I am aiming to be a front end dev, but I love JS and don't know PS or Illustrator - am I mixed up? : webdev
consider something like Balsamiq Mockups instead. That's a tool explicitly for whipping up mockups of user interfaces and layout designs. It's dead-simple, fast to use, lets you model basic interactivity (eg here's a mockup of page X, clicking this button takes you to the mockup of page Y), costs much less (one-off fee of US$89 IIRC), and more importantly the output looks like a mockup
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Design for the feedback you want
Balsamiq, whiteboarding, and thumbnail sketches are all great wireframing tools.
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Essential UX Tools You Must Use in 2017
Balsamiq is the perfect example of an efficient UX tool with the benefit of time saving and efficient results. Things become easy when resizing the drag and drops, rearrange the elements are on a finger tip.
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Wireframes, Mockups, Prototypes: How They Differ and Relate to Each Other?
Balsamiq Mockups is a nice alternative to the hand drawing. Using drag & drop elements, you can make the basic sketch without breaking a sweat. A great thing is that you can share the project with the colleagues and make the necessary changes on the go. The tool provides many fresh symbols for highly creative patterns.
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Onshore, Offshore, Nearshore. Boon is One Epic Leader.
At the end of the day it almost looks like you just took a paper napkin and a pen and you draw on it. It’s not fancy, but it gets the point across: this is where the button goes, this is where the dropdown goes, this is the label, this is what you need to label.
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Should We Convert Annual Billing to Unlimited Perpetual License? – Medium
Taking another tool Balsamiq as example, the perpetual license would entitle customers to download all of the updates to the software and get technical support (in Mockups 3). After the first year, users can decide to remain with the newest version downloaded, or purchase another 1-year updates and support package (in Mockups 4).
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website design - What makes a good wireframe tool? - User Experience Stack Exchange
If you're thinking about Wireframes (not prototyping) then Balsamiq is the best digital tool. It's interface is simple, easy to understand, and gives you the quickest results. The drag & drop components are just what you need and are placed logically to get you going instantly.
Wireframes should look like wireframes and Balsamiq stands top in this category.
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(2012) Website Design Case Study Part 2: Design Wireframes
Meanwhile, we got to work on creating the website's wireframes.  We use Balsamiq to design and generate our wireframes. 

****Comic Sans side-note to all the designers reading this post:
If you're a designer out there who's snickering about the usage of Comic Sans in our wireframes… just pipe down. Comic Sans is the only font you can use in Balsamiq wireframes. And no one but us designers ever notice.
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3 days ago
9 Workplace Experts on the Benefits of Remote Working - GetSmarter Blog
What are some of the paradigm shifts your company has made to fully benefit from remote working?

At a certain point over-communicating for the purposes of keeping up with everything became more trouble than it was worth. We are now more selective in our communication, to allow employees to focus on their work.

What did you start doing differently to safeguard the success of your remote team?

Reassessing our tools regularly. As we grew, our communication tools needed to evolve to suit the company we were becoming. This is probably not needed as often with an onsite workforce.
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4 days ago
4 Top Tips for Developing a New Feature - DevOps.com
Since no one wants to read a lot of text (except perhaps the awesome readers of this article), the product manager should prepare mockups. They don’t have to be designed or colorful, but they do need to show the team what the feature looks like in his or her vision. During our grooming sessions, we used Balsamiq, which lets you create screen sketches for how the product is supposed to look, feel and work.
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15 days ago
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