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> There are six core needs researchers find are most important for humans at work... Belonging, Improvement, Choice, Equality, Predictability, Significance.
biceps  psychology  work  motivation 
18 days ago by barryf
‘Superheroes don’t work 90-hour weeks’
Companies that run four-day weeks or reduced hours
work  productivity 
january 2018 by barryf
> Hire Freelancers & Get Freelance Jobs Online
freelance  outsourcing  remote  work 
april 2017 by barryf
> A curated list of awesome remote jobs and resources. Inspired by
remote  job  career  work 
november 2016 by barryf
Work Can Wait
Basecamp 3 has a "Do Not Disturb" function built in to prevent emails/notifications from being sent when you specify
dnd  notifications  work 
september 2015 by barryf
iOS time tracking app. Integrates with FreshBooks.
time  timetracking  work  freelance 
august 2015 by barryf
> Bushel is a cloud-based Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod devices in your workplace. Designed to make the complex tasks simple so you can focus on business.
apple  mdm  device  work 
june 2015 by barryf
Smart ideas needed to create the nation's greatest teams
> Think about who you would take with you if you were leaving the company [...] If it’s not all of them, you’re probably not working with the right people.

-- Jason Stockwood in The Sunday Times
team  culture  work 
march 2015 by barryf — Fake smtp testing server. Dummy smtp email testing
Mailtrap is a fake SMTP server for development teams to test, view and share emails sent from the development and staging environments without spamming real customers.
email  work  test  qa  smtp 
september 2014 by barryf
Spark Central
Social media (Twitter) customer support
twitter  dashboard  group  social  work  customer  support 
april 2014 by barryf
Virtual workforce/crowdsourcing business
crowdsourcing  outsourcing  business  work 
june 2013 by barryf
From Cubicles, Cry for Quiet Pierces Office Buzz
"The original rationale for the open-plan office, aside from saving space and money, was to foster communication among workers [...] But it turned out that too much communication sometimes had the opposite effect"
business  work  space  openplan  office 
may 2012 by barryf
Configure it to toggle wifi or switch default printers based on rules such as being plugged into a named display or the power adapter. Forked from MarcoPolo.
marcopolo  mac  home  work  context 
february 2012 by barryf
Time-tracking tool with support for teams and budgets
time  project  timetracking  work 
november 2011 by barryf
Subscriber management tool built into Gmail (GApps) - add/remove people from a list (e.g. Campaign Monitor)
email  gmail  embed  subscriber  work  inspiration 
august 2011 by barryf
TripAdvisor Architecture
Insight into TA's systems and development methodologies. Useful extra detail in the comments.
tripadvisor  dev  team  work 
july 2011 by barryf
The head of X
Job title should reflect what someone is responsible for, rather than using generic COO, CIO, CTO, etc.
work  job  title  startup  business  company  recruitment 
june 2011 by barryf
Groupon Office Tour
Photos from the end of 2010, back before the IPO and before Google offered billions to buy it. Are they really this happy or are they trying just a little too hard?
groupon  office  business  work  tour 
june 2011 by barryf
Delegate or die
Whenever Derek Sivers (CDBaby's CEO) was asked a question he gathered his team around, answered it, explained the philosophy/process, got one person to document it and then let them know they can decide without him next time. A few months later he was "totally unnecessary".
management  delegation  scaling  business  work 
june 2011 by barryf
Building Great Software Companies
Collection of articles and tips from Joel Spolsky and his Fog Creek colleagues.
business  inspiration  startup  opinion  work 
may 2011 by barryf
Join us at Silicon Milkroundabout
Little post by me on my team's blog promoting our attendance at the London tech startup recruitment fair this Sunday.
startup  recruitment  uk  london  siliconmilkroundabout  globaldev  work 
may 2011 by barryf
Outsourcing/freelancing with a wide pool of technical talent around the world
outsource  freelance  work  contracting  business 
april 2011 by barryf
What it's like to start work at Quora
Interestingly Quora engineers develop on EC2 instances which are set up with custom scripts. Free meals, introductions, yoga, 1:1s, continuous deployments, employee swag.
business  web  work  inspiration  team  dev  ec2 
march 2011 by barryf
Love, Virtually
C4 programme from 2010 on the rise of internet dating
dating  c4  uk  tv  work 
march 2011 by barryf
What to look for in a UI designer
Writing, interface design, product, development and character
design  web  designer  job  recruitment  ui  work 
march 2011 by barryf
Use Gravatars in Propane
Add to ~Library/Application Support/Propane/unsupported in version 1.1.2 to see Gravatars against each user's name in a chat room.
propane  gravatar  campfire  chat  work 
february 2011 by barryf
Realtime Business Status Board. Analytics, CRM, support, monitoring, project management
dashboard  status  analytics  api  team  work 
november 2010 by barryf
1.0 Is the Loneliest Number
"if you’re not embarrassed when you ship your first version you waited too long"
startup  release  deploy  business  work 
november 2010 by barryf
ConnectTweet lets real people represent your group or business on Twitter from their own Twitter accounts
twitter  group  company  work  business 
november 2010 by barryf
Ajax IM
A free, open-source, extensible, customisable instant messaging framework, based on PHP and node.js.
nodejs  im  ajax  php  framework  work  javascript 
september 2010 by barryf
On Working Remotely
Real-time chat, video/voice, persistent mailing list, Monday meetings with minutes
remote  work  dev  team  project 
july 2010 by barryf
Exploring the software behind Facebook
A wealth of useful info on all the components used to power FB.
scaling  facebook  performance  server  work 
july 2010 by barryf
Beware of turning hobbies into jobs
Hugh McLeod's sage advice: a [wo]man needs a job and a hobby...
life  hobby  work  job  career 
june 2010 by barryf
Looped rain sound effect, perfect for productivity/sleep
productivity  audio  background  noise  work  rain  sleep 
june 2010 by barryf
Third Door Office & Playspace
Office space, child play area and meeting space in one.
family  work  life  office  business  children 
june 2010 by barryf
Acting CTO Role in a Start-up
First tasks for an interim/acting CTO
cto  startup  work  job  career 
april 2010 by barryf
Premailer: pre-flight for HTML email
Takes HTML and reformats for sending as email. Rewrites links to make them absolute and adds any tracking necessary. External CSS put inline.
css  html  email  inline  layout  web  campaign  work 
march 2010 by barryf
Wufoo Can Now Automatically Update Your Campaign Monitor Subscriber Lists
Notifications feature in Wufoo automatically updates your lists and can also match custom fields for extra information
wufoo  campaignmonitor  email  survey  form  integration  work 
march 2010 by barryf
How Software Engineers and Designers Can Increase Their Focus
Interview with the inspiring Lukas Mathis (Ignore the Code)
inspiration  life  productivity  focus  work 
march 2010 by barryf
Scaling Django
Detailed piece that focuses on Django but has lessons for everyone on scaling, caching, load balancing, queuing, sharding, etc.
django  scaling  database  infrastructure  work  architecture  caching  sharding 
march 2010 by barryf
Mac app that acts as a pretend SMTP server, capturing email content so you can see how it would be delivered
smtp  mac  test  email  work  html  marketing 
february 2010 by barryf
Side effects of developing for yourself
Make something you would actually use: "If I let users steer product decisions, the result would be a massive codebase producing a bloated, cluttered product full of features that hardly anyone used at the expense of everyday usability and polish on the features that matter."
design  inspiration  dev  work  process  advocacy  opinion 
february 2010 by barryf
Bypass image blocking by converting images to HTML
Clever pixel art that's email compatible. Tables of background colours that of course don't need images to be displayed.
pixel  email  marketing  image  design  work  table 
december 2009 by barryf
That’s Not a Memory Leak, It’s Bloat
Detecting inefficiencies in Rails apps, in particular with ActiveRecord
activerecord  bloat  rails  sysadmin  scaling  performance  work 
december 2009 by barryf
Kanban Distilled for Managers
Perfect. I'll send this around our management team.
kanban  agile  management  work  introduction  dev 
december 2009 by barryf
Use Twitter to tell you when to send your Email Newsletter
Subscribe to the RSS feed for a Twitter search result in Google Reader and then view day/time of the week stats.
twitter  marketing  email  business  global  work  newsletter 
december 2009 by barryf
Understanding your payslip
Brief guide to what's written on a payslip and the bandings for tax/NI
tax  payslip  work  job  uk  business  ni 
november 2009 by barryf
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