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Where does your data go? Developing a research methodology for children’s online privacy – Parenting for a Digital Future
With growing concerns over children’s online privacy and the commercial uses of their data, it is vital that children’s understandings of the digital environment, their digital skills and their capacity to consent are taken into account in designing services, regulation and policy. Sonia Livingstone, Mariya Stoilova, and Rishita Nandagiri’s research project Children’s Data and Privacy Online set out to ask children directly, which was not a straightforward task. Here, they briefly explain their approach to focus groups, a key part of the project’s overall methodology.
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Frontiers | Social Data: Biases, Methodological Pitfalls, and Ethical Boundaries | Big Data
Social data in digital form—including user-generated content, expressed or implicit relations between people, and behavioral traces—are at the core of popular applications and platforms, driving the research agenda of many researchers.... We identify a variety of menaces in the practices around social data use, and organize them in a framework that helps to identify them.
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