Better Public Schools Won’t Fix Income Inequality - The Atlantic
Long ago, I was captivated by a seductively intuitive idea, one many of my wealthy friends still subscribe to: that both poverty and rising inequality are largely consequences of America’s failing education system. Fix that, I believed, and we could cure much of what ails America.
5 days ago
Informal Communication | GitLab
Visiting grants: This travel stipend encourages team members to visit each other by covering transportation costs up to $150 per person they visit.
18 days ago
In The Age Of A.I. (2019)
This just aired last night and it's absolutely fantastic. It presents a great look at AI, and it also talks about automation, wealth inequality, data-mining and surveillance. : Documentaries
21 days ago
Shawn Blanc’s iPad Blogging Workflow – The Sweet Setup
For iPad Blogging, here is how to capture ideas and links and then focus on writing and editing that idea unto the finished product of a published article.
6 weeks ago
‘Give Away Your Legos’ and Other Commandments for Scaling Startups | First Round Review
Molly Graham has seen a lot. Her team at Google leapt from 25 to 125 in just 9 months. During her 4+ years at Facebook, the company exploded from 500 employees serving 80 million users to 5,500 employees and over 1.1 billion users.
startup  management 
august 2019
The Future of Fundraising is Already Here — It’s Just Unevenly Distributed
Follow up to Paul Graham's post on only raising small to keep control and equity.
august 2019
Healthy tension in product teams | Inside Intercom
Healthy tension in product teams -- Product teams are made up of a mess of human emotions and motivations, but well-functioning teams can reduce that tension into simple competing forces that make them stronger. Far from avoiding conflict on product teams, we should be encouraging it as an essential part of a team’s success. via Pocket on August 19, 2016 at 11:04AM
product  management 
august 2019
Fat Protocols | Union Square Ventures
Fat Protocols : Union Square Ventures -- Here's one way to think about the differences between the Internet and the Blockchain. The previous generation of shared protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, etc. via Pocket on June 25, 2017 at 01:57PM
june 2017
Transitioning to meta-management | Lara Hogan
Cate Huston’s post The Hardest, Shortest, Lesson Becoming a Manager recently resonated with me. She writes about the shift from day-to-day engineering to day-to-day management of engineers, and focuses on the reasons why it’s probably a smart idea to step away from coding as a manager.

january 2017
Deploying Node.js Apps on Heroku | Heroku Dev Center
Creating, configuring, deploying and scaling Node.js applications on Heroku.
january 2017
The Twelve-Factor App
A methodology for building modern, scalable, maintainable software-as-a-service apps.
january 2017
Software Capital — Achievement and Leverage
Software Capital — Achievement and Leverage


Seeing this paper from December 2, 1996, published for the first time here — in its…
october 2016
Six Things Junior Developers Wished They Could Tell You, and How You Can Use Them to Become a… — Medium
(this blog post is based on a talk I did at YGLF 2016. You can find that talk here.)
august 2016
Project Include
Project Include is our community for building meaningful, enduring diversity and inclusion into tech companies.
may 2016
Engineering Career Ladders as Cultural Manifesto — Medium
Insights from Code Driven NYC, a community organized by FirstMark that brings together leading developers from across th…
april 2016
Unintuitive Things I’ve Learned about Management — The Year of the Looking Glass — Medium
At the most basic level, it means all the day-to-day things that you — yes YOU — personally accomplish don’t matter much in of themselves.
april 2016
First Round CTO Summit: How Etsy Grew their Number of Female Engineers by 500% in One Year - YouTube
Kellan Elliott-McCrea (@kellan), a former architect at Flickr and co-author of the OAuth spec, is now the CTO at Etsy, the world's most vibrant handmade mark...
march 2016
Authenticity in Leadership
Tomasz Tunguz is a venture capitalist at Redpoint and writes about startups, fund raising, SaaS companies, and best practices for founders.
march 2016
Adactio: Journal—Syndicating to Medium
POSSE: Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere.
february 2016
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