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> rtop is an interactive, remote system monitoring tool based on SSH
monitoring  ssh  server  sysadmin 
september 2015 by barryf
API performance monitoring
api  performance  monitoring 
april 2015 by barryf
An open-source service monitoring system and time series database.
monitoring  opensource  sysadmin 
february 2015 by barryf
"Track exceptions with modern error logging for JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Java, and Node.js". Alternative to Airbrake?
monitoring  logging  sysadmin  error 
july 2014 by barryf
Server Density
Server and application monitoring and cloud management
server  monitoring  sysadmin 
may 2013 by barryf
Scalable distributed monitoring system for high-performance computing systems such as clusters
monitoring  sysadmin  cluster  linux 
october 2012 by barryf
Metrics-Driven Engineering at Etsy
A fantastic insight into Etsy's ops/engineering teams and how they bake metrics collection and monitoring into everything they do
dev  operations  devops  sysadmin  ganglia  graphite  etsy  monitoring  metrics  via:timblair 
june 2012 by barryf
Monitor APIs with scripted, multi-step tests. Reporting, analysis and alerting. Used by Twitter for their API.
monitoring  server  statistics  performance  uptime  sysadmin  hosting 
december 2011 by barryf
Phone call and SMS alerts for monitoring a live system. Includes rotas and scheduling.
monitoring  sysadmin  sms  alerts  phone 
december 2011 by barryf
Radish: Dig Deep Into Redis
Redis analysis and monitoring service that uses a daemon to break down frequency of commands/keys/namespaces, averages, memory usage, etc.
redis  radish  monitoring  sysadmin  analytics 
june 2011 by barryf
Stashboard: The open source status dashboard
Provides a historic record of service availability for APIs or SaaS apps. Runs on Google App Engine.
gae  uptime  rest  api  saas  monitoring  status 
july 2010 by barryf
Jet Profiler for MySQL
Java desktop MySQL profiler using native commands such as SHOW PROCESSLIST
java  database  debug  profiler  optimisation  dba  sysadmin  monitoring  mysql 
march 2009 by barryf
Google Apps Status Dashboard
Just in case they have another day of pain
google  outage  monitoring  status 
february 2009 by barryf
Code: Flickr Developer Blog » Counting
RRDTool/Ganglia for analysis at Flickr. Counts to a log over UDP.
sysadmin  rrdtool  graph  udp  rrd  chart  flickr  monitoring  stats  metrics 
november 2008 by barryf – Quality Control
Graphs, meters, warning bears and lots and lots of tools. How keeps running
web  dev  testing  qc  lastfm  monitoring  visualisation  quality  work 
august 2008 by barryf
New Relic
Stats and metrics for Rails apps (private beta)
rails  performance  monitoring  analytics  plugin 
may 2008 by barryf
"Munin the monitoring tool surveys all your computers and remembers what it saw. It presents all the information in graphs through a web interface."
munin  monitoring  sysadmin  network  server  visualisation  graph  chart  web  dev 
april 2008 by barryf
Down for everyone or just me?
Find out if a site is reachable from an external network
monitoring  network  web  internet 
march 2008 by barryf
Unix system management and monitoring. Is used by some Railsers to restart naughty Mongrels
web  server  sysadmin  monitoring  unix  linux  rails  mongrel 
january 2008 by barryf
god - process and task monitoring done right
Ruby-based monitoring framework - alternative to Monit
ruby  monitoring  sysadmin  rails  deployment  monit  dev  server 
january 2008 by barryf
Rails monitoring - RM-Manage by FiveRuns
Rails server monitoring at $40pm. Also comes with BrightBox's 512Mb+ package
rails  monitoring  server  sysadmin  web  dev 
december 2007 by barryf
glTail.rb - realtime logfile visualization
Watches logfiles (Apache, Rails, IIS, MySQL, etc.) and displays pretty effects
analysis  animation  apache  database  monitoring  network  internet  http  web  sysadmin  statistics  rails 
october 2007 by barryf
Information about your CPU (Windows)
windows  hardware  cpu  useful  sysadmin  monitoring  repair 
september 2006 by barryf
Project Starfish
ColdFusion profiler - stores execution times, arguments and SQL statements. Report tool integrates into CF administrator.
coldfusion  profiling  monitoring  server  performance  sql  web 
december 2005 by barryf

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