Want to Understand What Ails the Modern Internet? Look at eBay - The New York Times
“When the biggest platforms seem to be flailing or punting on problems, it’s often because they’re trying to address broad social issues with market solutions”
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22 days ago
How Facebook Is Throwing Our Brains Into Overdrive | Pacific Standard
the social network's ubiquity means that virtually every moment of daily human existence is carried out, in some way, immersed in or at least adjacent to Facebook. And that means every moment of daily life is inflected with the same compulsive risky-payoff nexus. This leaves no room for mindfulness or nuance, inflecting daily interactions beyond Facebook with the same fight-or-flight rewards-driven neuroses.
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10 weeks ago
The New Octopus
by K. Sabeel Rahman

Technology has spawned new corporate giants. Their control of society’s digital infrastructure threatens our democracy. What should we do about it?
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april 2018
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