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Should/could your EC2 server be replaced with Lambda?
aws  serverless  server 
may 2018 by barryf
> rtop is an interactive, remote system monitoring tool based on SSH
monitoring  ssh  server  sysadmin 
september 2015 by barryf
> GoAccess is an open source real-time web log analyzer and interactive viewer that runs in a terminal in *nix systems.
log  analyser  weblog  nginx  apache  server  unix 
march 2015 by barryf
A collection of useful .htaccess snippets
apache  htaccess  server  sysadmin 
february 2015 by barryf
Trey Piepmeier's Solutions Log
A collection of handy sysadmin-y tasks
sysadmin  server  hosting 
december 2014 by barryf
AWS Elastic Beanstalk for Docker
You can now have Elastic Beanstalk provision, monitor and load balance Docker images.
amazon  was  docker  elasticbeanstalk  loadbalance  server  sysadmin 
april 2014 by barryf
SSD Cloud Server, VPS Server, Simple Cloud Hosting
vps  hosting  server  sysadmin  cloud 
march 2014 by barryf
Web Hosting For App Developers –
I especially like the advice on backing up databases via slaves.
hosting  server  sysadmin  database  replication  app 
march 2014 by barryf
Server Density
Server and application monitoring and cloud management
server  monitoring  sysadmin 
may 2013 by barryf
Helios 🚀
Open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps, from data synchronization and user accounts to push notifications, in-app purchases, and passbook integration.
helios  ios  backend  server  dev  heroku 
april 2013 by barryf
Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.
monitoring  server  statistics  performance  uptime  sysadmin  hosting 
december 2011 by barryf
"Heroku for Mobile" - data storage, sync, push, users, social integration using Parse's SDKs for iOS and Android
mobile  app  ios  android  server  sync  sdk  push 
august 2011 by barryf
Amazon Web Services for Ruby
Includes access to S3, EC2, SimpleDB and more, all through the AWS gem.
ruby  gem  aws  s3  ec2  simpledb  server  cloud 
july 2011 by barryf
Yes, You Can Run 18 Static Sites on a 64MB Link-1 VPS
Squeeze more performance out of a VPS - worthwhile tips and advice even if you have a bigger server
sysadmin  performance  vps  server  optimisation 
june 2011 by barryf
So You'd Like to Send Some Email (Through Code)
You need: reverse PTR record, DomainKeys in DNS/code, SenderID in DNS. Plus how to verify all is set up correctly.
email  senderid  ptr  domainkeys  mail  server 
may 2011 by barryf
Get FileShuttle, an easy file sharing app.
Screenshots or drag'n'drop to a (S)FTP server
file  sftp  server  screenshot 
april 2011 by barryf
Felix's Node.js Guide
Beginner's guide, style guide and other tips
nodejs  node  javascript  language  server  dev 
march 2011 by barryf
Nuts & Bolts: Potpourri
37Signals chose ServerCentral to co-lo their infrastructure
server  hosting  37signals  colo  sysadmin 
march 2011 by barryf
Ninja .htaccess
Krok uses some very smart .htaccess rules
htaccess  apache  hosting  server 
february 2011 by barryf
Vagrant is a tool for building and distributing virtualized development environments using VirtualBox
vagrant  virtualbox  virtualisation  dev  server 
january 2011 by barryf
Real-time browser-server communication using WebSockets where available, falling back to Flash sockets where not
flash  websocket  ssl  javascript  server  realtime 
october 2010 by barryf
Exploring the software behind Facebook
A wealth of useful info on all the components used to power FB.
scaling  facebook  performance  server  work 
july 2010 by barryf
Ticket Servers: Distributed Unique Primary Keys on the Cheap
How Flickr keeps numeric IDs unique across multiple databases
flickr  database  unique  key  ha  server 
february 2010 by barryf
Tornado Web Server
Facebook/FriendFeed's open sourced web server framework that was built for non-blocking, open connections.
python  friendfeed  framework  tornado  server  async 
september 2009 by barryf
Support Details | Tech support anger management
Displays your OS, browser, IP, Javascript status and more. Very handy for remote tech support (via @ioptics)
techsupport  sysadmin  support  useful  server  admin 
july 2009 by barryf
Web Server Check
Find other domains associated with your IP/domain (eg shared hosting)
hosting  reverse  ip  domain  server  sysadmin  web 
december 2008 by barryf
Things Caches Do
Many things I didn't know, including how to use last-modified and etag cache validators.
cache  etag  proxy  sysadmin  server  scaling  architecture  rest  http  web 
november 2008 by barryf
Is scheduled downtime okay?
Opinions on what consitutes downtime and how much is acceptable
downtime  uptime  sysadmin  sla  server  opinion  business  work 
november 2008 by barryf
Scalable cloud computing hosting from Rackspace
rackspace  work  web  server  cloud  scalable  hosting 
june 2008 by barryf
Amazon EC2 image of BlueDragon/CentOS5/Jetty
Free way of hosting a ColdFusion application using the newly open sourced BlueDragon engine
bluedragon  centos  amazon  ec2  java  coldfusion  cfml  jetty  image  web  server  aws  opensource  free  work 
may 2008 by barryf
Another PHP opcode cacher
php  cache  opcode  performance  scaling  dev  server 
may 2008 by barryf
APC (Alternative Page Cache)
Caches PHP opcode into memory to stop the need for compilation on each request
php  cache  accelerator  apc  performance  scaling  dev  server  sysadmin 
may 2008 by barryf
Free DNS, Static DNS, Dynamic DNS, URL Redirection
dns  free  hosting  internet  network  domain  static  url  redirect  dev  server  sysadmin 
may 2008 by barryf
"Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface."
munin  monitoring  sysadmin  network  server  visualisation  graph  chart  web  dev 
april 2008 by barryf
Deploying Rails Applications on Mac OS X Leopard
Has some Leopard Server specific stuff, but may be useful nonetheless
deployment  leopard  mac  rails  server  sysadmin  work 
march 2008 by barryf
Another fast, lightweight web server for Ruby
ruby  server  rails  performance  rack  mongrel  web 
march 2008 by barryf
Thin - yet another web server
Minimal web server that glues Mongrel and Rack
ruby  server  rails  mongrel  thin  rack  web 
march 2008 by barryf
RubyWorks Production Stack
RubyWorks production stack is a collection of open-source software required to host a RubyOnRails application on Linux servers.
rails  deployment  ruby  linux  server  web  redhat  work 
march 2008 by barryf
The Spread Toolkit
Messaging system, as used by
messaging  distributed  network  spread  opensource  sysadmin  server 
march 2008 by barryf
Jive Talks: XMPP (a.k.a. Jabber) is the future for cloud services
Tivo now uses XMPP to update its boxes rather than polling every 15 mins
xmpp  jabber  im  tivo  twitter  cloud  architecture  saas  server  work 
january 2008 by barryf
Unix system management and monitoring. Is used by some Railsers to restart naughty Mongrels
web  server  sysadmin  monitoring  unix  linux  rails  mongrel 
january 2008 by barryf
Lightbox JSON web app server framework, built on Ruby
ruby  json  framework  mongrel  server  rack  web  gem 
january 2008 by barryf
god - process and task monitoring done right
Ruby-based monitoring framework - alternative to Monit
ruby  monitoring  sysadmin  rails  deployment  monit  dev  server 
january 2008 by barryf
Rails monitoring - RM-Manage by FiveRuns
Rails server monitoring at $40pm. Also comes with BrightBox's 512Mb+ package
rails  monitoring  server  sysadmin  web  dev 
december 2007 by barryf
Module for nginx to caches pages or pass through to the application if not found
cache  memcached  server  web  nginx 
december 2007 by barryf
Stomp messaging server with file/dbm/memory/activerecord based FIFO queues, queue monitoring, and basic authentication.
ruby  messaging  stomp  queue  server  distributed  message  scaling 
december 2007 by barryf
Joyent: Facebook Developer Program
Free year's hosting on Joyent servers for Facebook apps
accelerator  dev  facebook  free  hosting  joyent  server  socialnetworking  web  startup  codegent 
november 2007 by barryf
Multiple Database Connections in Ruby on Rails (ActiveDelegate)
Enables master/slave replication arrangements - write to master; read from slave
rails  database  activerecord  deployment  performance  replication  scaling  mysql  server  sysadmin  dev 
october 2007 by barryf
Brightbox - Ruby on Rails hosting
New VPS (or Virtual Dedicated Server as they call it) Rails host based in the UK. Tight website and nice gem-based deployment
hosting  mongrel  rails  server  uk 
october 2007 by barryf
FlexiScale - Utility Computing On-Demand
UK based competitor for Amazon's EC2 scalable hosting
hosting  scaling  scalability  server  sysadmin  uk  amazon  ec2 
october 2007 by barryf
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