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> Under 1KB each! Super Tiny Icons are miniscule SVG versions of your favourite website and app logos
svg  logo  social  icon 
november 2017 by barryf
Streamline Icons
> 4000 vector Icons for IOS, Android and applications. The world's largest icon collection.
icon  vector 
june 2015 by barryf
> A sleek webfont containing 95 icons of all main payment operators and methods
payment  font  icon 
april 2015 by barryf
Mono Social Icons Font
Free social media and web services icon font
icon  font  social  socialmedia 
january 2015 by barryf
250+ carefully crafted pictograms (icon font)
icon  font  design  pictogram 
november 2014 by barryf
GitHub font icons for free use elsewhere.
github  font  icon  design 
june 2014 by barryf
Feather is a growing collection of beautifully simple icons. The set is packaged in PSD, CSH, SVG and Webfont format.
free  icon  font  design 
may 2014 by barryf
Modern Pictograms
Free icon font for embedding via @font-face
design  icon  font 
january 2012 by barryf
Dutch Icon(s)
99 sets of iPhone toolbar friendly icons. Available through iStockPhoto
icon  image  toolbar  mobile  stock  istockphoto 
november 2011 by barryf
Lovely vector icon set in EPS format
icon  image  vector  eps  design 
october 2011 by barryf
Flat, simple icons for interface design
Round-up of simple vector icon collections.
icon  image  vector  design 
september 2011 by barryf
Clever idea: reasonably priced icon set that's provided as an embeddable @font-face and also as the vectors.
icon  font  fontface  vector  image  design 
july 2011 by barryf
Is Your Site Missing its Custom WebClip Icon?
129x129 PNG called /apple-touch-icon.png
icon  image  webcip  png 
april 2011 by barryf
Royalty-free vector icons at a reasonable price
icon  image  vector  stock  design  web 
april 2011 by barryf
Font and @font-face web font containing royalty-free icons
icon  vector  font  fontface  image 
may 2010 by barryf
Token by ~brsev on deviantART
Extensive set of iPhone icons for free (attributable) use
iphone  ui  icon  design 
september 2009 by barryf
Simple but clean set of icons - $279
icon  helvetica  font  graphic  image  design 
july 2009 by barryf
Sexy Music Album Overlays
Could be handy to use for showing recent album listens from
lastfm  album  overlay  icon 
june 2009 by barryf
Wireframe Icons, Royalty Free EPS and PNG | Konigi
Now royalty free so you can use them in web apps.
wireframe  icon  image  stock  design 
may 2009 by barryf
Glyphish — Icons and resources for iPhone developers
Another iPhone toolbar icon set, this time free
free  iphone  toolbar  icon  design  ui 
april 2009 by barryf
eddit: Shop: iPhone UI Icon Set
Comprehensive set of icons for use in iPhone apps as toolbar buttons
icon  button  iphone  ui  design  tabbar 
april 2009 by barryf
Easter Icons
Bunnies, chicks and eggs, free for personal and commercial use
icon  image  easter  free  work 
march 2009 by barryf
Hivelogic - Why Your Avatar Matters
Consistent use of the same avatar in all services helps associate the account with you. I've been using the same (cheesy) photo everywhere for the last couple of years.
avatar  icon  image  photo  personal  identity  social  marketing  brand 
february 2009 by barryf
OmniGraffle Wireframe Icons
The missing icons from the updated OmniGraffle wireframe stencil. $10 but worth the money.
icon  wireframe  design  layout  image  web 
january 2009 by barryf
Google's undocumented favicon to png convertor
Supply a domain and the convertor returns a png from the site's ico
icon  web  dev  favicon  png  ico  convertor  google 
september 2008 by barryf
Fluid Icons
Flickr pool of icons for use on Fluid
fluid  mac  flickr  icon  design  web 
april 2008 by barryf
Share Icon Project
"An icon to represent 'sharing': posting to social sites, sending by e-mail, etc."
share  social  design  icon  web  web2.0 
march 2008 by barryf
Leopard Stacks icons
No need to install anything - sits in front of all other icons
mac  icon  leopard  stacks  design  free 
december 2007 by barryf
Automatic shadow maker for Google Maps icons
google  gmap  icon  shadow  generator  image  web  map 
december 2007 by barryf
Simple website that makes favicons
favicon  web  design  icon  generator  graphic 
november 2007 by barryf
Reasonably priced icon collections
icon  design  stock  web 
august 2007 by barryf
IconBuffet | Alexandria Buzz
Attractive icon set which would work well on web2.0y websites
web  design  inspiration  icon  web2.0 
september 2006 by barryf
AJAX Activity indicators
"Animated GIFs designed to indicate your site is doing something"
ajax  icon  image  web  design  web2.0  free 
december 2005 by barryf

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