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SplunkStuff/Splunk2kDashboard.xml at master · ChrisForsythe/SplunkStuff
Dashboard for finding possible datetime.xml problems around 1/1/2020
splunk  community 
6 weeks ago by automine
Fun severity eval
Breaking hearts, flippin tables
splunk  community 
june 2019 by automine
Splunk clustering status
What the different peer statuses in Splunk mean
splunk  community 
june 2019 by automine
About upgrading to 7.1 READ THIS FIRST - Splunk Documentation
The note about Data model commands no longer adding non-datamodel fields to the results in 7.1
splunk  community  datamodels 
april 2019 by automine
extended_search_reporting 1.5.1
1.5.1 version of Cerby's extended search reporting dashboard
splunk  community  search  dashboards 
march 2019 by automine
Nice windows event blacklisting
inputs.conf blacklisting for common high-volume, low-value events from the Windows Security Eventlog
splunk  community  windows  eventlog  blacklist 
march 2019 by automine
Remove Splunk /etc/system/local configs - Linux
Linux bash script to run as an input that removes /system/local configs
splunk  linux  community  script  deployment 
march 2019 by automine
Remove Splunk /etc/system/local configs - Windows
Windows bat script to run as an input that removes /system/local configs
splunk  deployment  script  community 
march 2019 by automine
Template to test syslog-ng headers
Some template configs to test header processing in syslog-ng
splunk  syslog  community 
march 2019 by automine
Windows TA 5 Changes
Changes going from Splunk Add-on for Windows version 4.x to 5.x
splunk  community  windows  addon 
march 2019 by automine
Extended Search Reporting, v1.4 thanks to cerby on the Splunk Community Slack (!
Extended Search Reporting, v1.4 thanks to cerby on the Splunk Community Slack (!
splunk  community  search  monitoring 
march 2019 by automine
Windows Event Clean Up in Splunk
Some SEDCMD entries that can be used for reducing the size of WinEventLog:Security events
splunk  community  windows  eventlog 
march 2019 by automine
Notable Event framework in Splunk ES | Splunk
Splunk indexes and makes searchable data from any app, server or network device in real time including logs, config files, messages, alerts, scripts and metrics.
splunk  notable  es  search 
march 2019 by automine
Files · master · Rational Cyber / Syslog Tools for Splunk · GitLab
Our syslog monitoring, auto-sourcetyping, auto-timezoning app for Splunk
syslog  splunk 
november 2018 by automine
Rational Cyber / syslog-ng-configuration · GitLab
A useful syslog-ng configuration file that will organize incoming events into a directory tree that is quite friendly for Splunk monitoring.
syslog  splunk 
november 2018 by automine
Rational Cyber / Rsyslog Configuration · GitLab
A simple rsyslog configuration that's meant to act as an equivalent to our syslog-ng configuration to provide easy Splunk syslog collection.
syslog  splunk 
november 2018 by automine
Add asset and identity data to Splunk Enterprise Security - Splunk Documentation
Format the asset or identity list as a lookup in Splunk Enterprise Security
splunk  es  assets  identities 
may 2017 by automine
Install Add-ons
splunk  ES  import  appprotection 
september 2014 by automine
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