Well Workouts
NYT's interactive seven-minute workouts
exercise  fitness  health  workout 
3 days ago
Free Ringtones - The Interactivist
So I have closed the iRingPro store, and have provided the entire library of iRingPro ringtones free to the public. From now on, they’re yours to download, redistribute and share.

Please enjoy them, and help us remember a remarkable guy by making the world a better sounding place.
7 days ago
How to Get Windows 10 for Free (or Under $30)
Links to legitimate online retailers with low cost key options
shopping  windows  diy  pc  build 
8 days ago
diskus is a very simple program that computes the total size of the current directory. It is a parallelized version of du -sh. On my 8-core laptop, it is about ten times faster than du with a cold disk cache and more than three times faster with a warm disk cache.
file  management  manager 
11 days ago
Leave Me Alone - Take back control of your inbox
Scans your inbox, lets you know what it can unsubscribe from. Paid, ad-free service
inbox  email  organization  organisation  privacy 
11 days ago
explainshell.com - match command-line arguments to their help text
write down a command-line to see the help text that matches each argument
bash  cli  linux  programming  shell  mac 
11 days ago
Get Compensation for Flight Delays of up to $700 | AirHelp
Claim compensation for your flight delay or cancellation

Flight delays happen, but that doesn’t mean you have to accept them. You may be entitled to as much as $700 in compensation if your flight has been delayed, canceled or overbooked within the last three years.
air  flight  travel  compensation 
15 days ago
Activities for Families - Project Learning Tree
Nature is a great teacher! Try these activity ideas from Project Learning Tree to connect the children in your life to the outdoors and nature.

Suitable for children ages 3 – 15, some activities work better for younger children, others are more suited for older children. The way you present them will change depending on your child’s knowledge and ability.

Download each Family Activity individually below, or purchase this printed guide that contains a collection of more than 30 fun and easy-to-do activities.
nature  environment  kids  parenting  children  teaching  activities 
16 days ago
Inter UI font family
The Inter UI font family

Inter UI is a typeface specially designed for user interfaces with focus on high legibility of small-to-medium sized text on computer screens.

The family features a tall x-height to aid in readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. Several OpenType features are provided as well, like contextual alternates that adjusts punctuation depending on the shape of surrounding glyphs, slashed zero for when you need to disambiguate "0" from "o", tabular numbers, etc.
font  ui  web  display  text  typography 
22 days ago
Write 8-bit code in your browser.

Ever wanted to be an old-school game programmer?
Learn how classic game hardware worked.
Write code and see it run instantly.
console  programming  8bit  assembly  c  retro  emulation  emulator  ide 
22 days ago
MakeCode Arcade: Retro Gaming, Modern Programming - Microsoft MakeCode
Microsoft MakeCode Arcade is a web-based beginner-friendly code editor to create retro arcade games for the web and for dedicated hardware. As usual with MakeCode, you can either use blocks or JavaScript to build your program in your browser. There’s nothing to install - the games will just work in the browser! For even more fun, you’ll be able to build your own Arcade-compatible game systems or buy them from our hardware partners. But just to make it clear: hardware is optional – you can get started playing or teaching using only a computer with a web-browser.
editor  free  arcade  retro  game  development  scratch  javascript  ide 
4 weeks ago
Mac OS 9 for OS X/macOS
Under OS X or macOS, software written for the "classic" Mac OS (i.e. versions 6 through 9) can only be run through software that emulates Macintosh hardware from 1980s and 1990s. The most advanced of these emulator programs is SheepShaver. SheepShaver is no longer supported by its original author, Gwenolé Beauchesne, but updates are available from an active support forum at E-Maculation.

This page provides a fully functional SheepShaver system that runs Mac OS 9.0.4 (US English version). Unlike other SheepShaver-based systems, it makes it relatively easy to exchange files between SheepShaver and OS X/macOS, and makes it easy to print from Mac OS applications to OS X/macOS printers, or to create PDF files on the OS X/macOS desktop. It requires OS X 10.10 Yosemite or later.

As of 8 June 2018, this system uses a 64-bit version of SheepShaver, and it should run under macOS 10.14 Mojave and later versions. As of 8 September 2018, screen-size options now (I hope) work correctly.
emulation  emulator  osx  mac  apple  classic 
4 weeks ago
Old Mac Software Archive - Macintosh Repository
If you're planning on running the treasures of the past you'll find here on real old Macintosh hardware from the 90's, you sir/madame, deserve to win an Internet! For others, there's SheepShaver, a PowerPC emulator capable of running Mac OS 9.0.4 down to Mac OS 7.5.2 and there's Basilisk II, a 68k emulator, capable of running Mac OS (8.1 to 7.0). For everything older than System 7, you will need a Mac Plus emulator like Mini vMac NEW! Since August 2016, it is now possible to emulate a PPC and boot Mac OS 9.2.2 using QEMU!
Quick tip about Basilisk II if you do not have a real old Mac: it even reads high density Mac floppy disks using a normal PC floppy drive! I salvaged many old files using it while 5 different Windows apps failed at the task. I highly recommend backing up all your floppy disks using Basilisk II before it's too late!
apple  classic  mac  software 
4 weeks ago
Advanced Mac Substitute
Advanced Mac Substitute is an API-level reimplementation of classic Mac OS. It runs 68K Mac applications in an emulator without an Apple ROM or system software.
mac  history  emulation  emulator  apple 
4 weeks ago
Programming Fonts - Test Drive
View various coding fonts in a code editor
code  font  fonts  programming  typography 
4 weeks ago
SILE – Home
A typesetting system similar to TeX, but looks a bit simpler. Intended to produce PDFs.
publishing  tex  typesetting  typography  pdf 
4 weeks ago
What is ChatSecure?

ChatSecure is a free and open source messaging app that features OMEMO encryption and OTR encryption over XMPP. You can connect to your existing Google accounts or create new accounts on public XMPP servers (including via Tor), or even connect to your own server for extra security.

Unlike other apps that keep you stuck in their walled garden, ChatSecure is fully interoperable with other clients that support OMEMO or OTR and XMPP, such as Conversations (Android), CoyIM (Desktop), and more.
encryption  security  ios  app  xmpp  jabber 
5 weeks ago
FatBoy SoundFont
Does the music sound crappy
in your old 80's / 90's PC games?

FatBoy was created specifically to make MIDI sound better.
Hopefully, a lot better.
Any games which utilize MIDI-based soundtracks will
sound dramatically different with FatBoy.
sound  audio  midi  game  emulation  retro  gaming 
5 weeks ago
The Man in Seat Sixty-One - the train travel guide...
Train travel is a more rewarding, low-stress alternative to flying, which brings us closer to the countries we visit and reduces our contribution to climate change. It's time to rediscover the pleasure, romance & adventure of travel by train or ship. This site explains how to travel comfortably & affordably by train or ferry where you might think air was now the only option. For help with train travel, ask the Man in Seat 61!
travel  train  ferry 
5 weeks ago
PHP Apprentice
PHP Apprentice is an online, open source book about the PHP programming language. PHP is one of the most popular platforms for building websites and web services. It is a great language that is easy to learn and allows you to build powerful and complex web applications very quickly.

The goal of PHP Apprentice is to be an easy to understand resource for learning how to write good code in PHP. There are a lot of PHP tutorials on the internet that use outdated practices or insecure code. I want this book to show how to write PHP code with quality.

The contents of PHP Apprentice are for beginners and experienced PHP developers. The book currently has content for learning the basics of the language. In the future, more pages will be added for more advanced topics like building websites, database integration and security.
education  learning  php  programming 
5 weeks ago
Otter Browser
Otter Browser aims to recreate the best aspects of the classic Opera (12.x) UI using Qt5.
browser  opera  opensource  mac  windows  linux 
5 weeks ago
Home | REXPaint - A powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor by Grid Sage Games
REXPaint is a powerful and user-friendly ASCII art editor. Use a wide variety of tools to create ANSI block/line art, roguelike mockups and maps, UI layouts, and for other game development needs. Originally an in-house dev tool used by Grid Sage Games for traditional roguelike development, this software has been made available to other developers and artists free of charge. While core functionality and tons of features already exist, occasional updates are known to happen.
ascii  art  text  editor 
8 weeks ago
Optimole – Image Optimization Service
Image optimization and CDN with WordPress plug in
wordpress  cdn  image  optimization 
9 weeks ago
McFly replaces your default ctrl-r Bash history search with an intelligent search engine that takes into account your working directory and the context of recently executed commands. McFly's suggestions are prioritized in real time with a small neural network.

TL;DR: an upgraded ctrl-r for Bash whose history results make sense for what you're working on right now.
bash  shell  productivity  history  search 
9 weeks ago
𝕭𝖊𝖆𝖚𝖙𝖎𝖋𝖚𝖑 𝕯𝖎𝖓𝖌𝖇𝖆𝖙𝖘
Stylized text that works in social media posts, bios, instant messages, browser tabs, and lots more.

Simply type something below, click to copy, then paste the results. Amazing!
design  fonts  text  tool  unicode 
9 weeks ago
Spotify Connect client for the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™.
mac  classic  retro  emulation  spotify  music  player 
9 weeks ago
Raspotify | raspotify
Raspotify is a Spotify Connect client for Raspbian on the Raspberry Pi that Just Works™. Raspotify is a Debian package and associated repository which thinly wraps the awesome librespot library by Paul Lietar and others. It works out of the box on all three revisions of the Pi, immediately after installation.
raspberrypi  spotify 
9 weeks ago
Dark Reader
Dark Reader
Dark mode for everything
browser  chrome  extension  firefox  dark  safari 
10 weeks ago
SubEthaEdit 5. Code, Write, Edit. Together.
The app that started the collaborative editing revolution is back. Write articles, code, notes or meeting minutes with friends – wherever they are. Ideal for extreme programming sessions, tutoring and creative writing. And now it is free and open source!
Powerful Editing
Fine grained Undo

Undo that works the way you do, without grouping too many edits together.

Edit on multiple lines at the same time. Just option click the lines you want and type away.
Live Web Preview

Edit HTML and see a live preview result. Even reloading automatically when you save referenced css or js files.
Split and New Views

Have as many windows open of one document as you like. Great for comparing multiple places, keeping a reference section open, or follow others.
Powerful Search and Replace

Use your desired flavor of regex for search. From simple shell to full power ruby style. Have multiple search result windows at the same time. Constrain search to just preselected parts of your document.
Line Numbers, Folding and Selection

See the structure and depth of your documents in the line number and folding ribbon. Fold text away based on depths or however you want. Select lines and/or depth easy with a single click. Select to matching braces by a simple double click.
collaboration  editor  mac  apps  text 
12 weeks ago
Lightweight native slack client
mac  slack  app  chat 
12 weeks ago
CMS.js - JavaScript Client-Side Site Generator
CMS.js is fully client-side, Javascript site generator in the spirit of Jekyll that uses plain ol' HTML, CSS and Javascript to generate your website. It takes your content, renders Markdown and delivers a complete website in Single-Page App fashion...without the aid of server-side scripting (no Node.js, PHP, Ruby, etc.).
cms  javascript  markdown  static  site  generator 
12 weeks ago
eDEX-UI is a fullscreen desktop application resembling a sci-fi computer interface, heavily inspired from DEX-UI and the TRON Legacy movie effects. It runs the shell of your choice in a real terminal, and displays live information about your system. It was made to be used on large touchscreens but will work nicely on a regular desktop computer or perhaps a tablet PC or one of those funky 360° laptops with touchscreens.

I had no ideas for a name so i took DEX-UI and added a "e" for Electron. Deal with it.
fun  ui  scifi 
november 2018
UnderExpress - Free Website KIT for Go Getters
A free, ready to use and completely customizable HTML UI Kit and 8 website landing page templates made on the top of Bootstrap 4. UnderExpress has 100+ custom coded, handcrafted UI components to make stunning web projects. Use it to save time and create the best home for your idea on the web.
design  bootstrap  ui  kit 
november 2018
Unscii - a bitmapped Unicode font for blocky graphics
Unscii is a set of bitmapped Unicode fonts based on classic system fonts. Unscii attempts to support character cell art well while also being suitable for terminal and programming use.

The two main variants are unscii-8 (8x8) and unscii-16 (8x16). There are also several alternative styles for unscii-8, as well as a 8x16 "full" variant that incorporates missing Unicode glyphs from Fixedsys Excelsior and GNU Unifont. "unscii-16-full" falls under GPL because of how Unifont is licensed; the other variants are in the Public Domain.
font  fonts  retro  ascii  unicode  art 
november 2018
Image compression and conversion, including to WebP and MozJPEG
image  compression  performance 
november 2018
Write Freely
Write Freely is free and open source software for starting a minimalist, federated blog — or an entire community.
blog  blogging  server  software 
november 2018
Home  |  web.dev
Let's build the future of the web.

With actionable guidance and analysis, web.dev helps developers like you learn and apply the web's modern capabilities to your own sites and apps.
google  learning  performance  testing  webdev  web  development  accessibility 
november 2018
Convert video to audio, Catch up on your video backlog — Listen Later
What is Listen Later?

Listen Later is a free service for converting videos into an audio podcast, which makes it easier to catch up on your video backlog during chores, errands and commutes. Listen Later works with services supported by youtube-dl.

How does Listen Later work?

Enter almost any URL with media on it (YouTube, SoundCloud, Periscope) and we'll scrape the audio and add it to a podcast just for you. Subscribe to the feed with your favorite podcast app (like Overcast). Now when you add new media to your page, you'll automatically receive updates in your app.
youtube  audiobooks  audiobook  podcast 
november 2018
Good, Cheap and Fast - Spend Less Time and Money Shopping
mines reviews and prices to come up with a short list of products
amazon  shopping  cheap  review 
november 2018
Eva Icons - beautifully crafted Open Source UI icons for common actions and items.
Eva Icons is a pack of more than 480 beautifully crafted Open Source icons for common actions and items.
Download our set on the desktop to use them in your digital products for Web, iOS and Android.
design  icons  opensource 
november 2018
Generate Self-Signed SSL Certificates for Local Development On A Mac
Have you ever need to develop HTTPS sites locally? To make it work you need to generate a SSL certificate of your own and tell your computer to trust it so you don't get weird Your connection is not private errors in your browser.

Generating the certs is a complicated hassle. So I made a bash script to do it all for you.
ssl  certificate  web  development  testing  test 
october 2018
Bookmark links and edit its metadata (like title, tags, summary) via web-interface.
Archive links content in HTML, PDF or full-page PNG format.
Automatic archival of links to non-html content like pdf, jpg, txt etc..
i.e. Bookmarking links to pdf, jpg etc.. via web-interface will automatically save those files on server.
Supports archival of media elements of a web-page using third party download managers.
Directory based categorization of bookmarks
Automatic tagging of HTML links.
Automatic summarization of HTML content.
Special readability mode.
Search bookmarks according to url, title, tags or summary.
Supports multiple user accounts.
Supports public and group directory for every user.
Upload any file from web-interface for archieving.
Easy to use admin interface for managing multiple users.
Import bookmarks from Netscape Bookmark HTML file format.
Supports streaming of archived media elements.
bookmark  web  page  archive  storage  reference 
october 2018
Polar Bookshelf - Personal Knowledge Repository
A powerful offline browser for Mac, Windows, and Linux for managing all your web content, books, and notes. Polar keeps all your content in one place, supports tagging, annotation, highlighting and keeps track of your reading progress.
browser  opensource  pdf  offline 
october 2018
Hello Feel Train
Discusses being a tech co-op
business  co-op  coop  web  development  design 
october 2018
Snippet Store
Snippet Store support single and multi file snippet and wide range of programming languages; therefore, whether your snippet is a small function that you use from time to time or a whole design pattern that you need to remember, Snippet Store got you covered.
code  development  editor  editors  text  snippet  snippets 
october 2018
Overlay Scrollbars
A javascript scrollbar plugin which hides the native scrollbars and provides
custom styleable overlay scrollbars, but keeps the native functionality and feeling.
jquery  javascript  css  scrollbar  custom 
october 2018
ShortBooks.co - great, short books - How long does it take to read?
Search for shorter books on any subject, so you can read less.
books  book  search  productivity 
october 2018
This is a Google Drive desktop app made with ElectronJS.

Ever wish you didn't have to go to https://drive.google.com, click the blue button, and log in every single time you wanted to open and view a google document? Do you miss the good old days of solid no-frills desktop apps? Well look no further!
google  desktop  application 
october 2018
Attack of the Tumbleweed - YouTube
Thousands of tumbleweed blow across the desert and road in Owyhee county. This was just after a "snow" plow made a path down the center of the road.
video  nature 
october 2018
Murus - macOS Firewall Unchained
macOS features one of the best network firewalls: PF (Packet Filter). It comes in an "under the hood" fashion, installed and disabled by default.
Murus' purpose is to unleash its potential. With its easy and intuitive icons-based and drag&drop-based interface, visual layers of abstraction and a friendly view of the PF firewall it's a lean and mean tool to protect your Mac and network.
Designed with ease of use in mind, yet full of advanced options and monitoring tools, Murus is perfect for everybody; from the average user to the experienced UNIX guru/system administrator and even for educational purposes.
Configure and start the PF firewall in one click using built-in presets, use Murus graphical ruleset editor design tool or write fully customized rulesets using the advanced rule editor.
Murus Pro includes Vallum, an application-layer firewall. This allows you to take full control of your Mac at both application and network level.
Click here too see a comparison between application and network firewalls.
mac  security  firewall 
october 2018
AppCleaner is a small application which allows you to thoroughly uninstall unwanted apps.

Installing an application distributes many files throughout your System using space of your Hard Drive unnecessarily.
AppCleaner finds all these small files and safely deletes them.

Simply drop an application onto the AppCleaner window. It will find for the related files and you can delete them by clicking the delete button.
freeware  mac  osx  utility  utilities  application  management 
october 2018
The Space Opera Cover Maker
Space Opera Cover Maker

Welcome to the Space Oper Cover Maker. Here you can generate high resolution book covers full of freaky space art.

Go straight to the cover maker
What's it all about and how does it work?

The cover maker allows you to build up an image in layers. Each layer contains pre-rendered spacey images and visual effects. By putting them together you can make your own amazing image. Right click on the image and you can save it to your computer.
Sounds fancy, how much does it cost?

Nothing! The images are free for anybody to use. I hereby declare them to be public domain and you can use them how you like. You don't even have to credit me or this website (you probably should credit the website, just to be nice, but you don't have to).
image  generator  scifi 
october 2018
Learn languages by reading
books  education  language  tools  learning 
october 2018
ASCII art is also known as "computer text art". It involves the smart placement of typed special characters or letters to make a visual shape that is spread over multiple lines of text. Art is a Python lib for text converting to ASCII ART fancy. ;-)
python  ascii  art  text 
october 2018
pickleDB - simple key-value database
pickleDB is a lightweight and simple key-value store. It is built upon Python's simplejson module and was inspired by redis. It is licensed with the BSD three-caluse license.
python  database 
october 2018
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