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Build Website From Scratch - Jos. Studios
Mockups are very easy to build; and a competent web designer should have software like Balsamiq available to demo mockups to you.
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What Does a UX Designer Do? | Bit Mascot
A wireframe is a visual framework or outline that represents the basic layout of a website or app. It can also be interactive. Thanks to tools like Balsamiq, UX designers can make interactive prototypes without coding.
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Strumenti per Web Designer - Paolo Dell'Aguzzo
Balsamiq tra gli strumenti per web designer che vediamo è uno tra i più interessanti a mio parere.

E’ gratuito, ti permette di condividere i progetti con i colleghi ed inoltre ti permette di creare dei mockup in stile sketch.

E’ possibile integrare Bootstrap, ma sempre in stile sketch, e serve fondamentalmente per dare al cliente un’idea di come verrà strutturata una pagina senza stabilire sin da subito come sarà esattamente.

Ciò porta ad avere maggiore flessibilità sia per il web designer sia per il cliente ed allo stesso tempo ci si viene incontro nel capire le funzionalità che dovranno esserci nella pagina.
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The Generic Mockup – Monique Else
I use a program (Balsamiq) that allows me to make interactive PDFs. So the client can click around and see how the site would work (on a very basic level)
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TOP 5 Wireframing & Prototyping Tools Suggested By The industry experts
Initially launched in June 2008, Balsamiq Mockups is one of the best UI design tools for web applications. It was developed the Balsamiq Studios, which was founded by in March 2008 by Peldi Guilizzoni. Due to its rapid development ability, Balsamiq Mockups has become the first choice weapon for all the website wireframe designer across the globe.
Key Features:
Facility of Quick Add Button
Rapid, Fast and Smarter
Drag & Drop Option for Simplicity
In-Built Library for UI
Facility of Offline Working
Smooth Collaboration with Third-Party Apps
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Livestream fürs Parlament by Wieland Kloimstein on Prezi
The prototypes were created with the program Balsamiq. Because of the popularity of this cheap and easy program, it was easy to work together spontaneously. In a few hours, many conversations were conducted and then together created the prototype.

slide 118-119
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12 Kick-Ass Software Prototyping and Mockup Tools -
Balsamiq offers Mockups, a desktop app, and MyBalsamiq, a browser-based app, for prototyping. For this review, we have tested the desktop app. 

It has everything you need for putting together a quick prototype: icons, stencils, page elements such as frames and buttons, a Lorem Ipsum generator, and other elements. The Sketch vs Wireframe toggle lets you switch between the two basic skins (the drawing-like skin and the skin that looks more like a real interface). 

One important note: Balsamiq creators leave out the interactivity component on purpose. The idea is to help you focus on prototyping and decide on actual design later. 

All in all, I think Balsamiq is great for quick prototyping when you’re pressed for time and just want to put something together fast.
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Case Study: StudyPRO – Nikita abraham
By using Balsamiq Mockups, I outlined all of the major interactions, the number of screens necessary for the final product, and the overall flow of the website for certain tasks.
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43 UX research tools for optimizing your product
Balsamiq Mockups is like sketching on a whiteboard using a computer. The tool lets you create quick wireframes for your digital products to test your ideas and get feedback on content and interaction for early iterations. That means you have more time for developing code and can discuss important details later.

Balsamiq pricing starts with a one-time payment of $89 for a single-user license of the Mockup 3 desktop tool, while volume license packages are also available for teams of up to 220 users. Subscriptions to the myBalsamiq web app start at $12 per month (or $120 per year) for up to three active projects and advance incrementally to reach $199 per month (or $1,990 per year) for up to 100 active projects.
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5 Trendy Design Tools We Love
Rapid, effective and fun wireframing software
We’ve introduced Balsamiq to several friends and coworkers that need help with website redesign projects. Imagine a digital version of a whiteboard used to create your site’s new skeleton. Instead of bringing your vision to life with dry-erase markers, Balsamiq lets you do it all online by selecting hundreds of common website buttons and tools to draw out your new site. Some buttons that we love are the social media icons, radio buttons, a search bar, and a shopping bag icon for checkout. It’s a wireframe tool, so it outlines a general visual of what you want your site to look like.
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10 Important Tools for Freelance UX Designers - Sanjay Web Designer
Balsamiq allows you work up wireframes in an instant

Balsamiq is a wonderful little tool for creating fast wireframes and also mockups. It’s an excellent option for all the traditional UXers around, as the tool aims to recreate the feeling of wireframing on a whiteboard, however electronically.

It’s adorable, sketch-style user interface and drag and decrease UI aspects make for super-fast UI building; the resultant mockups could after that be utilized for basic user testing. From $12 a month for the paid version, it’s not a negative choice for freelancers.
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Wireframe vs Mockup vs Prototype, What's the Difference?
Balsamiq provides a set of elements for static wireframing on two styles. Its hand drawing style would help to focus on the layout, function design, all colors are white and black.
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It's OK to Draw Outside the Lines
Then we moved on to using Balsamiq, a wireframing tool that lets us create wireframes as if they were sketches.
Balsamiq is excellent in that it mimics the style of a sketch in digital form, all of it’s wireframing elements look like they’ve been drawn on paper with a pencil.
I am an advocate of using low fidelity wireframing tools such a Balsamiq as much as possible and only moving to high fidelity tools when you really do need that pixel perfect design for the developers.
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Is Balsamiq a good tool for UX? It seems like Balsamiq would fit better into my workflow, coming from pen and paper, but I was wondering if I'd be the odd kid out on the playground if that's what I preferred. - Quora
Calvin Pedzai, Senior UX Deisgner
Updated Apr 18, 2016
Basalmiq is a good tool for UX, especially at the initial stages of a project when brainstorming and communicating design ideas at a fidelity level higher that pencil and paper. Once a structure is agreed on, you might need something a bit more interactive and Axure would be a great tool.


Vitorio Miliano, satisfied two-year Balsamiq veteran
Answered Jan 16, 2011
I've used Balsamiq exclusively for the past two years, and I maintained a Balsamiq-to-HTML converter for a while. I've tried other apps, but nothing has the right additional features to pull me away.


Allan Caeg, User Experience Designer
Answered Jan 16, 2011
Balsamiq Mockups is my weapon of choice for a number of good reasons: UX of the software, massive user base and user-generated stencil library ( ) my overall CX with the company, cross-platform compatibility, and the principle behind supporting such a fine company.

So far, I haven't found any better wireframing tool.


Anton Mircea, UX/UI designer, Digital Designer
Answered Oct 27, 2014
I've used both Balsamiq and Axure (I sometimes use illustrator and indesign too - strictly for wireframing).
Balsamiq - great for rapid wireframing (it has mobile and web design elements you can work with) Not that great for prototypes. It uses Adobe PDF format to export the prototypes, with linking for interactions.


Jonathan Toler, Director, Product Strategy @ Bridgevine
Answered Mar 11, 2014
Its been a good tool for my team so far. For us, speed of creation and ease of use is very important since alot of the wireframes we are creating need to be created within a matter of hours as opposed to days or weeks and the users can be UX Architects, Business Analyst, or even members of the Sales Team.

I personally don't try to compare Axure and Balsamiq. Axure is more of a "pro-tool" in my opinion while Balsamiq is a great tool for someone who needs a high quality product but doesn't have the time to learn a large, enterprisey (thats a word) tool.


Jason Gan, Online marketing and strategy, analytics, user experience
Answered Nov 4, 2014
I'm an old school photoshopper but recently started using Balsamiq and have generally enjoyed using it to create basic wireframes. It has enough in the toolkit that you can drag and drop to represent any basic web application and it is as quick as if you had sketched it out on paper.


Otto Schmitz
Answered Aug 24, 2013
Balsamiq is great if you want speed. Great for rough ideas or making changes in a meeting with others.

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