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> PostgREST serves a fully RESTful API from any existing PostgreSQL database.
postgresql  rest  api 
july 2015 by barryf
PostgreSQL GUI Tool for Mac OS X
postgresql  database  postgres  gui  mac 
december 2014 by barryf
Screencast: using ruby to add schema-less data to PostgreSQL
With hstore you can add schema-less data to PostgreSQL. This allows you to store model attributes without creating separate database columns. Watch how to do this using the activerecord-postgres-hstore gem.
ruby  hstore  postgresql  nosql  activerecord  database  screencast 
march 2013 by barryf
"The easiest way to run PostgreSQL on the Mac"
postgres  postgresql  database  mac 
july 2012 by barryf
PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to PostgreSQL for geographic information systems (GIS)
gis  database  postgresql  sql  opensource  dev  geo 
april 2008 by barryf
"PostgreSQL + Compatibility + Scalability"
postgresql  database  enterprise 
september 2005 by barryf
SQL Relay
Persistent database connection pooling
database  mysql  postgresql  network 
august 2005 by barryf
dAlchemy | End to End Unicode Web Applications in Python
...including some useful tips for PostgreSQL/Python/Unicode
python  unicode  postgresql 
february 2005 by barryf
PostgreSQL 8.0.0 Officially Goes Beta
and now it (finally) runs natively on Windows!
database  postgresql 
august 2004 by barryf

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