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Song BPM
"Find the BPM to any song ever." Exactly what a household DJ needs.
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september 2015 by bachya
Spotify is getting unbelievably good at picking music — here’s an inside look at how
I love Spotify's Discover Weekly playlist (and I'm not the only one). Amazing that right as Apple a Music came out, they put the finishing touches on it.
music  spotify  app  link-mash  audio  from instapaper
september 2015 by bachya
Scheduling OmniFocus Tasks in Fantastical 2
Scheduling OmniFocus Tasks in Fantastical 2 … for iOS! In my daily job as a BI consultant I need to plan my work and I’m using OmniFocus for that. In fact it is my trusted system for all my projects,...
app  link-mash  workflow  gtd  fantastical  omnifocus 
august 2015 by bachya
Dune, 50 years on: how a science fiction novel changed the world
I didn't get Dine when I first read it 10-12 years ago. Since then, I've come to regard this story for what it truly is: a classic.
reading  scifi  link-mash  from instapaper
july 2015 by bachya
"the-art-of-command-line - Master the command line, in one page." Such a handy reference!
link-mash  github  zsh  bash 
june 2015 by bachya
How to Force an MSI Package to Install Using Administrator Mode
Installing an MSI under Administrator privileges is such a hassle; leave it to the HowTo Geek to make my life easier.
link-mash  windows  it 
june 2015 by bachya
airbnb/javascript · GitHub
"A mostly reasonable approach to JavaScript." Another wonderfully handy reference.
link-mash  javascript  github 
june 2015 by bachya
This may be a pipe dream, but I think U.S. currency is long overdue for a refresh.
design  link-mash 
june 2015 by bachya
blackbox/ at master · StackExchange/blackbox
A great means to store secure information in an otherwise "other-person-accessible" Git repository.
git  link-mash  security  it 
may 2015 by bachya
what3words | Addressing the world
"what3words is a giant grid comprised of 57 trillion 3m x 3m squares that cover the entire globe. It is the simplest way to communicate location."
mapping  app  link-mash 
april 2015 by bachya
Tap for Beats Per Minute BPM
A great little tool to manually determine a song's BPM
link-mash  music 
march 2015 by bachya
The Tommy Westphall Universe
This is the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen.
tv  link-mash  reading 
january 2015 by bachya
7 TextExpander Macros to Increase Your Typing Efficiency
I really appreciate the time-sensitive salutations. I've even developed one for my team in India; if I simply type ";isal", it spits out "Good morning/afternoon/evening" depending on their timezone.
link-mash  textexpander  productivity  email 
december 2014 by bachya
deanishe/alfred-workflow · GitHub
A supremely helpful Python library for building rich Alfred workflows.
alfred  python  github  link-mash 
december 2014 by bachya
This is an amazing Alfred workflow to interact with Pinboard.
alfred  pinboard  link-mash 
december 2014 by bachya
GTD in 15 minutes – A Pragmatic Guide to Getting Things Done
One of the best, most concise descriptions of GTD that I've seen. Best of all is the opening quote: "Pretend your brain is a white board. Is it covered with to-do lists and 'DO NOT ERASE'? Is there space for drawing and combining ideas?"
gtd  productivity  link-mash 
november 2014 by bachya
Slated Is an iOS Keyboard that Automatically Translates What You Type
It's amazing that not long ago, this thpe of thing would have been impossible on iOS.
ios  app  link-mash 
november 2014 by bachya
My favorite iOS 8 features, big and small
I can't believe I didn't know some of these.
ios  link-mash 
november 2014 by bachya
Why We Still Need URL Schemes When iOS 8 Brings the Sharing Dialog to Every App?
It's true: although we'll continue to keep it around, the golden age of URL schemes has passed.
ios  automation  link-mash  x-callback-url 
november 2014 by bachya
Data Science at the Command Line
Outstanding list of utilities for manipulating data from the command line.
bash  cli  json  xml  csv  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
The greatest Peyton Manning tribute. Ever.
Bask in the awesome glory of the world's greatest quarterback.
video  lolz  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
Serial: Episode 01: The Alibi
A great new podcast from the makers of This American Life; it details a single story via serialized episodes over several weeks.
podcast  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
Clips App: iOS 8 Clipboard Manager
A great iOS 8 app that combines a share extension, a Notification Center widget, and a custom keyboard to make clipboard management on iOS awesome.
app  ios  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
An interesting project worth keeping an eye on.
cli  webapp  github  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
Amazon Must Be Stopped
An interesting read on why Amazon represents a new era of monopoly.
reading  link-mash  from instapaper
october 2014 by bachya
How to Fix Persistent Dropbox Sync Issues on a Mac
File this to your "just in case I need it" folder; it saved my bacon not too long ago.
dropbox  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
Writing Vim Syntax Plugins
Not sure I'll ever need to do this, but it had been tickling my brain a bit; good starter.
vim  programming  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
Stamplay | Connect. Automate. Invent
Very interesting concept: IFTTT for the backend. Not sure I buy it, but if you are tired of building the same webapps over and over, it might be worth a look.
ifttt  webapp  link-mash 
october 2014 by bachya
A great utility to save StackExchange answers.
link-mash  app 
october 2014 by bachya
The Pixar Theory
You have to read this to believe it. Holy moly.
movie  link-mash  reading 
september 2014 by bachya
How Politics Breaks Our Brains
"Humans are partisans by nature but theres hope for ways to fight the impulse toward conflict." Fascinating read.
reading  link-mash  politics  from instapaper
september 2014 by bachya
A simple PCalc specialty calculator
I've been looking for a use for PCalc. Leave it to the doctor to save the day.
app  ios  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
One Thing Well
A great blog that consistently highlights cool, useful software, apps, scripts, and more.
programming  webapp  app  reading  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Google Translate in your CLI (because, why not??).
app  link-mash  cli 
september 2014 by bachya
Monitors your clipboard and executes custom scripts based on its contents.
app  cli  link-mash  github 
september 2014 by bachya
A Chrome/Firefox/Opera extension to turn form text areas into vim editors. 'Nuff said.
programming  vim  webapp  link-mash  github 
september 2014 by bachya
My needs are a bit more complex, but this is a nifty method to configure dotfiles in a SSH session without modifying the remote server.
ssh  link-mash  github  cli 
september 2014 by bachya
For simple HTTP request monitoring in a CLI environment, this little tool gets the job done.
cli  app  link-mash  http 
september 2014 by bachya
Another CLI builder library for Ruby. Will definitely be checking this out.
rub  cli  programming  link-mash  github 
september 2014 by bachya
Instant messaging for the privacy nerds among us.
app  github  security  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Daily Siri Weather Report by linguo
Yet another recipe that showcases the powerful potential of IFTTT.
ifttt  launch-center-pro  link-mash  siri 
september 2014 by bachya
Quickly Converting Python Dict to JSON
A quick method to convert a Python dict on the clipboard to pretty-printed JSON.
link-mash  json  python  programming 
september 2014 by bachya
View Source
I knew extensions in iOS 8 would be amazing, but this is OUTRAGEOUSLY good.
app  link-mash  ios  html 
september 2014 by bachya
Federico provides the best overall coverage of the iOS 8 release.
ios  app  link-mash  reading 
september 2014 by bachya
A Python library to do fuzzy text matching. Cool!
python  text  github  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
GIF YouTube
If Giphy isn't getting the job done, this tool allows you to make your own GIFs from YouTube videos. (via
gif  link-mash  image-processing  webapp 
september 2014 by bachya
What's New in Drafts 4 (Quick Draft)
"Here's a first go at a 'What's New in Drafts 4' list for existing users." LOOK AT THIS LIST. 😎😎😎
link-mash  app  ios  github  drafts 
september 2014 by bachya
Commander Keen was a huge part of my childhood. Can't wait to check this out. (via
video-games  link-mash  github  osx 
september 2014 by bachya
HTML parsing is hard; you know that, right ( This is a great tool to overcome those difficulties.
app  link-mash  cli  html 
september 2014 by bachya
Animated Algorithms
Animated representations of algorithms are older than time itself, but still, this is a pretty cool representation.
programming  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Never Forget Your Umbrella Again, With Huginn
Huginn — an open source project that aims to be an open, private IFTTT/Zapier/Yahoo! Pipes/etc. — is one of those projects that I've wanted to implement, yet struggled to. This article (and its two follow up articles, and might just get me over the hump.
ifttt  ruby  link-mash  programming  webapp 
september 2014 by bachya
Induction - A Polyglot Database Client For Mac OS X
An interesting data visualization tool for a variety of data sources.
osx  app  database  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
If you deal with images on OS X at all, you need this.
app  image-processing  osx  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
The Ultimate Smart iTunes Playlist
I'm more of a Spotify man these days, but back in the day, my "Smart Radio" iTunes playlist — which contained a mix of new stuff, rare stuff, and favorites (all weighted correctly), while simultaneously leaving out the stuff that I didn't care for — was the best thing on earth. This article was where it all started.
music  itunes  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Automatically Log Work Hours with IFTTT
Nathan Henrie is an automation king in my book. Here's a great workflow of his: using IFTTT location triggers to automatically track his work day in a Google Spreadsheet.
ifttt  link-mash  google 
september 2014 by bachya
I'm sure I'm late to the ball with this one, but oh my, what an amazing list of Python libraries. Can't wait to test some ideas out in Pythonista. :)
python  pythonista  github  programming  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
The iOS @@ shortcut is so useful, you'll never use your iPhone the same way again
I already have email address text expansion snippets, but these are too appetizing not to try.
text  ios  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Refining The Way We Structure Our CSS At Trello
If you've ever wondered about the newest techniques in modern CSS, this is a great article explaining how Trello does it.
trello  css  link-mash  programming 
september 2014 by bachya
PopKey | Animated GIF keyboard.
OH EM GEE. When iOS 8 comes out, I bet I spend the majority of my time in this keyboard.
gif  ios  app  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Is it twisted of me that I want to somehow incorporate this sweet Python audio recognition library into Pythonista?
python  audio  pythonista  programming  github  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Convert various text file formats in the OS X Terminal with textutil
I'm constantly surprised at the little utilities that OS X contains by default. This is another one.
text  cli  link-mash  osx 
september 2014 by bachya
The Perfect Web Development Environment for Your New Mac
In my previous life as a web developer, I had a setup similar to this – great set of ideas to make a development environment work much more cleanly.
osx  programming  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
Great open source software to track genealogies.
app  opensource  link-mash 
september 2014 by bachya
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