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I’m excited to be back for my sixth AMA. Here’s a couple of the [things I won’t be doing...
12 weeks ago
Air France 447 Flight-Data Recorder Transcript - What Really Happened Aboard Air France 447
Two years after the Airbus 330 plunged into the Atlantic Ocean, Air France 447's flight-data recorders finally turned up. The revelations from the pilot transcript paint a surprising picture of chaos in the cockpit that led to the crash.
february 2018
Asking the Right Questions About AI
In the past few years, we’ve been deluged with discussions of how artificial intelligence (AI) will either save or destroy the world. Self-driving cars will keep us alive; social media bubbles will…
february 2018
The Best True Wireless Headphones So Far: Reviews by Wirecutter
We tested 21 of the most promising true wireless in-ear headphones, and found that all of them are flawed. But if you still want a pair, here's where to start.
january 2018
How a 22-Year-Old Discovered the Worst Chip Flaws in History - Bloomberg
In 2013, a teenager named Jann Horn attended a reception in Berlin hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel. He and 64 other young Germans had done well in a government-run competition designed to encourage students to pursue scientific research.
january 2018
Germany vs Elsevier: universities win temporary journal access after refusing to pay fees
Scientists in Germany can still read journals even though institutions there have not renewed their subscriptions. 
january 2018
Growing One's Consulting Business
How I got started consulting and the advice which changed my (business) life.
computing  job 
december 2017
DVTV Víkend 9. a 10. 9. 2017: Stanislav Cifka; David Chvátil
Profesionální hráč online karetní hry Heartstone Stanislav Cifka; Jediný operátor mikrotronu v ČR a vedoucí laboratoře s urychlovačem částic David Chvátil.
december 2017
Is AlphaZero really a scientific breakthrough in AI?
As you may probably know, DeepMind has recently published a paper on AlphaZero [1], a system that learns by itself and is able to master games like chess or Shogi. Before getting into details, let me…
december 2017
Learn CMake's Scripting Language in 15 Minutes
As explained in my previous post, every CMake-based project must contain a script named CMakeLists.txt. This script defines targets, but it can also do a lot of other things, such …
december 2017
I Tried Emailing Like A CEO And Quite Frankly, It Made My Life Better
Replying immediately and with two words to all emails is actually heaven.
december 2017
Dynamic Libraries, RPATH, and Mac OS
Note:This posting was originally written based
on MacOS 10.4. See the Comments section for some updates since
One of my responsibilities on the  <a href="http://wiki.updatecenter.java.net/">Update...</a>
december 2017
How the judge on Oracle v. Google taught himself to code
Judge William Alsup taught himself to code for fun in the 1980s. Now he's the judge on Silicon Valley's biggest cases.
justice  law 
december 2017
Things Many People Find Too Obvious To Have Told You Already
Things Many People Find Too Obvious To Have Told You Already
technology  culture 
december 2017
How to use SVG as a Placeholder, and Other Image Loading Techniques
I’m passionate about image performance optimisation and making images load fast on the web. One of the most interesting areas of exploration is placeholders: what to show when the image hasn’t loaded…
november 2017
Polish Nationalist Youth March Draws Thousands in Capital
Crowd of mostly young people carries banners that read ‘Europe Will Be White’ and ‘Clean Blood’
politics  culture  racism 
november 2017
Paradise Papers: Dear Tim Cook
An open letter to Apple's CEO from the Süddeutsche Zeitung's editor-in-chief
november 2017
Richard R. Ernst - Biographical
Experiments were not attempted at that time, we did not believe in the usefulness of the concept anyway, and I finished my thesis in 1962 with a feeling like an artist balancing on a high rope without any interested spectators.

I thus decided to leave the university forever and tried to find an industrial job in the United States
october 2017
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