferson's overall image, and power and privilege are distracting words in the free-speech 'debate.'”
college  pc  diversity  smh  freespeech  controversies 
4 weeks ago
Will A.I. Harm Us? Better to Ask How We'll Reckon With Our Hybrid Nature
Introduces the notion of complementary versus competitive cognitive artifacts
cognition  ai  opinion 
4 weeks ago
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