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Even a Miracle Needs a Hand by blackglass, written by victoria_p
When Darcy takes Clint home for the holidays as her fake boyfriend, he charms his way into the family, and into her pants heart.
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:avengers 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Steve, the Sneaky Santa by shadow_chasing, written by BarqueBatch
Bucky comes home to the biggest, ugliest Christmas present he's ever seen in his life... and of course, it's from Steve.
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:avengers 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Hogwartvengers 'Verse by Littlecat1231, written by orphan_account
Inspired by the Hogwartvengers tag on Tumblr. The fairly uneventful first year of the Avengers as Hogwarts students. Uneventful by their standards, at least.
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:avengers 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Gadarene by birdie7272, written by unpossible
Author's Summary:

“You’re the Prince?” Merlin says, eyeing him. He hesitates, then adds, defiant, “The Mad Prince of Camelot.”
Arthur doesn’t move. There’s quiet for a long time, then he says it. “I am.”
“You don’t seem mad,” he says.
The smile wells up from somewhere deep, and very sad. “Well, Merlin,” he says, “give me time.”

Reader's summary:
A bamf, not-too-dark, plotty slave fic filled with merthur deliciousness.
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:merlin 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Caveat_Lector's Hannibal Podfic
Dodie gave a blanket rec of Caveat_Lector's Hannibal podfics
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:hannibal 
december 2016 by auralphonic
From The Moon by erica_schall, written by ButterBeerBitch
Victor Nikiforov, the living legend, winner of five consecutive World Championships and five straight Grand Prix Finals - was in Yuuri's bed. Yuuri's bumpy, squeaky bed, with the Pokémon stickers peeling off the frame and the unwashed sheets.
"Smells like you," Victor mumbled, careful and coy.

Yuuri was on the verge of passing out.


Or that one time Victor finds out why Yuuri has never let him inside his bedroom because....well, we all know why...
ep025  podfic  rec  fandom:yuri!!!onice 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Tense by erica_schall, written by Faith Wood
Harry and Draco have sex. Very, very slowly. Seriously, this is, like, 3K of penetration.
ep025  rec  podfic  fandom:harrypotter 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Fan Girl Cruise
The Fangirl Cruise Jenn and Dodie discuss before recs, it's not too late to join in if you're interested!
ep025  podficfriendlycommunity 
december 2016 by auralphonic
Podfic List
The list of all the files on the Audiofic Archive sorted into whether they're missing or not and where they're links are most likely to be found (no ParakaProductions or elsewhere).
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december 2016 by auralphonic
Audiofic Archive: Crowd Sourcing Options
Information on how to help get the missing files back onto the Audiofic Archive
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december 2016 by auralphonic
Twitter of the ITPE Mod
Interested in what's going on with ITPE this year? Follow the ITPE mod twitter feed.
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december 2014 by auralphonic

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