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The Writing & Opinions of Dean Wesley Smith
Considered one of the most prolific writers working in modern fiction, USA Today bestselling writer, Dean Wesley Smith has published almost two hundred novels in forty years, and hundreds and hundreds of short stories across many genres.
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10 days ago by basemaly
How to Improve Your Dungeons & Dragons Game, According to D&D Authority Sam Witwer
Dungeons & Dragons is as intimidating as it is freeing. On one hand, you have a game that’s only limited by your imagination—and a big book o’ rules, which you’re free to disregard as you see fit. On the other hand, if you’re the Dungeon Master, you have to walk a tricky tightrope. It’s important to give your players the freedom they need to be crazy and creative, but you also need to restrain them a bit so you can actually complete the campaign or storyline you’re attempting to play.
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10 weeks ago by basemaly
Google Sheets Query function: Learn the most powerful function in Sheets
Learn how to use the super-powerful Google Sheets Query function to bring the power of SQL to your data, with this comprehensive tutorial and available template.
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10 weeks ago by basemaly
How to Know When It’s Time to Show People Your Creative Work
At less creative agencies, people tend to more closely guard their ideas. But at the more creative agencies, ideas are posted on the wall soon after they’re first scribbled on paper.
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10 weeks ago by basemaly
Use the 'Five More Rule' When You're Feeling Stuck
It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the things. All the people you have to get back to (usually with the sad starter-line “Sorry for the delayed response ...”). All the words you’re supposed to write. All the minutes you promised you’d run on the treadmill, all the meals you said you’d prep, all the closet clutter you’ve been meaning to get rid of for months.
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11 weeks ago by basemaly
10 memory tips / Boing Boing Quirkologist Richard Wiseman has a new book out called How to Remember Everything. In this video, Richard shares 10 mnemonics for remembering various bits of useful information.
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12 weeks ago by basemaly
The USA memory champion shows you how to memorize like a champion / Boing Boing
I decided to enter my first USA Memory Championship only a few months after I'd first learned it existed. This was two years before it entered the wider public consciousness after its portrayal in Joshua Foer's bestselling book Moonwalking with Einstein. Foer had written about the 2005 Championship for Slate Magazine, and in the process…
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12 weeks ago by basemaly
30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code: Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less.
Curated collection of useful JavaScript snippets that you can understand in 30 seconds or less. - 30-seconds/30-seconds-of-code
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12 weeks ago by basemaly
Finding flow state for peak performance - Psychology Compass
Flow state is widely recognized as the pinnacle of peak performance. From athletes and artists, to entrepreneurs and designers, the world’s top performers are no strangers to the optimal experience. Science shows that success and flow go hand in hand. With its myriad benefits (sustained concentration, unbridled productivity, complete absorption, authentic happiness – just to name a few), it’s no wonder top-performers are chasing after the elusive flow state. The question is, how does one get into flow state?
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august 2018 by basemaly
Micro-Progress and the Magic of Just Getting Started - The New York Times
The best trick to increase productivity is both the simplest one and one of the most difficult to master: just getting started.
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july 2018 by basemaly
Ep 9 - How to Write a Comic Book 101 with Jim Zub, Writer of Avengers and Dungeons & Dragons by Writer Experience | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Stream Ep 9 - How to Write a Comic Book 101 with Jim Zub, Writer of Avengers and Dungeons & Dragons by Writer Experience from desktop or your mobile device
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july 2018 by basemaly
18 Gmail settings that will change how you think about your inbox
Make your inbox more efficient and effective with these easily overlooked options.
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june 2018 by basemaly
Become a More Productive Learner
We’re consuming more information but not learning more. In short, we have become less productive learners.But by applying an intentional approach to consuming information and best practices of how we learn, we can reverse this trend toward unproductive learning. Here are four ways to become a more productive learner.
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june 2018 by basemaly
Matthew Mercer Explains How To Be A Good Dungeon Master
“I find many folks enjoy a balance of ‘being told a good story (especially if it involves their character directly),’ and ‘I want to influence and change the story you are telling.’ It becomes a game of push-and-pull between DM and players, where you are throwing the ball back and forth and weaving this tale together. Sometimes they want to just witness the tale you’ve made, and right when you have them on that hook... you present them that wonderful question: “So... what do you do?”
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june 2018 by basemaly
An ancient memorization strategy might cause lasting changes to the brain - The Verge
Using the memory techniques of the pros alters patterns in brain activity, new research says
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may 2018 by basemaly
How to Become a Good Storyteller
Not many of us aspire to be Moth-winning level storytellers, but being known for spinning a good yarn has its social uses.
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may 2018 by basemaly
Unity - Architect your code in Unity the smart way with Scriptable Objects
ScriptableObject is a serializable Unity class that allows you to store large quantities of shared data independent from script instances. Using Scriptable Objects makes it easier to build in a level of flexible communication between the different systems in your game, so that overall, it’s more manageable to change and adapt things as you go along, as well as reuse components.
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april 2018 by basemaly
How to Keep Windows 10 Organized, Pretty, and Productive
Microsoft Windows can get messy. It’s not (always) the operating system’s fault. You download tons of apps and files, and create new content stuff of your own, until your “Downloads” directory looks like a landfill for old content. Your desktop is so full of icons, you can’t see your pretty wallpaper. Your Start Menu looks like an app buffet. In short, your operating system is a mess, but it’s not unfixable.
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april 2018 by basemaly
6 Gmail tips, tricks, and hacks to help you master your email
Have you ever accidentally sent a damning email to someone that you intended to save for the rest of time as a draft? Or made a friend audibly gasp at the sight of thousands of unread email notifications on your phone? Perhaps you've run out of storage space on your drive entirely and are paying actual money for more. If so, you're not alone, but you do need some major Gmail guidance.
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february 2018 by basemaly
When Should You Use Code Snippets vs Plugins? | Elegant Themes Blog
WordPress plugins are a staple of the platform, but are there times when it would be better to use code snippets vs plugins to accomplish the same thing?
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february 2018 by basemaly
How to Customize Windows 10 "Send to" Context Menu - Hongkiat
The "Send to" option in Windows context menu is astonishingly helpful, but it's also one of the most underrated features. I'll blame its lame default entries for receiving the cold shoulder. But, what if you can customize the context menu's "Send to" option, it would be able to help you easily send any file to your
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january 2018 by basemaly
These Gmail searches can clean up even the messiest inbox
Anyone can let their inbox get away from them. Depending on how many things you have tied a particular Gmail address, one or two days of not checking could be all it takes for you to be swamped in mail you don’t really care about.

Luckily, Gmail has appropriately powerful search functions to help you find what’s important in your inbox and weed out the rest. Here are several search functions you can use to organize and clean out your inbox.
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december 2017 by basemaly
Use These Search Tricks to Take Control of Your Gmail Inbox
Gmail is one those things that I could never live without, but that’s also made my life a lot more annoying. I gave up on inbox zero years ago (I’d be happy with inbox 1,000 at this point) and I get dozens of useless, spammy emails every day, making it all the more difficult to find any important messages that are less than a week old.

If you’re like me but you want to get better at managing your Gmail account, there’s a way to do it without committing to the herculean task of totally cleaning out your inbox. Instead, you can use some clever Gmail search tricks (courtesy of Popular Science) to navigate through the refuse and maybe even clear up some free space while you’re at it.
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december 2017 by basemaly
Dick Moves for Winning Board Games
People always think that all book nerds love Scrabble. Some of us don’t! Scrabble isn’t really about words; it’s just about combinations of letters. If you’re a Scrabble hater forced into a game, get back with these stingy strategies.
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october 2017 by basemaly
Using Categories, Tags and Taxonomies Properly in WordPress
Categories, tags and taxonomies are related in WordPress – and easily confused. We demystify these terms and look at plugins to help extend how they work.
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october 2017 by basemaly
Is Your Website Accessible? If Not, You Could Be Violating the ADA
Prioritizing web accessibility has always been important but it should likely go up a notch or two on your to-do list. Learn all about the Winn-Dixie case here.
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october 2017 by basemaly
How to Get All Your Emails in One Place
Dealing with the daily deluge of emails is time-consuming enough without having to waste precious minutes jumping between browser tabs or apps to check all of the accounts you’ve signed up for. These are the tools and tricks you need to bring all of your messages together into one place.
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october 2017 by basemaly
How to Regain Focus at Work by Slaying the Messaging Monster
Technology is taking over our lives, especially in the workplace. What can we do to put technology in its place to finally get focused work done?
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october 2017 by basemaly
9 Gmail hacks you need to know since they will basically change your online life
Whether we like it or not, so much of our life revolves around our email. Checking, replying, vigorously unsubscribing — emails are so needy. Which is why we should do the best we can to make the experience as pleasurable as possible. If you know some Gmail hacks, for example, you can really start to tackle your email problem, or at least get more of what you want from your inbox.
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october 2017 by basemaly
Be the Next J. R. R. Tolkien / So You Want To - TV Tropes
A page for describing SoYouWantTo: Be the Next J. R. R. Tolkien. Like J. R. R. Tolkien himself, you could teach yourself dead languages at the age of seven, …
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september 2017 by basemaly
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