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Stashboard: The open source status dashboard
Provides a historic record of service availability for APIs or SaaS apps. Runs on Google App Engine.
gae  uptime  rest  api  saas  monitoring  status 
july 2010 by barryf
Using Django 1.0.2 with Google App Engine 1.2.3
You can now specify either 0.96 or 1.02 with GAE. You need to install Django locally for development
django  googleappengine  gae  dev 
june 2009 by barryf
web2py: Enterprise Web Framework
Python framework, now supported on Google App Engine
web2py  python  framework  gae  appengine 
may 2009 by barryf
Scheduled Tasks With Cron for Python - Google App Engine - Google Code
I think I'll be using this. I especially like the natural language way of specifying the cron jobs - "every 5 minutes" for example
cron  google  appengine  gae  scheduled  task 
april 2009 by barryf
Google App Engine Blog: A roadmap update!
Potentially exciting news about GAE: scheduled tasks, background processing, outgoing/incoming email and XMPP coming later this year (May?). I'm planning new apps in anticipation...
google  gae  appengine  xmpp  cron  email  dev 
february 2009 by barryf
European VAT Number Validation API
Validate VAT number via a simple REST API. Returns JSON true/false or JSONP. Uses Google App Engine - by Aral Balkan
json  vat  jsonp  validation  gae  europe  api  work 
january 2009 by barryf
Perl on App Engine?
Perl possibly to be supported as GAE language. This is sure to kick off speculation about adding Ruby and PHP.
appengine  google  gae  perl 
july 2008 by barryf
AWS hosted container for GAE applications
google  appengine  gae  aws  amazon  ec2  appdrop  dev 
april 2008 by barryf
My first stab at a Google App Engine app. It's hardly original - a Read Later clone - but it's been a fun learning experience of Python and GAE
googleappengine  appengine  gae  google  python  later  dev  readlater  bookmark  personal  work 
april 2008 by barryf

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