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Newline-delimited JSON (nd-json)
Instead of delivering a chunk of JSON:

"Comments": [
{"author": "Alex", "body": "…"},
{"author": "Jake", "body": "…"}

…deliver each JSON object on a new line:

{"author": "Alex", "body": "…"}
{"author": "Jake", "body": "…"}
json  nd-json  performance 
november 2017 by barryf
WPO Stats
> Case studies and experiments demonstrating the impact of web performance optimization (WPO) on user experience and business metrics.
performance  advocacy  ux  metrics 
october 2017 by barryf
Essential Image Optimization
eBook on image optimisation strategies for websites in 2017.
image  optimisation  performance 
october 2017 by barryf
Making a difference with performance
Techniques to increase front-end web performance
performance  web  design 
june 2015 by barryf
> Amazon Web Services™ are available in several regions. Click the button below to estimate the latency from your browser to each AWS™ region.
amazon  aws  latency  cloud  performance 
april 2015 by barryf
API performance monitoring
api  performance  monitoring 
april 2015 by barryf
DNS Performance
> Compare the speed of enterprise and commercial DNS services
dns  performance  speed 
march 2015 by barryf
Fixing Server bottlenecks with Go and Nginx
Using Go to serve json direct from memcached alongside Rails app
rails  go  nginx  memcached  performance 
november 2014 by barryf
Performance-focused PHP framework (in C)
php  performance  framework 
january 2014 by barryf
Use Rack::Timeout on Heroku
heroku  rack  timeout  ruby  performance 
august 2013 by barryf
Load and performance testing. Pay by duration and number of "users".
scalability  loadtesting  performance  blitz  testing 
october 2012 by barryf
Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.
monitoring  server  statistics  performance  uptime  sysadmin  hosting 
december 2011 by barryf
Book of Speed
Free, in-progress book on site performance and optimisation
optimisation  performance  web  dev  book 
june 2011 by barryf
Using OS X with an SSD plus HDD setup
Keep the OS on the SSD and then symbolic link to hefty folders on the HDD
mac  sdd  performance  hdd  backup 
june 2011 by barryf
Yes, You Can Run 18 Static Sites on a 64MB Link-1 VPS
Squeeze more performance out of a VPS - worthwhile tips and advice even if you have a bigger server
sysadmin  performance  vps  server  optimisation 
june 2011 by barryf
See how quickly a page loads in a remote browser. Includes a waterfall chart (web inspector?) and screenshots captured throughout the loading process.
browser  test  performance  design  network 
may 2011 by barryf
Site speed affects search ranking
Google: "we've decided to take site speed into account in our search rankings"
google  ranking  pagerank  speed  optimisation  performance 
august 2010 by barryf
Exploring the software behind Facebook
A wealth of useful info on all the components used to power FB.
scaling  facebook  performance  server  work 
july 2010 by barryf
Speed Tracer
Chrome extension that visualises JavaScript parsing/execution, layout and CSS timings
chrome  speed  google  performance 
march 2010 by barryf
That’s Not a Memory Leak, It’s Bloat
Detecting inefficiencies in Rails apps, in particular with ActiveRecord
activerecord  bloat  rails  sysadmin  scaling  performance  work 
december 2009 by barryf
Building and Scaling a Startup on Rails: 12 Things We Learned the Hard Way
From the perspective of the Posterous chaps. Good lessons, not just for Rails apps.
posterous  scaling  rails  startup  performance  dev 
march 2009 by barryf
Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores
Stretches my little brain a bit, but this is a comprehensive breakdown of k/v stores and their drawbacks.
database  keyvalue  architecture  memcached  simpledb  couchdb  performance  scaling 
february 2009 by barryf
Rate limiting with memcached
Great idea for limiting access attempts using memcached rather than repeated database hits. Suggested use is resisting dictionary password attacks; could also be used for resisting spammers
spam  ratelimiting  limit  memcached  security  hack  performance  dev  cache  login  password 
january 2009 by barryf
Perl script that suggets improvements to your MySQL config
mysql  mysqltuner  optimise  performance  database  perl  dba  sysadmin  work 
december 2008 by barryf
Load Testing With Log Replay
Describes how to use HTTPerf and Apache log files to simulate real activity on a site when load testing. Rails focused, but should be applicable elsewhere
rails  httperf  benchmarking  sysadmin  performance  testing  http  dev  loadtesting 
november 2008 by barryf
The 7 Stages of Scaling Web Apps
Eek. We're at stage four. Are there really three more to go?
scaling  list  web  performance  architecture  dev  scalability 
september 2008 by barryf
Hugely useful MySQL parameter. The post's author says he'll often design an application without indexes and then use this parameter (in development) to add indexes where needed
mysql  tuning  performance  index  database  application  dev  logging  sql 
august 2008 by barryf
WP Super Cache
Possibly the best WP cache out there
cache  wordpress  blog  performance  static 
july 2008 by barryf
Preload images referenced in a stylesheet
Uses Prototype to pull out all CSS images and preload them
css  image  prototype  javascript  preload  optimisation  performance  web  design 
june 2008 by barryf
The PHP Benchmark
Advice and best practices for PHP operations, such as looping over a hash
php  optimisation  performance  benchmark  code  dev  opinion 
june 2008 by barryf
Strategy: Break Up the Memcache Dog Pile
How to refresh stale data without killing your database
memcached  scalability  performance  caching  cache  scaling  memcache  web  dev 
may 2008 by barryf
New Relic
Stats and metrics for Rails apps (private beta)
rails  performance  monitoring  analytics  plugin 
may 2008 by barryf
Another PHP opcode cacher
php  cache  opcode  performance  scaling  dev  server 
may 2008 by barryf
APC (Alternative Page Cache)
Caches PHP opcode into memory to stop the need for compilation on each request
php  cache  accelerator  apc  performance  scaling  dev  server  sysadmin 
may 2008 by barryf
Another fast, lightweight web server for Ruby
ruby  server  rails  performance  rack  mongrel  web 
march 2008 by barryf
HyperDB « WordPress Codex
PHP multi-database library: partitioning, replication and failover
scaling  wordpress  php  performance  hyperdb  database  scalability  replication  partitioning  failover 
march 2008 by barryf
How to Avoid Hanging Yourself with Rails
Useful tips on avoiding ActiveRecord magic creating inefficient queries
activerecord  bestpractice  database  optimise  performance  rails  scaling 
march 2008 by barryf
Jeremy Cole on MySQL Replication
"As you probably know MyISAM uses buffered IO so if master crashes you’re out of sync anyway - whatever sync_binlog option was set to"
mysql  performance  replication  myisam  innodb  sysadmin  database 
february 2008 by barryf
Automatically Version Your CSS and JavaScript Files
Tip for rewriting URLs to CSS/JS to promote client-side caching
browser  cache  dev  javascript  css  optimisation  performance 
january 2008 by barryf
caboose new controversial default rails session storage: cookies
Discussion on the rights and wrongs of storing session data in cookies
rails  session  cookie  security  encryption  framework  dev  performance 
december 2007 by barryf
Multiple Database Connections in Ruby on Rails (ActiveDelegate)
Enables master/slave replication arrangements - write to master; read from slave
rails  database  activerecord  deployment  performance  replication  scaling  mysql  server  sysadmin  dev 
october 2007 by barryf
CFThread Questions
Best practice for using threads in ColdFusion
coldfusion  thread  performance  scaling  server  dev 
september 2007 by barryf
When innerHTML isn’t Fast Enough
This replacement method is much faster when many elements are being removed in one go
dom  html  javascript  performance  speed  innerhtml 
september 2007 by barryf
Rails performance tip - using YSlow
Recommendations on how to tune Rails sites based on the Yahoo guidelines
benchmark  optimisation  yahoo  yslow  rails  performance  http  web  dev 
september 2007 by barryf
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