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Is Slack Really Worth $2.8 Billion? A Conversation With Stewart Butterfield - NYTimes.com
"Do you think Slack is worth 3b"
"It is because people say it is"

@stewart is my favorite startup CEO interviewee http://t.co/0KRXMihRYf
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april 2015
Shutl Architecture Evolution: Neo4j | Shutl Tech Blog
Great writeup from @akashb on how we use Neo4j, the graph database, and the engineering journey that got us here: http://t.co/9l7PHhyUGH
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october 2014
Time for sales to call a truce with customers | Inside Intercom
Great read from @russthau here @intercom on why sales + software has experienced a paradigm shift http://t.co/1BXNlbL49k
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may 2014
Three Months in Berlin: One Tech Entrepreneur's Journey | Xconomy
Tired of SIlicon Valley? Adam Wiggins @hirodusk shares a fascinating look inside the startup scene in Berlin. http://t.co/KK6SBEyCi3
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may 2014
How to get a job in the tech industry
Another splendid article by @riklomas - wish it was around when I was in uni…

How to get a job in the tech industry
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april 2014
Side Drawer Navigation Could Cost Half Your User Engagement
"out of sight, out of mind." how the hamburger menu halved engagement:

ht/ @moxmas
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april 2014
Programming Your Culture
Or... "Why dogs at work and yoga aren’t culture"
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march 2013
Simple SVG sparklines
Useful now that Google are retiring their sparkline API
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january 2013
Stripe + Wufoo
You can now embed a payment form in a Wufoo survey. Handy.
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october 2012
Run Heroku buildpacks locally and remotely via Vagrant
heroku  git  mason  buildpack  vagrant  ruby  from instapaper
july 2012
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