Wakanda | by Patrick Patterson
Like, all those Black Panther costumes, those aren’t just going to be the costumes the black kids want. Those are going to be the costumes the whole school wants. And for once, that experience — of being the default setting, of being the standard, of being right at the center of mainstream American culture — is going to belong to these young black kids.
2 days ago
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – Final text neatly arranged
Welcome to gdpr-info.eu. Here you can find the official PDF of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (General Data Protection Regulation) as a neatly arranged website. All Articles of the GDPR are linked with suitable recitals. The European Data Protection Regulation will be applicable as of May 25th, 2018 in all member states to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe. If you find the page useful, feel free to support us by sharing the project.
3 days ago
Facebook is using us. It is actively giving away our information. It is creating an echo chamber in the name of connection. It surfaces the divisive and destroys the real reason we began using social media in the first place – human connection.

It is a cancer.
technology  facebook  culture  society 
5 days ago
What If We Just Decided We're Doing A Good Job?
After more than a decade of lifting each other up after every misstep and heartbreak, we’ve pruned all of our gushy best friend affirmations down to one simple concept, and we now end most of our (many, many) texts and phone calls with the phrase, “You’re doing a good job.” I love you, and you’re doing a good job. I’m proud of you, because you’re doing a good job.
psychology  selfhelp  relationships 
13 days ago
Craig Mod Offscreen Magazine Interview
In the end I’ve found that understanding how you define respect for life itself is a really good organizing function for thinking about how to live, how to spend your days.
advice  life  creativity  productivity  philosophy 
16 days ago
The Executable Dreamtime: Language, Magic, and the Universe as Code
A recent issue of New Scientist celebrated William S. Burroughs’ most famous maxim: “Language is a virus.” It seems that language, our ability to apprehend and manipulate symbols and signs, has evolved to fill a unique ecological niche – the space between our ears.
technology  magic  from instapaper
19 days ago
Guidelines for future hypertext systems
Since 1992, the web has been the only hypertext system most of us have known (outside of occasional hypertext systems built on top of the web, such as mediawiki). However, the web is merely the most popular of hundreds of earlier systems, most of which were technically superior.
technology  web  social-media  from instapaper
20 days ago
The Secret Power of ‘Read It Later’ Apps
What has become exceedingly scarce (and therefore, valuable) is the physical, emotional, attentional, and mental capability to sit quietly and direct focused attention for sustained periods of time.
reading  web  internet  social-media  from instapaper
20 days ago
Why I'm Writing Captain America
For two years I’ve lived in the world of Wakanda, writing the title Black Panther. I’ll continue working in that world. This summer, I’m entering a new one—the world of Captain America.
Captain-America  Ta-Nehisi-Coates  USA  culture  comics  from instapaper
20 days ago
We need new ways of treating depression
“Regrettably, recent decades have been marked with excessive medicalization of mental health and the overuse of biomedical interventions, including in the treatment of depression and suicide prevention,” he said. While there is a role for medications, he added, we need to stop using them “to address issues which are closely related to social problems.”
depression  psychology  society  culture 
21 days ago
Notebook Turducken
This morning I looked and it had several thousand hearts and dozens of comments, many of them questions about my process and what brand of notebook I use.
notebook  productivity 
23 days ago
How Marvel’s Go-To Team Created The Futuristic Tech Of “Black Panther”
The goal was to create a technological landscape that would completely supersede anything from Tony Stark/Iron Man, the Marvel universe’s former reigning tech genius.
technology  movies  Black-Panther 
23 days ago
Hierarchy of Needs
Our independence, says the Declaration of Independence, guarantees a right to pursue happiness and bypasses the needs in Maslow’s hierarchy entirely. Though the document assures life and liberty in imprecise, yet enthusiastic terms, it cites no explicit guarantee of basic needs such as drinkable water or fresh air. Those are assumed here. For now.
happiness  psychology 
25 days ago
LPT: After working with terminally ill cancer patients, here's a list of what they say you should appreciate while you're alive : LifeProTips
It's human to human (or animals/nature) interaction, something we need more of in world that's becoming more fast paced and less human every day.
So revamp your bucket list. Live in the moment. Put down your phone. Notice the people around you.
psychology  depression  happiness 
26 days ago
Why It’s so Hard to Actually Work in Shared Offices
WeWork offers freelancers a chic workspace and beer on tap—but are people productive?
productivity  office-space  from instapaper
28 days ago
'Black Panther' Breakout Star Winston Duke Is Here to Call You Out
It takes a lot to stand out in a movie with a cast as stacked as Black Panther. But somehow newcomer Winston Duke manages to steal the show as M’Baku, leader of the Jabari tribe.
Black-Panther  interview  movies 
29 days ago
How Black Panther Asks Us to Examine Who We Are To One Another
Rahawa Haile considers how, by sliding between the real and unreal, Black Panther frees us to imagine the possibilities — and the limitations — of an Africa that does not yet exist.
africa  movies  Black-Panther 
29 days ago
'Black Panther': Erik Killmonger Is a Profound, Tragic Villain - The Atlantic
The revolutionary ideals of Black Panther’s profound and complex villain have been twisted into a desire for hegemony.
4 weeks ago
Composable Error Handling in OCaml
Let’s discuss common ways to handle errors in OCaml, their shortcomings and, finally, how polymorphic variants may help. The discussion applies equally well to Reason ML.
ocaml  programming 
5 weeks ago
Typing Practice | Barbara Ehrenreich
I didn’t start my journal with the idea of recording my progress toward the ultimate truth. I was nowhere near bombastic enough to think I had anything important to say, even to my future self. 
writing  thinking  psychology 
5 weeks ago
Mental models
These are some mental models I find useful. They’re rooted in decades of experience of thousands of experts – a modern equivalent of folk wisdom. Mental models are useful to quickly and correctly reason about seemingly intractable problems. They require quite a bit of intuition to properly internalize, but once you’ve internalized them they’re relatively easy to apply.
management  productivity  psychology 
6 weeks ago
The Four Healing Powers Of Mind
The four healing powers are also applicable to daily life. We can see the positive in ourselves and around us, confirm this quality in our minds by recognizing it, rejoice in any positive or peaceful feelings, and believe in the healing power of this way of looking at the world. This approach to life can reap a great harvest of benefits.
meditation  buddhism  psychology 
6 weeks ago
Using colours in LaTeX
There are several elements in LATEX whose colour can be changed to improve the appearance of the document. Colours can be manually defined to a desired tone using several models, this article explains how.
latex  documentation  typography 
6 weeks ago
The Curiously Elastic Limits of Endurance
A suitably versatile definition that I like, borrowing from researcher Samuele Marcora, is that endurance is “the struggle to continue against a mounting desire to stop.” That’s actually Marcora’s description of “effort” rather than endurance, but it captures both the physical and mental aspects of endurance.
philosophy  psychology  exercise 
6 weeks ago
GADTs: Wizardry for a Typesafe Age
Generalized algebraic data types (or GADTs) are a powerful tool that can augment algebraic type systems enabling them to be far more expressive. In addition to enabling polymorphic recursion, they also serve as a fundamental unit for existential types. In this post we will look at what all of those phrases mean, and how GADTs can be used in practice.
programming  ocaml  gadt  functional-programming 
6 weeks ago
10 Signs of Walking Depression: When You’re Really Unhappy But Keep Going Anyway
Walking depression can be hard to recognize because it doesn’t fit the more common picture of severe depression. But it can be just as dangerous to our well-being when left unacknowledged.
depression  health 
6 weeks ago
No Alternative — Real Life
But my point is less to mourn the death of the open web than to confront how the political valence of the normative ideals it embodied — an independent, homemade, anti-commercial “alternative” culture with a flippant orientation toward established media — have shifted. As the web was emerging from its adolescence, these ideals seemed inherently “progressive,” to use a shopworn term, but they have quickly deteriorated. Now they are suspect. What changed?
culture  internet  politics 
6 weeks ago
Artificial Intelligence: Douglas Hofstadter on why AI is far from intelligent
Through all of these shifts in AI, Hofstadter, a professor of cognitive science and comparative literature at Indiana University, has been trying to understand how thinking works. He doesn’t believe the AI we have right now is “intelligent” at all, and he fears the field has taken humanity down a dangerous path. Quartz spoke to Hofstadter about the current state of AI, what it is doing wrong, and what dangers lie ahead.
AI  machine-learning  intelligence  programming  interview 
6 weeks ago
Announcing Alacritty, a GPU-accelerated terminal emulator
Alacritty is a blazing fast, GPU accelerated terminal emulator. It’s written in Rust and uses OpenGL for rendering to be the fastest terminal emulator available. Alacritty is available on GitHub in source form.
terminals  software  GPU 
7 weeks ago
Federated Learning: Collaborative Machine Learning without Centralized Training Data
Federated Learning allows for smarter models, lower latency, and less power consumption, all while ensuring privacy. And this approach has another immediate benefit: in addition to providing an update to the shared model, the improved model on your phone can also be used immediately, powering experiences personalized by the way you use your phone.
machine-learning  google  mobile 
9 weeks ago
Why Field Notes Have Remained Curiously Addictive for a Decade
A decade ago, Chicago-based Coudal Partners
turned a designer’s holiday gift of small handmade
notebooks into an uber-popular business.
field-notes  Chicago  stationery 
9 weeks ago
Collections – How to Be a Stoic
From time to time, I select and organize some of the best (in my mind) essays posted here at howtobeastoic.org and publish them in the form of a freely downloadable pdf booklet. Enjoy, and don’t neglect to contribute to my ongoing explorations of ancient and modern Stoicism by commenting on newly released essays.
Stoicism  philosophy  life  advice 
9 weeks ago
Malcolm Gladwell on What Really Makes People Disruptive
The best-selling author says it's not tech, money, or brainpower. Successful disrupters all tend to have one huge precondition that's far more important.
Malcolm-Gladwell  innovation  business  technology  from instapaper
9 weeks ago
The Interview: Atul Gawande
The famed surgeon, New Yorker writer, and longtime Newtonian on arguing with Malcolm Gladwell and why healthcare in Boston is a decade ahead of everywhere else
Atul-Gawande  interview  medicine  writing  books  from instapaper
9 weeks ago
From inboxing to thought showers: how business bullshit took over
Vacuous management-speak is easily laughed off – but is there a real cost to talking rubbish?
business  language  linguistics  culture 
9 weeks ago
Web. Period.
It’s time for the ebook world to finally understand it and embrace the only Web we have and let the proprietary languages, XML dialects and isolated technical choices, die to make ebooks live inside the browser just like the rest of the Web. All the rest is futile.
web  ebook  publishing  technology 
10 weeks ago
Electron is Cancer
Bottom line; as an end user I really could not care less about how easy it was for you to make the application, if it is not working properly it is not working properly, being slow on today’s super fast hardware is a bug.
electron  programming  web2.0  performance 
10 weeks ago
Why Self-Compassion Beats Self-Confidence
Pulling your shoulders back is easy. Learning to be kind to yourself takes considerably more effort. In his book, Mr. Barker suggests a few ways to embrace self-compassion: Accept that you’re human, recognize your failures and frustrations, and avoid dwelling on mistakes.
psychology  advice 
10 weeks ago
My Hero, Luke Skywalker
It was the most heroic thing I think I’ve ever seen in a movie, especially a space wizard movie. To let go of your self-hatred and give yourself so completely to the people you love that you fade away in peace.
Star-Wars  depression 
10 weeks ago
Motherboard & VICE Are Building a Community Internet Network
Today, Motherboard and VICE Media are committing to be part of the change we’d like to see. We will build a community network based at our Brooklyn headquarters that will provide internet connections for our neighborhood. We will also connect to the broader NYC Mesh network in order to strengthen a community network that has already decided the status quo isn’t good enough.
internet  technology  net-neutrality 
11 weeks ago
Rogue One is actually about internet freedom
And that’s why Rogue One, property of the Walt Disney Company, is actually a movie about internet freedom. It is a movie about data transmission as a political act, and one in which unequal access to bands of transmission puts people’s lives at risk. Star Wars knows what everyone in this country except three FCC commissioners knows: discrimination across data speeds is a form of censorship.
internet  net-neutrality  Star-Wars 
11 weeks ago
Seneca to Lucilius: on the futility of half-way measures
And yet, letter XXII from Seneca to his friend Lucilius is, in part, an argument that neither wealth nor a long life are intrinsically good. As usual with virtue ethics, it isn’t the external object that matter, but what you do with it.
from instapaper
december 2017
Here come the attention managers
I hope the attention managers will be zealous about protecting my data, and keeping it, to the extent that portability permits, on my own devices. I hope they’ll endeavor to make the complex arabesques of my attention clearer to me, using algorithmic intelligence and tools of design to expose patterns, present options, and empower me to choose among them.
december 2017
A plan to rescue the Web from the Internet
Build the mobile mesh Web that works with or without Internet access, to reach 4 billion people currently offline

To explain this plan, we need to realize that the Web can be independent from the Internet. The core weaknesses of the Internet have to be recognized, and how exactly they were exploited by middlemen businesses. The problem we are solving is both social and technical, so the solution must be a harmony of these two. Finally, all the tools and opportunities we need to supersede them are already in our hands: smartphones, peer-to-peer protocols, and mesh networks.
internet  web  technology  net-neutrality 
december 2017
Neuroscience Has a Lot To Learn from Buddhism
Can training the mind make us more attentive, altruistic, and serene? Can we learn to manage our disturbing emotions in an optimal way? What are the transformations that occur in the brain when we practice meditation?
buddhism  meditation  neuroscience 
december 2017
Before you can be with others, first learn to be alone
But, Arendt reminds us, if we lose our capacity for solitude, our ability to be alone with ourselves, then we lose our very ability to think. We risk getting caught up in the crowd. We risk being ‘swept away’, as she put it, ‘by what everybody else does and believes in’ – no longer able, in the cage of thoughtless conformity, to distinguish ‘right from wrong, beautiful from ugly’.
psychology  philosophy  from instapaper
december 2017
In Search Of The Perfect Writing Font
It gives 50% more space to the letters m, M, w and W. It takes two of those to get back in step with the monospace rhythm. The advantage over proportional fonts is that you keep all benefits of the monospace: the draft like look, the discernability of words and letters, and the right pace for writing. Meanwhile, you eliminate the downside stemming from mechanical restrictions that do not apply to screen fonts.
fonts  typography  design 
december 2017
How a TV Sitcom Triggered the Downfall of Western Civilization
Yes, my theory is that Friends may have triggered the downfall of western civilization. You might think I’m crazy. But to quote Ross: “Oh, am I? Am I? Am I out of my mind? Am I losing my senses?”
television  society  culture  politics 
december 2017
Do not remain nameless to yourself
Feynman replied with an enquiry about Mano’s current job, to which Mano responded that he was “studying the Coherence theory with some applications to the propagation of electromagnetic waves through turbulent atmosphere […] a humble and down-to-earth type of problem.” Feynman responded with this letter.
Richard-Feynman  advice  from instapaper
december 2017
Radical diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, new study shows
Sarah Boseley Health editor
Tuesday 5 December 2017 12.12 EST Last modified on Tuesday 5 December 2017 18.26 EST
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A radical low-calorie diet can reverse type 2 diabetes, even six years into the disease, a new study has found.
diabetes  diet  health 
december 2017
Facebook's VP of Product on Mastering Focus and Intentional Work
When we asked Fidji Simo what she wanted to share with our readers, she polled her team at Facebook to see what they would highlight as her core competency. What attribute or habit has prompted her rocket-fueled rise through the company’s ranks? There was quick and enthusiastic consensus: Simo has the uncanny ability to juggle many important projects and priorities without losing focus.
productivity  technology  from instapaper
december 2017
How to Get Your Mind to Read
Americans are not good readers. Many blame the ubiquity of digital media. We’re too busy on Snapchat to read, or perhaps internet skimming has made us incapable of reading serious prose. But Americans’ trouble with reading predates digital technologies. The problem is not bad reading habits engendered by smartphones, but bad education habits engendered by a misunderstanding of how the mind reads.
reading  books  psychology  from instapaper
december 2017
Boiling the Ocean, Incrementally - How Stylo Brought Rust and Servo to Firefox
But while all the positive buzz is gratifying, it’s easy to miss the deeper significance of what we just shipped. Stylo was the culmination of a near-decade of R&D, a multiple-moonshot effort to build a better browser by building a better language. This is the story of how it happened.
Mozilla_Firefox  technology  Rust  programming-language  systems  from instapaper
december 2017
Who Filters Your News? Why we built gobo.social
There’s a problem with this rise in shared self-expression: we’ve all still got a constant and limited amount of attention available. For those creating content, this means the challenge now is not publishing your work, but finding an audience. The problem for those of us in the audience — i.e., all of us — is filtering through the information constantly coming at us.
information  user-agents  internet  opensource 
november 2017
What the Stoics did for us
Could a 2,300-year-old Graeco-Roman philosophy be the key to a happy 21st-century life?
philosophy  religion  Stoicism  buddhism 
november 2017
GTD in 15 minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done
This guide was written to serve as a simple, pragmatic guide to the “getting things done” method. This run-through of the GTD method is meant to be brief. It’s written from one person’s perspective and other people would probably assess the importance of different aspects of GTD differently.
november 2017
Laptops Are Great. But Not During a Lecture or a Meeting.
The research is unequivocal: Laptops distract from learning, both for users and for those around them. It’s not much of a leap to expect that electronics also undermine learning in high school classrooms or that they hurt productivity in meetings in all kinds of workplaces.
education  psychology 
november 2017
Hints for writing Unix tools
I wrote this because I find myself continually frustrated by attempting to use and compose bad tools—bad tools that waste time and limit their own usefulness. Most of these tools could be made a lot better by following the above advice.
unix  programming 
november 2017
Mir's next steps - we need your input! - Mir - Ubuntu Community Hub
Of course there’s many more features to implement before we have full Wayland support: copy/paste, drag & drop, more window management functionality, sub-compositor and sub-surface support. There are all the protocol extensions in the Wayland-protocols repository to deal with too. We’ve got plenty to do!

However we’re also at the place where we need to reach out to the community and ask what are the aspects of your desktop that you value most, to help us figure out a direction for Mir. Below there’s a couple of topics, please have a read, and if you’ve got any thoughts on those topics, do reply. All feedback welcome!
linux  unix  graphics  window-manager  Wayland 
november 2017
Monetising millennials: what the corporate world thinks it knows about young people | Media | The Guardian
Most of all, it’s in how completely this congregation believes its own sermon. These people want to believe so badly that they are the harbingers of something bright and new, when they’re really just inventing more efficient ways to do what big businesses have always done: make mountains of money by screwing people over.
advertising  technology  business 
november 2017
The Complete Moral Bankruptcy of Manipulating Human Psychology To Turn Users Into Addicts
There is only a spectrum of immorality, and it goes from “Highly Immoral” to “Absolutely, Relentlessly Evil.”
psychology  engineering  technology  business 
november 2017
Millennials Will Work Hard, Just Not for Your Crappy Job
The Millennials want a different deal and they are going to get it. If you are managing Millennials and want to complain and reminisce, that’s your right. If you want to be solution-oriented, it’s time to turn the lens inward.
jobs  economics 
november 2017
The Ivory Tower Can’t Keep Ignoring Tech - The New York Times
We need academia to step up to fill in the gaps in our collective understanding about the new role of technology in shaping our lives. We need robust research on hiring algorithms that seem to filter out people with mental health disorders, sentencing algorithms that fail twice as often for black defendants as for white defendants, statistically flawed public teacher assessments or oppressive scheduling algorithms. And we need research to ensure that the same mistakes aren’t made again and again.
data  politics  government  law 
november 2017
'Way too little, way too late': Facebook's factcheckers say effort is failing
Journalists fighting spread of fake news raise concerns over possible conflicts of interest and say site has refused to disclose needed data
facebook  news  journalism 
november 2017
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