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Interstitial by blackglass, written by Lanna Michaels
"You can go home again, but it's going to take seven months."
ep033  podfic  rec  fandom:themartian 
october 2017 by auralphonic
In a Name by TalkingToMyselfAgain, written by StarlightInHerEyes22
In the middle of some quest or another, Merlin, Arthur and the knights find themselves stuck in the middle of a shrine being told that, if they wish to proceed unharmed, they need only speak their true names and titles. Straight-forward enough, right?

Wrong. Merlin really hates the Old Religion sometimes.
ep033  podfic  rec  fandom:merlin 
october 2017 by auralphonic
Loaded March by EchoDeltaNine, written by Footloose
The reason SAS Captain Arthur Pendragon can't keep a communications specialist in Team Excalibur because none of them are good enough. And then Lieutenant Merlin Emrys gets assigned to his squad, and Arthur does everything he can to prove that Merlin isn't good enough, either. Except he is.
ep033  podfic  rec  fandom:merlin 
october 2017 by auralphonic
Deck the Halls with Love and Folly by rhea314, written by sushicorp
“Well…” Viktor starts but doesn't continue because where does one even go with “I am really a world champion figure skater but I got distracted because I think you’re really cute and now you’re offering to teach me how to ice skate and I’m actually about to say yes?”

Basically, the first time Viktor Nikiforov sees Katsuki Yuuri, he skates into a Christmas tree.
ep033  podfic  rec  fandom:yuri!!!onice 
october 2017 by auralphonic
Pounded in the Butt by My Yuletide Tags by analise010, written by glasskites
Millionaire author Buck Trungle is suffering from severe writer’s block, so he decides to sign up for a fandom writing challenge and get his mojo flowing again. However, what will he do when his fandom tags become sentient and confront him in his home?
ep033  podfic  fandom:chucktingle  rec 
october 2017 by auralphonic
Yuri!!! on Air (Drunk Version) by Ailis_Fictive, lavenderfrost, opalsong, RsCreighton, Syr, written by opalsong
To: Phichit
From: Yuuri
Subject: Help!

Victor just emailed me to ask if I wanted to do that Tanaka!! on Ice BDSM AU as a multivoice for Podfic Big Bang! I've never recorded Explicit podfic before and I failed out of PBB last year!! But it's VICTOR.

What do I do!?!?!?!

Help Phichit,
ep033  podfic  rec  fandom:yuri!!!onice 
october 2017 by auralphonic
Pod Aware Day 1! How We Podfic
A post from paraka with pictures of her project building her sound room, along with final pictures.
ep033  recordingsetup 
september 2017 by auralphonic
Auphonic Desktop Program
An Auphonic program that you can install on your computer rather than being limited to the monthly allotments on the website.
ep033  podficprogram 
september 2017 by auralphonic
Podfication 2017 Buddy Sign ups
If you're afraid you won't know anyone, sign up and be matched to a buddy who will make sure you're not alone at the con, or sign up to be someone's buddy!
ep033  news  podficcommunity 
september 2017 by auralphonic
Podfication 2017
A podfic con being held October 21-22 2017 in Minneapolis.
ep033  news  podficcommunity 
september 2017 by auralphonic
Twitter of the ITPE Mod
Interested in what's going on with ITPE this year? Follow the ITPE mod twitter feed.
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december 2014 by auralphonic

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