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10 MUST DO's Before You Start Designing Your B2B Website
Also if you want to get more familiar with wireframing Balsamiq has some pretty good tutorials you can check out.
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When & how I use Balsamiq – Gregory Wolanski – Medium
I know designers who claim that friends don’t let friends use Balsamiq. I don’t agree with that. I use Balsamiq, I like it a lot, and I recommend it.

When I was looking for an idea for an article to write in May, I learned that Balsamiq had started sponsoring podcasts. I like this. I like podcasts. I like companies that support podcasts. But I can’t show that I like this move by buying a Balsamiq license—I already have one. So I thought: I’ll write an article. About when and how I use Balsamiq. Maybe someone will be interested.

When I use Balsamiq
Not only at the beginning of the design process.
Sometimes customers ask me to help them solve a problem in an existing piece of software. In an application that looks in a certain way and that uses a particular visual language. Often, the aesthetics of the application is irrelevant to the problem in question. Working on the solution is usually more efficient in isolation from the company colors and iconography, without pixel precision. I can use the time I would spend on exploring 3 approaches in high fidelity to explore 7 paths in Balsamiq.
Balsamiq is an elegant digital napkin for me.
The customer was satisfied. All the work was done remotely, asynchronously, and over email.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gillo Baldazzi | DropZone Marketing Blog
Is there a business person or a book that you enjoy following / reading to help inspire you on your journey? 

Peldi from Balsamiq. This guy is an entrepreneur that runs a company about a product I don’t even use (it’s a tool for website designers) but since long before starting Skydive Tribe his way of building the business and ethic of work has truly inspired me! You can have a glimpse of it here
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6 weeks ago by balsamiq
30 Dicas para sua Empresa ir bem nas Redes Sociais | Your Commerce | Consultoria Loja Virtual e Marketing Digital
Seja sincero
Em tempos de crise econômica, a transparência é importante para manter e atrair clientes.  Criar um blog da companhia é uma maneira fácil de manter a comunicação aberta com os clientes. Giacomo Guilizzoni, fundador do San Francisco software Balsamiq possui um blog em que divulga números para mostra a solidez de sua empresa.
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React Amsterdam
Stefano Masini - A real-world Relay application in production
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Money – SaaStr
Bootstrapping is not always an option, in fact in most cases it's not an option. Look at the statistics, how many startups have you seen doing exceptionally well without raising funds?
I can think of Basecamp as one example but even there Jason (fried...) took investment from Bezos at some point.
balsamiq is another good example.
Both of those company are making millions in net profit every year, both have relatively small headcount and both are bootstrapping. This is the exception to the rule in my opinion.
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What Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Learn From Google Hiring Process? - Recuitring Blog
Drawing wireframes on a whiteboard will help illustrate your ideas. To practice, download a wireframing tool like Balsamiq. Also study popular web and mobile design patterns for inspiration.
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9 Workplace Experts on the Benefits of Remote Working - GetSmarter Blog
What are some of the paradigm shifts your company has made to fully benefit from remote working?

At a certain point over-communicating for the purposes of keeping up with everything became more trouble than it was worth. We are now more selective in our communication, to allow employees to focus on their work.

What did you start doing differently to safeguard the success of your remote team?

Reassessing our tools regularly. As we grew, our communication tools needed to evolve to suit the company we were becoming. This is probably not needed as often with an onsite workforce.
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february 2017 by balsamiq
The Best List of 50 Design Blogs For The Busy Marketer
They talk about the user experience of their products in a unique way.
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january 2017 by balsamiq
No Time? Cook Quick Meals With These 12 Recipe Sites for Everyone
This wonderful resource comes from a software design company that regularly experienced the “Oh no, what am I going to make for dinner?” crisis. To solve their problem, they created their own YouTube channel where basic, satisfying recipes are uploaded almost every week.

Created by busy people, for busy people, these recipes hit the spot every time and are straightforward to follow.
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december 2016 by balsamiq
(2015) 2015 year in review – Medium
This past year, I went for dinner with Ruben Gamez. One of the things he’s done really well is focused on his “super power.” He’s really good at eliminating distractions. He mentioned that Peldi Guilizzoni’s strength is tenacious focus. noah kagan’s is thinking non-stop about value.
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december 2016 by balsamiq
Prototyping Design Tutorial Roundup: Best Video Tutorials ~ Chianote
Balsamiq Mockups started in 2008 in California. It is the pioneer of hand-drawn style prototyping tool and reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard. It is a simple wireframing tool, which means it cannot use to make the interactive prototype. To help users learn better and faster, a 3-minute video tutorial shows at the home page. More detailed tutorials are available on YouTube, such as this Balsamiq Tutorial with 65K + views, which created in November 2013.
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december 2016 by balsamiq
Lifestyle business come modello di innovazione per l’Italia – Guadagnare Soldi Online
(udite udite) in Italia (basti guardare il successo che e il suo fondatore Giacomo “Peldi” Giulizzoni sta avendo in tutto il mondo).
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november 2016 by balsamiq
Come guadagnare online in Italia: 6 metodi e 50 esempi
Giacomo “Peldi” Guilizzoni (sì, quello in spiaggia nella foto all’inizio del post) ha lanciato da subito il suo servizo di mockup sul mercato globale e oggi Balsamiq è una risorsa per più di 400.000 aziende in tutto il mondo.
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october 2016 by balsamiq
5 Reasons Why Lack of Budget is not an Obstacle for Starting a Business Anymore
Place doesn’t matter. These days, you can run your business from any place in the world and become well-known everywhere. Modern companies in the world can work in various locations in the USA and abroad. Take a look at Balsamiq, WooThemes, or see where Backupify is located. The ability to have access to customers is now available globally. Work at home, go out for a walk in the morning and look at standing in traffic jams office workers with a smile. Such feelings are priceless. Again, the absence of binding to the office allows you to hire people no matter their location is.
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october 2016 by balsamiq
Presentare un’azienda online: la sezione “chi siamo” del sito web
Prendiamo il caso di Balsamiq, piccola azienda fondata da un nostro connazionale, Giacomo Guilizzoni: dalla sezione “chi siamo” si può accedere a moltissimo materiale, tra cui un post del blog personale del fondatore in cui viene spiegata per filo e per segno la genesi dell’impresa.
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october 2016 by balsamiq
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