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Ninja Blocks
"Internet of things" - sensors and switches with internet connectivity
hardware  internetofthings  switch  remote  sensor 
june 2013 by barryf
Free app that provides Magic Mouse enhancements
magicmouse  mouse  mac  free  multitouch  hardware 
february 2010 by barryf
The Setup on waferbaby
Hardware/software used by noteworthy geeks at work and home
setup  geek  interview  interesting  tool  gear  hardware  software  list  people 
january 2009 by barryf
Alex Payne - setup
Alex's list of hardware and software that he uses daily
setup  hardware  software  mac  useful 
january 2009 by barryf
jwz - PSA: backups
Buy two backup drives that match your laptop's and external drive housing. Backup every night onto the first and use the third to take away for an offsite backup
backup  mac  rsync  hardware 
october 2007 by barryf
Coding Horror: Choosing Dual or Quad Core
Bottom line: unless you're doing heavy maths stick with a dual core
dualcore  quadcore  processor  cpu  hardware  benchmark 
september 2007 by barryf
Hard disk space tool for Windows showing usage in a... tree
windows  file  sysadmin  tree  free  disk  hardware 
august 2007 by barryf
TidBITS: Stewing Over Safe Sleep
Change Mac sleep habits - hibernate or straight to sleep
mac  hardware  sleep  hibernate 
august 2007 by barryf
MarcoPolo - Automatic location switching for Mac OS X
Based on surrounding evidence, MarcoPolo guesses where you are and switches your location
mac  network  hardware  free  location 
april 2007 by barryf
Alter fan speeds on Intel MacBook(Pro)s
mac  hardware  macbook  apple  temperature  fan 
october 2006 by barryf
Twisted Melon - Fine Mac OS Software
Mira: do more things with your Mac Remote
mac  hardware  remote 
september 2006 by barryf
Information about your CPU (Windows)
windows  hardware  cpu  useful  sysadmin  monitoring  repair 
september 2006 by barryf
Command-Tab » Hidden iPod Commands
Hard reset, diagnostic mode and disk mode
ipod  useful  repair  hardware  reference 
april 2006 by barryf
Apple - Mac OS X - Bonjour
aka Rendezvous. This page includes a link to the Windows installer.
windows  bonjour  network  hardware  mac  rendezvous 
march 2006 by barryf
iBook and PowerBook Reliability
Conclusion: G3 iBooks got worse with each revision, the other lines improved...
apple  mac  laptop  powerbook  ibook  reliability  quality  survey  hardware 
january 2006 by barryf

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