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ustwo: Infusing Brand Spirit Into the UI of Knopka
Creating personality/brand through motion and subtle animations
animation  brand  design  inspiration 
february 2016 by barryf
I'm not a fan of screenshotting text for Twitter, but I love this app's workflow.
inspiration  ios  screenshot  app 
march 2015 by barryf
A Teenager’s View on Social Media
Full of valuable insight for out-of-touch ageing thirty-somethings (like me).
socialmedia  opinion  inspiration 
january 2015 by barryf
"A modern web app for hiring"
recruitment  hiring  jobs  inspiration 
september 2014 by barryf
Drew Wilson
Drew's personal portfolio. Big, full-screen style design.
portfolio  inspiration  design 
february 2014 by barryf
Inspiration | ooomf
Pick a designer to work with based on the style you like
design  designer  agency  inspiration 
september 2013 by barryf
St Paul’s School
Great example of a school website, designed by ClearLeft. Easy to find information and responsive too.
design  responsive  layout  school  fluid  inspiration 
december 2011 by barryf
DressRush Pitch Deck
Beautiful one-page pitch deck for startup DressRush's investors
deck  pitch  startup  presentation  design  inspiration 
november 2011 by barryf
Premium Pixels
Free PSDs and resources for designers by Orman Clark. Lots of lovely little snippets to use freely
web  design  free  inspiration  uk 
september 2011 by barryf
Subscriber management tool built into Gmail (GApps) - add/remove people from a list (e.g. Campaign Monitor)
email  gmail  embed  subscriber  work  inspiration 
august 2011 by barryf
Building Great Software Companies
Collection of articles and tips from Joel Spolsky and his Fog Creek colleagues.
business  inspiration  startup  opinion  work 
may 2011 by barryf
Line up customers before you ship
Build relationships with customers and *then* build something they want
startup  business  customer  inspiration 
may 2011 by barryf
The Perpetual Web, The Year in Startup Innovation
Redesigns of hot startup homepages: simplification, differentiation and prettifying.
startup  design  homepage  inspiration 
may 2011 by barryf
The (new) Campaign Monitor office
More office porn. Especially love catered lunches and shared dining area.
office  design  lunch  team  inspiration 
may 2011 by barryf
What it's like to start work at Quora
Interestingly Quora engineers develop on EC2 instances which are set up with custom scripts. Free meals, introductions, yoga, 1:1s, continuous deployments, employee swag.
business  web  work  inspiration  team  dev  ec2 
march 2011 by barryf
Note & Point
Inspirational presentations and slides
presentation  slide  keynote  inspiration  design 
february 2011 by barryf
Daily Stack
Wooden blocks of time for work, play and rest placed on a sensor and used for time countdowns.
design  time  productivity  inspiration  project 
january 2011 by barryf
Posters for modern technology from a 1977 perspective
design  inspiration  retro  seventies  poster  print 
july 2010 by barryf
The Best Designed iPhone Apps
Screenshots and descriptions of beautiful iPhone apps
iphone  design  inspiration  review 
march 2010 by barryf
How Software Engineers and Designers Can Increase Their Focus
Interview with the inspiring Lukas Mathis (Ignore the Code)
inspiration  life  productivity  focus  work 
march 2010 by barryf
Side effects of developing for yourself
Make something you would actually use: "If I let users steer product decisions, the result would be a massive codebase producing a bloated, cluttered product full of features that hardly anyone used at the expense of everyday usability and polish on the features that matter."
design  inspiration  dev  work  process  advocacy  opinion 
february 2010 by barryf
Put Things Off
Collection of life hacks, advice and articles
lifehack  business  inspiration  productivity  gtd  management  blog 
october 2009 by barryf
Inspirational way of travelblogging using a map and Tumblr
tumblr  travel  travelblog  cool  inspiration 
september 2009 by barryf
MetaLab: We make interfaces
Gorgeous interfaces and attention to detail
inspiration  design  ui  interface  agency  work 
june 2009 by barryf
The Way I Work: Matt Mullenweg, Leading Your Company
Fascinating article about the WordPress founder and his style of working and living.
wordpress  company  business  inspiration  productivity  work 
june 2009 by barryf
iPhone/web collective: Garrett Murray and chums
agency  collective  inspiration  studio  iphone  web  dev  company 
may 2009 by barryf
Hi, I’m Jason.
Inspiring job application from a designer pitching himself for a job with 37signals
37signals  job  pitch  inspiration  design 
may 2009 by barryf
Playground Blues
What a beautiful personal website/tumblelog design. I like the chunky icons which reveal more when rolled over.
designer  inspiration  design  tumblelog  homepage 
march 2009 by barryf
A Software Designer Knows His Office Space, Too
New York Times review of Joel Spolsky's wonderful new offices
architecture  office  inspiration  nyt  joelspolsky  design  layout 
february 2009 by barryf
Theme Garden | Tumblr
Forget the themes, the Tumblr gallery page itself is gorgeous
theme  tumblr  gallery  list  design  layout  inspiration 
february 2009 by barryf
T Incorporated
Interesting Django-powered personal site that aggregates content from the author's social services
web  design  inspiration  aggregator  django  lifestream 
january 2009 by barryf
Space Miner
Wilson Miner's wife's tumblelog. Lovely content, but I'm also interested in the lovely Tumblr theme Wilson has created for the missus.
design  layout  tumblr  inspiration  photo 
january 2009 by barryf
Smart Return in Sifter
Impressive attention to detail - Sifter intelligently and elegantly handles where to return you to after performing an action. Interaction design at its finest.
web  design  interaction  ux  process  architecture  inspiration 
january 2009 by barryf
The new Fog Creek office
Seriously expensive, but it sounds like an amazing place to work
office  joel  bestpractice  work  environment  inspiration  business  workspace 
january 2009 by barryf
Jay Fields' Thoughts: Be Your Start-Up
Advocacy for writing, presenting and contributing to establish your own reputation/brand
advocacy  entrepreneurship  startup  freelance  marketing  business  brand  inspiration 
december 2008 by barryf
The Grid System
Resources and tools for grid-based designs. Good example itself: horizontal and vertical grid alignment with a grid overlay toggler
grid  design  layout  web  typography  inspiration  portal 
december 2008 by barryf
Create with Context - How people really use the iPhone
Interesting to see how even expert users are confused - I've made a few of these mistakes too
ui  interface  iphone  mobile  usability  ux  research  interesting  inspiration  design  layout 
november 2008 by barryf
School of Visual Arts — MFA in Interaction Design
(As you'd expect from Airbag) an attractive, well-designed grid layout. Great whitespace and balance
web  design  inspiration  interaction  grid  layout 
november 2008 by barryf
My CMS -
Tom Insam powers his own his own site with a custom CMS written in whatever language he's playing with at the time. Currently Django. Slick Flickr/Delicious importy stuff
cms  blog  flickr  delicious  django  jerakeen  inspiration  dev 
october 2008 by barryf On Wedding Design
Detailed story of how Cabel from Panic designed his wedding
pixelart  cabel  panic  inspiration  design  illustration  wedding  branding  fun 
october 2008 by barryf
tap tap tap
Sexy iPhone apps and a beautiful website. Uses @font-face on webkit
iphone  web  design  inspiration  webkit  font 
september 2008 by barryf
Love the web design, love the t-shirts
web  design  inspiration  business  tshirt  clothing  ecommerce  shop  gallery 
august 2008 by barryf
Very fond of this font. Used by the Wufooers
wufoo  design  inspiration  font  typography  logo  typeface  sansserif 
august 2008 by barryf
Moodstream™ by Getty Images
Pick a mood (or tweak the advanced settings) and get a stream of images and videos from the Getty Images database to inspire you
image  mood  stream  getty  photo  video  design  inspiration  creativity 
august 2008 by barryf
Genevieve Gauckler
Beautiful illustrations, art and design
illustation  art  design  porfolio  inspiration  via:hicksdesign 
july 2008 by barryf
camen design
Some enjoyable, spiky writing. Design is impressive for its full use of HTML5
blog  design  html5  inspiration 
july 2008 by barryf
The accidental innovator
Interview with Evan Williams: genuinely new ideas are stumbled upon, hard to describe and seem obvious in retrospect
evanwilliams  entrepreneur  business  inspiration  twitter  blogger  economist 
april 2008 by barryf
Grid and Column Designs
Examples of well-designed grid-based sites
grid  design  inspiration  layout  column  css  html  example 
april 2008 by barryf
Streaming a Muxtape to external Airfoil speakers
"Peter is using Fluid to run Muxtape as a pseudo-standalone application and Airfoil to stream the audio around his house."
audio  music  fluid  muxtape  airfoil  mashup  inspiration  geek  fun 
april 2008 by barryf
Open Source Food
Pretty recipe and cooking site. Liking the grids
web  design  inspiration  food  recipe  grid  layout 
march 2008 by barryf
FoodFeed - What are you eating?
Another app built on Twitter. Pretty damn sexy too
twitter  food  mashup  inspiration  life  lifestream  social  eat 
march 2008 by barryf
Justin Kropp
Lovely fluid design with page border - I sense a new trend there after Jon Hicks' new design
design  inspiration  layout  web  border  fluid 
march 2008 by barryf
EveryBlock: A news feed for your block.
Delicious looking locality info site. Evolved from
web  design  inspiration  local  statistics  business  community  django 
january 2008 by barryf
User experience design, research and strategy :: Flow Interactive
London-based UX agency. Worked with the Guardian, EasyJet and others
agency  company  design  inspiration  uk  usability  web  ux  ucd  london 
january 2008 by barryf
Ace Jet 170
Inspiration from old typopgraphy
typography  design  inspiration  art  history  identity  print  retro 
december 2007 by barryf
Blogging from the Ballpit looks a very cool place to work. My last office involved much throwing of balls, but have taken it up to 11.
cool  lastfm  office  work  ball  uk  inspiration 
december 2007 by barryf
2007: More Web Design Trends
Cartoon characters, swirls/flourishes, broken borders, big RSS icons, textured designs, rich colours with grey background
trends  design  inspiration  web  cliche  2007  web2.0  codegent 
december 2007 by barryf
Similar idea to foamee - show appreciation to a friend
twitter  inspiration  web  mobile  mashup 
december 2007 by barryf
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