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10 patterns I found when I interviewed 12 successful founders
Balsamiq wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for Peldi Guillizzoni’s need for a faster and better way to quickly sketch out ideas on the computer.
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Job Search Success: 12 International Job Seekers' Inspiring Stories - FlexJobs
“I was looking for a way to find a remote position that would fit my needs and allow me to work from France. I heard about FlexJobs on the web and decided to give it a try. I have to admit I doubted to find a perfect position as FlexJobs seemed to be more active for the U.S. market than Europe. But after two days the perfect offer was in front of me I couldn’t believe it! Thanks FlexJobs, now I am heading back home to France with the perfect job for me!”
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Is There an One Lump Sum Payment for the Perpetual License of Any Prototyping Tool?
As far as the payment model is concerned, Balsamiq is cool. It provides users payment model from $89 to $9,790. There are no maintenance costs for the license. If you don’t mind hand-drawn style, it’s okay to choose Balsamiq.
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5 Companies Leading The Way While Working Remotely – Collabe – Medium
A team of friendly people coming in from all parts of the world who mostly work from home to help rid the world of bad software, Balsamiq offers software tools to help you create easy-to-use software and websites.
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Does a Distributed Team Work?: Why It’s Best for Pixc - FeedCrunch
How Balasmiq Inspired Me

Good design is one thing I appreciate above anything else, and I love the way that Balasmiq designs not only their beautiful widgets, but also the structure of their company. Most of Balasmiq’s employees are remote.

Balasmiq founder Giacomo Guilizzoni has always believed that work should be fun. And since no one likes commuting, he decided to build a distributed team from the ground up. And it works.

Even the way Balasmiq promotes their products shows how much they love the idea of individuals doing their work the way they want it, wherever they are. Employees only need their ideas, some coffee, focus and a good attitude to reach a brilliant idea:

Source: Balsamiq
I think we can all learn a few things from Balasmiq’s remote culture. Primarily, that work can be fun. When employees are able to have a better life/work balance with commuting off the schedule, they’re able to focus more time on doing their best. Productivity will increase with morale.

This has certainly also been my experience. My employees like to be able to be in new places, whether that’s travelling or working from a new cafe or coworking space. They can work when they want to work, and they are satisfied havin
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How I Took an API Side Project to 250M Daily Requests | Hacker News
Providing revenue and financial metrics are really get eyeballs as this info is rarely available for early stage companies. Balasmiq used this very well, they released early on monthly financial status blogs, which almost all managed to reach front page/top of HN. So, take it as another guerilla marketing channel.
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Update #25: New Features: From Idea to Coding — Archmage Rises
o make fast easy to modify mockups I use Balsamiq 3.  The guys at Balsamiq live and breathe software mockups: They even provide recipes on their website so you can make a quick dinner and get back to designing mockups.  Awesome!
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Key take aways from the Business of Software Conference(BoS) London 2017
Jason’s talk was followed by a fantastic presentation from Peldi the CEO of Balsamiq – Everything changes with Employee 25. The presentation started with something Peldi had learnt from a Joel Spolsky article: the four pillars of organic growth. Joel’s article explains that the four pillars of organic growth are Revenue, Head Count, PR and Quality, and that they all need to grow at the same rate as one another in order for the company to be successful.

Balsamiq is now at employee 25 which has required putting a more clearly defined structure in place for the way Balsamiq organise themselves. Throughout his presentation, Peldi explained how he has formalised the way they do things, which included updating their current handbook, coming up with clear team roles within the company, and changing the way they carried out their quarterly reviews so that Peldi does not have 100 meetings a year in quarterly reviews alone.
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React Amsterdam Review — Main track – Átila Fassina – Medium
Stefano Masini did a good job showing his stack at Balsamiq and pointing out how GraphQL is just not some cool new tool with a hype. It actually helps you have better code and it improves your workflow by easing test coverage and test-running performance. Definitely something I’m looking forward on testing and I’ll make use of Stefano’s experience as soon as I get to that!
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10 MUST DO's Before You Start Designing Your B2B Website
Also if you want to get more familiar with wireframing Balsamiq has some pretty good tutorials you can check out.
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When & how I use Balsamiq – Gregory Wolanski – Medium
I know designers who claim that friends don’t let friends use Balsamiq. I don’t agree with that. I use Balsamiq, I like it a lot, and I recommend it.

When I was looking for an idea for an article to write in May, I learned that Balsamiq had started sponsoring podcasts. I like this. I like podcasts. I like companies that support podcasts. But I can’t show that I like this move by buying a Balsamiq license—I already have one. So I thought: I’ll write an article. About when and how I use Balsamiq. Maybe someone will be interested.

When I use Balsamiq
Not only at the beginning of the design process.
Sometimes customers ask me to help them solve a problem in an existing piece of software. In an application that looks in a certain way and that uses a particular visual language. Often, the aesthetics of the application is irrelevant to the problem in question. Working on the solution is usually more efficient in isolation from the company colors and iconography, without pixel precision. I can use the time I would spend on exploring 3 approaches in high fidelity to explore 7 paths in Balsamiq.
Balsamiq is an elegant digital napkin for me.
The customer was satisfied. All the work was done remotely, asynchronously, and over email.
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Entrepreneur Spotlight: Gillo Baldazzi | DropZone Marketing Blog
Is there a business person or a book that you enjoy following / reading to help inspire you on your journey? 

Peldi from Balsamiq. This guy is an entrepreneur that runs a company about a product I don’t even use (it’s a tool for website designers) but since long before starting Skydive Tribe his way of building the business and ethic of work has truly inspired me! You can have a glimpse of it here
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30 Dicas para sua Empresa ir bem nas Redes Sociais | Your Commerce | Consultoria Loja Virtual e Marketing Digital
Seja sincero
Em tempos de crise econômica, a transparência é importante para manter e atrair clientes.  Criar um blog da companhia é uma maneira fácil de manter a comunicação aberta com os clientes. Giacomo Guilizzoni, fundador do San Francisco software Balsamiq possui um blog em que divulga números para mostra a solidez de sua empresa.
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React Amsterdam
Stefano Masini - A real-world Relay application in production
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march 2017 by balsamiq
Money – SaaStr
Bootstrapping is not always an option, in fact in most cases it's not an option. Look at the statistics, how many startups have you seen doing exceptionally well without raising funds?
I can think of Basecamp as one example but even there Jason (fried...) took investment from Bezos at some point.
balsamiq is another good example.
Both of those company are making millions in net profit every year, both have relatively small headcount and both are bootstrapping. This is the exception to the rule in my opinion.
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march 2017 by balsamiq
What Recruiters And Hiring Managers Can Learn From Google Hiring Process? - Recuitring Blog
Drawing wireframes on a whiteboard will help illustrate your ideas. To practice, download a wireframing tool like Balsamiq. Also study popular web and mobile design patterns for inspiration.
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