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Design words with data
> How data informs our writing at Dropbox
design  data  trends 
january 2018 by barryf
An Old Fogey’s Analysis of a Teenager’s View on Social Media
A note of caution about [this previously-linked article]( on social media usage among teens:

> Teens’ use of social media is significantly shaped by race and class, geography and cultural background.
socialmedia  opinion  trends 
january 2015 by barryf
Camel Camel Camel
Amazon price tracker, history charts and price drop alerts
amazon  trends  shopping  deal 
november 2014 by barryf
Social media usage up 159% in the UK
...and now accounts for almost 23% of time spent on the internet in the UK
uk  social  internet  media  trends 
july 2010 by barryf
Facebook Selling Virtual Gifts at $30-40 Million/Year Rate
Amazing what people will pay for a few pixels. Works out at around 3c per user per month
facebook  gift  work  revenue  industry  trends  business 
september 2008 by barryf
Taking social networks abroad - Why MySpace and Facebook are failing in Japan
Partnering with local providers in Japan has provided success for Yahoo. Mobile more important than web for accessing services
web  mobile  globalisation  socialnetworking  international  japan  myspace  facebook  business  trends  localisation 
august 2008 by barryf
Will Mainstream Users Ever Learn About The Browser's Address Bar?
Many users don't enter domains, they search for them. Nor do they distinguish between paid ads and organic listings
browser  google  navigation  url  trends  work 
july 2008 by barryf
Web designers should do their own HTML/CSS
I totally agree. Now, where are these mythical creatures hiding?
web  design  css  html  layout  advocacy  opinion  trends  work 
june 2008 by barryf
LastGraph: barryf
My music profile and timeline
lastgraph  lastfm  music  trends  analysis  statistics  personal 
may 2008 by barryf
The vanishing personal site
Zeldman notes the shift from personal sites (with links, photos, info, etc.) to links to sites like Flickr that hold your content
zeldman  social  personal  web  portfolio  trends  design  business 
april 2008 by barryf
Worldwide Social Network Market Share
How different areas of the world prefer different social networking apps. It's not just about Facebook...
socialnetworking  map  world  global  social  network  trends  facebook  bebo  myspace  analytics  internationalisation 
april 2008 by barryf
DRAG-ing Your Design Down - How To Style Yourself To Anonymity
"Drop-shadows, Rounded corners, And Gradients" - they're everywhere
design  trends  web  drag  style  gradient  shadow  cliche 
december 2007 by barryf
2007: More Web Design Trends
Cartoon characters, swirls/flourishes, broken borders, big RSS icons, textured designs, rich colours with grey background
trends  design  inspiration  web  cliche  2007  web2.0  codegent 
december 2007 by barryf
Blog of Subvert Marketing Inc. - The world’s top 10 interactive agencies
The criteria for entry seems to be how influential the agency is in terms of standards, accessibility, usability and other standardista stuff
business  agency  web  design  trends  global  inspiration  codegent 
november 2007 by barryf
A VC: Really Simple Stealing
Download RSS feeds, pump them into a blog engine, add adsense/linkage = profit!
rss  web  industry  trends  internet  evil  business 
april 2007 by barryf

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