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301s, 302s, 307s & 308s
307 and 308 POST redirect support is still weak but getting better
redirect  http  post 
november 2017 by barryf
> WebOb provides objects for HTTP requests and responses. Specifically it does this by wrapping the WSGI request environment and response status/headers/app_iter(body).
python  http  wsgi 
october 2017 by barryf
Analyse your HTTP response headers. Gives recommendations and advice on security and referrer policies.
security  csp  http  referrer 
january 2016 by barryf
CLI HTTP client; user-friendly cURL replacement featuring intuitive UI, JSON support, syntax highlighting, wget-like downloads, extensions, etc.
http  curl  json  wget 
november 2015 by barryf
HTTP Client Testing Service: dummy endpoints
http  endpoint  api 
september 2015 by barryf
Typhoeus wraps libcurl in order to make fast and reliable requests
ruby  curl  libcurl  http  parallel 
april 2015 by barryf
Mac HTTP client/debugger
mac  rest  debug  http 
april 2015 by barryf
WonderProxy provides HTTP proxies around the world to help you test GeoIP web applications.
This paid service makes testing and re-testing applications from around the world fast and easy.
proxy  geoip  location  http  vpn  testing 
june 2014 by barryf
A powerful HTTP client to test web services
chrome  http  rest  debug 
december 2013 by barryf
Easy-to-use Ruby HTTP/REST client library with caching support
ruby  rest  http  cache  wrest 
february 2011 by barryf
Make HTTP requests with params and see the response formatted nicely
http  debug  url  curl  post  rest  request  response 
october 2009 by barryf
Things Caches Do
Many things I didn't know, including how to use last-modified and etag cache validators.
cache  etag  proxy  sysadmin  server  scaling  architecture  rest  http  web 
november 2008 by barryf
Load Testing With Log Replay
Describes how to use HTTPerf and Apache log files to simulate real activity on a site when load testing. Rails focused, but should be applicable elsewhere
rails  httperf  benchmarking  sysadmin  performance  testing  http  dev  loadtesting 
november 2008 by barryf
Peter Williams - Versioning REST Web Services
Serve different versions of an API by requiring a version number in the content type, eg application/vnd.mycompany.myapp-v2+xml
rest  version  mime  http  restful  api  webservices 
october 2008 by barryf
joshua's blog: beyond rest
Better than polling and neater than XMPP: call a service's API specifying a callback URL on your system... PIMP (PIMP Is Mostly Push)
push  architecture  xmpp  rest  http  pimp  poll  rss  api  dev  atom 
july 2008 by barryf
BBC - Radio Labs - Still Playing in the Cloud
DAB text updates over XMPP. Demonstrates XMPP/Javascript library
xmpp  bbc  javascript  jabber  radio  http 
march 2008 by barryf
Http-https transitions and relative URLs
Didn't know this - href="//" maintains the HTTP/HTTPS state. Very handy for checkout pages
html  http  https  markup  url  web  security  ssl  dev 
october 2007 by barryf
glTail.rb - realtime logfile visualization
Watches logfiles (Apache, Rails, IIS, MySQL, etc.) and displays pretty effects
analysis  animation  apache  database  monitoring  network  internet  http  web  sysadmin  statistics  rails 
october 2007 by barryf
HTTP/HTTPS/SSL Monitor/Proxy/Reverse Proxy
debug  web  dev  flash  proxy  monitor  http  https  ssl  sysadmin  network 
september 2007 by barryf
Rails performance tip - using YSlow
Recommendations on how to tune Rails sites based on the Yahoo guidelines
benchmark  optimisation  yahoo  yslow  rails  performance  http  web  dev 
september 2007 by barryf
HTTP accelerator/caching alternative to Squid
proxy  server  cache  sysadmin  http  accelerator  varnish 
july 2007 by barryf
HTTP server that was designed for apps using Comet techniques
comet  ajax  http  server  opensource  streaming  perl  javascript  web  sysadmin  dev 
june 2007 by barryf
Event-based server supporting HTTP load balancing and/or web serving
architecture  balance  deployment  dev  proxy  perl  server  http  web  load  performance  apache 
may 2007 by barryf
Varnish - Trac
HTTP accelerator - must find out what this does!
http  accelerator  performance  server  cache  proxy  dev  sysadmin 
april 2007 by barryf
Using HTTP Status Codes
Useful guide to error/status codes and handling them
http  web  status  server  sysadmin  dev 
april 2007 by barryf
Why you should be using disambiguated URLs
Amen. Never link to DefaultDocuments. And (IMO) redirect
domain  seo  url  web  design  usability  standards  http  architecture  apache  htaccess 
february 2007 by barryf
Htpasswd Plugin
HTTP Basic and Digest authentication in a Rails plugin
rails  http  security  dev  web 
may 2006 by barryf
Discovering HTTP #1: The Accept header (Loud Thinking)
Interesting approach to controller re-use - especially for Ajax apps
http  header  protocol  ajax  web  server  rails 
march 2006 by barryf
Inlab: Balance
Simple but powerful generic tcp proxy with round robin load balancing and failover mechanisms
linux  network  performance  server  sysadmin  balance  failover  load  opensource  http  tcp  web  proxy 
february 2006 by barryf
Secure, fast, compliant and very flexible web-server which has been optimized for high-performance environments
webserver  web  http 
march 2005 by barryf

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