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Choose Boring Technology
Dan McKinley’s infamous essay in presentation form (slides and transcript).
dev  advocacy  architecture 
14 days ago by barryf
> A simple zero-config tool to make locally-trusted development certificates with any names you'd like.
ssl  certificate  dev 
july 2018 by barryf
How to Rands
How to work with Rands, what he does as a manager. Written as a message to a new report.
management  dev 
march 2018 by barryf
thoughtbot guides
> A guide for programming in style.
team  dev  guide 
november 2017 by barryf
Alexa Skill testing tool
alexa  dev 
march 2017 by barryf
A fully functional local AWS cloud stack. Develop and test your cloud apps offline
aws  dev  localhost  cloud 
march 2017 by barryf
> Commonly used features in a side-by-side format
dev  languages  guide 
march 2017 by barryf
Guardian Pairing Tests
Used by the Guardian during their developer recruitment process
recruitment  guardian  dev  hiring 
january 2016 by barryf
Clef's company handbook on GitHub
business  team  dev  handbook 
january 2016 by barryf
Five Questions
What to ask a team you lead when you're new/learning and need to make decisions.
team  dev  management 
october 2015 by barryf
Airbnb Engineering - Nerds
(Ignoring the awful name...) Airbnb's engineering website
airbnb  team  dev  devteam 
january 2015 by barryf
Talent matching for tech startups
jobs  startup  dev 
december 2014 by barryf
Issue/bug/defect tracker
bug  defect  issue  team  dev 
november 2014 by barryf
Agile Project Management Software & Scrum Tools
scrum  agile  tool  team  dev 
november 2014 by barryf
Introspected tunnels to localhost
tunnel  proxy  dev  localhost 
november 2014 by barryf
Speed Up Your Web Development Workflow with Cactus for Mac
Describes using a Mac-based site generator app. Clever reloading of browser windows when files are saved.
dev  mac  cactus  generator  web  design 
february 2014 by barryf
The iOS Apprentice
Learn iPhone and iPad Programming via Tutorials (Ray Wenderlich)
ios  tutorial  dev  iphone  ipad 
july 2013 by barryf
Helios 🚀
Open-source framework that provides essential backend services for iOS apps, from data synchronization and user accounts to push notifications, in-app purchases, and passbook integration.
helios  ios  backend  server  dev  heroku 
april 2013 by barryf
jq is a lightweight and flexible command-line JSON processor. Curl some JSON from an API and then pipe to jq to query it
json  processor  api  dev 
march 2013 by barryf
Programming Your Culture
Or... "Why dogs at work and yoga aren’t culture"
culture  dev  team  business  startup  from instapaper
march 2013 by barryf
Scaling Agile at Spotify
Organising a 250-person agile team - tribes, squads, chapters and guilds
spotify  dev  agile  scalability  process 
december 2012 by barryf
Conditionally roll out features with redis and ruby
from:ifttt  github  redis  ruby  deployment  dev 
october 2012 by barryf
Better Specs
Best practices and examples for RSpec
ruby  rspec  testing  dev 
october 2012 by barryf
A transport layer abstraction for talking to service APIs
songkick  transport  api  soa  architecture  dev 
september 2012 by barryf
Facebook's suite of open source tools for code review, bug tracking, source browsing and documentation
facebook  dev  team  opensource  bugtracking 
august 2012 by barryf
Metrics-Driven Engineering at Etsy
A fantastic insight into Etsy's ops/engineering teams and how they bake metrics collection and monitoring into everything they do
dev  operations  devops  sysadmin  ganglia  graphite  etsy  monitoring  metrics  via:timblair 
june 2012 by barryf
Team inbox and chat for dev teams - a bit like Campfire with social integration.
campfire  chat  social  projectmanagement  productivity  dev  collaboration 
may 2012 by barryf
In App Purchases: A Full Walkthrough
(Unverified) guide to setting up and testing in-app purchases for iOS devices
dev  inapp  sdk  apple  iphone  ios 
january 2012 by barryf
Provides an irb session to a running ruby process - very handy for debugging
dev  debug  ruby 
january 2012 by barryf
Continually reloads HTML/CSS/JS - handy for realtime designing without needing a cmd-tab-cmd-r cycle
css  refresh  dev  live  realtime 
december 2011 by barryf
thoughtbot playbook
Experiences and best practices from the thoughtbot team
dev  advocacy  team  business  company 
december 2011 by barryf
Be alerted when a rogue variable is declared in the global namespace.
javascript  namespace  dev  testing 
december 2011 by barryf
Ruby on Rails web development company based in Poland
rails  ruby  poland  outsource  dev 
november 2011 by barryf
"How can I set up continuous deployment of a Rails application from GitHub to Heroku?"
via Amazon EC2 instance running Hudson. Author uses Cucumber and RSpec for his tests.
rails  heroku  ci  dev  github  deployment  test  team  ec2 
november 2011 by barryf
Accelerating Titanium Development with CoffeeScript, Compass, and Sass
Useful slides on the technologies, regardless of whether you're using them with Titanium
coffeescript  compass  sass  dev  titanium 
october 2011 by barryf
Dummy credit card numbers
For testing past a site's pre-validation stage
card  credit  ecommerce  dev 
september 2011 by barryf
GitHub Flow
GitHub's process: always deploy from master, branch from master, submit a pull request when ready, merge and push to master and then deploy immediately.
github  flow  gitflow  process  dev  sourcecontrol  team 
august 2011 by barryf
Plan and share software project progress within teams or businesses to help communicate roadmaps
roadmap  project  pm  dev  business  team 
august 2011 by barryf
rollout: Condionally roll out features with redis
Roll out features to specific users, groups. percentage of users, etc.
rollout  deployment  dev  redis  group  feature 
august 2011 by barryf
Global remote testing for functional, security, load, localisation and usability.
remote  cloud  testing  global  dev  team  business 
august 2011 by barryf
Building the SoundCloud mobile site using backbone.js
The SoundCloud team chose jquery-tmpl for templating and extended Backbone to allow for history.pushState to map URLs and added a client side cache with HTML5 sessionStorage.
mobile  webapp  dev  backbone  javascript  html5 
august 2011 by barryf
TripAdvisor Architecture
Insight into TA's systems and development methodologies. Useful extra detail in the comments.
tripadvisor  dev  team  work 
july 2011 by barryf
How To Scale a Development Team
Adam Wiggins from Heroku describes his stages of dev team growth from homebrew through to specialised teams
team  dev  business  growth  heroku  management 
june 2011 by barryf
Book of Speed
Free, in-progress book on site performance and optimisation
optimisation  performance  web  dev  book 
june 2011 by barryf
Why aren't you using git-flow?
A summary of git-flow and how to get started with it
git  gitflow  guide  dev 
may 2011 by barryf
git-flow: a successful Git branching model
Both a process and a set of extensions for managing branches when developing with git
git  gitflow  branch  dev 
may 2011 by barryf
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