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System design examples and resources, including example interview questions
architecture  design  sysadmin 
july 2018 by barryf
A transport layer abstraction for talking to service APIs
songkick  transport  api  soa  architecture  dev 
september 2012 by barryf Metrics - Building Clickatron
How stores analytics in its Clickatron system
architecture  metrics  analytics  bitly 
april 2012 by barryf
URL Design
Essential advice for building namespaced, human-readable URLs and ensuring that links behave as a link.
url  link  advocacy  github  architecture  web 
may 2011 by barryf
Technical strategy for
Also, useful competitive analysis showing the mix of doctypes, css/js inlining, response formats and redirects.
mobile  design  architecture  digg 
may 2011 by barryf
Anatomy of a Crushing
Lessons from the Pinboard team from the surge in interest when speculation began that Yahoo planned to drop Delicious
delicious  yahoo  pinboard  scaling  architecture 
march 2011 by barryf
Saying Yes to NoSQL; Going Steady with Cassandra
Commentary of Digg's move from MySQL to NoSQL through Cassandra
cassandra  digg  nosql  mysql  database  architecture 
march 2010 by barryf
Scaling Django
Detailed piece that focuses on Django but has lessons for everyone on scaling, caching, load balancing, queuing, sharding, etc.
django  scaling  database  infrastructure  work  architecture  caching  sharding 
march 2010 by barryf
Anti-RDBMS: A list of distributed key-value stores
Stretches my little brain a bit, but this is a comprehensive breakdown of k/v stores and their drawbacks.
database  keyvalue  architecture  memcached  simpledb  couchdb  performance  scaling 
february 2009 by barryf
A Software Designer Knows His Office Space, Too
New York Times review of Joel Spolsky's wonderful new offices
architecture  office  inspiration  nyt  joelspolsky  design  layout 
february 2009 by barryf
Smart Return in Sifter
Impressive attention to detail - Sifter intelligently and elegantly handles where to return you to after performing an action. Interaction design at its finest.
web  design  interaction  ux  process  architecture  inspiration 
january 2009 by barryf
Things Caches Do
Many things I didn't know, including how to use last-modified and etag cache validators.
cache  etag  proxy  sysadmin  server  scaling  architecture  rest  http  web 
november 2008 by barryf
Gravatar, one year later
Useful story of Gravatar's growth and architectural challenges
gravatar  automattic  scaling  architecture  growth  web  dev 
october 2008 by barryf
The 7 Stages of Scaling Web Apps
Eek. We're at stage four. Are there really three more to go?
scaling  list  web  performance  architecture  dev  scalability 
september 2008 by barryf
Scaling Out
Facebook's two data centres: for each update they include instruction in MySQL replication log to expire the object in memcache. Whenever user updates their data a cookie is set and for next 20s the LB uses Level 7 to send them to the master data centre so the slave has time to catch up and expire the cache.
facebook  architecture  dev  data  loadbalancer  level7  scaling  web  mysql  replication  database  cache  memcache 
august 2008 by barryf
joshua's blog: beyond rest
Better than polling and neater than XMPP: call a service's API specifying a callback URL on your system... PIMP (PIMP Is Mostly Push)
push  architecture  xmpp  rest  http  pimp  poll  rss  api  dev  atom 
july 2008 by barryf
one small REST call for man, one giant API for mankind
The entirety of Ning is built on their API, not just a small subset of their data methods. The standard Ning website is just another user of the API
rest  api  ning  architecture  dev  work 
july 2008 by barryf
Queue everything and delight everyone
Update user's view first, queue updates for their friends and then later still update public lists
queue  messaging  scaling  social  work  architecture  dev 
july 2008 by barryf
CouchDB "Joins"
This seems like a lot of faffing to my relational brain, but handy to know how to achieve it
couchdb  database  erlang  json  data  architecture  query 
april 2008 by barryf
Jive Talks: XMPP (a.k.a. Jabber) is the future for cloud services
Tivo now uses XMPP to update its boxes rather than polling every 15 mins
xmpp  jabber  im  tivo  twitter  cloud  architecture  saas  server  work 
january 2008 by barryf
A taxonomy of Rails plugins
Different patterns and approaches to writing a plugin
architecture  design  dev  pattern  plugin  rails  web 
august 2007 by barryf
Particletree » Subdomains Development = Sucks
Good reasons to avoid subdomains - pricipally wildard SSL certs are expensive and testing is harder
architecture  scaling  subdomain  ssl  dev  web 
may 2007 by barryf
Event-based server supporting HTTP load balancing and/or web serving
architecture  balance  deployment  dev  proxy  perl  server  http  web  load  performance  apache 
may 2007 by barryf
Why you should be using disambiguated URLs
Amen. Never link to DefaultDocuments. And (IMO) redirect
domain  seo  url  web  design  usability  standards  http  architecture  apache  htaccess 
february 2007 by barryf
Bionic Office - Joel on Software
Where I want to work. For future reference ;)
office  architecture  design  inspiration  work  workspace  dev 
october 2006 by barryf
all in the head — Site Maps for Web Applications
Use a basic navigational map, an interaction flow diagram and a URI map
web  architecture  design  documentation  sitemap  web2.0  rest 
january 2006 by barryf
Garrett Dimon / The Time is Now for Front-End Architects
Front-end development is more than just HTML+Photoshop; we need architects.
web  dev  css  html  javascript  usability  accessibility  design  ui  web2.0  architecture  career  jobs 
january 2006 by barryf

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