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Maybe we could tone down the JavaScript
Accept that sometimes, or for some people, your JavaScript will not work. Put some thought into what that means. Err on the side of basing your work on existing HTML mechanisms whenever you can. Maybe one day a year, get your whole dev team to disable JavaScript and try using your site. Commence weeping.
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march 2016 by basus
Less is more
When I read that Bootstrap compiles notably faster with Less than Sass, and then that Less is implemented in JavaScript, I decided to check out this little language and the Less Framework successor, Frameless.
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june 2013 by basus
Change Up Your Digital Writing: source.literacy
I’m writing a post that is a first attempt at a condensed whole-hog, no-baby-steps list of concrete moves and classes of technologies that I believe are essential to changing how you write and design digitally, by which I mean “for the Web.” (Because when it comes to digital writing, if something’s not made for the Web, what’s the point?) And by “for the Web,” I also mean according to open web standards. In the interest of expediency, I’ve put some concepts/premises behind this cavalier approach at the end of the post.
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february 2011 by basus

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