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FontBase — a Free, Beautiful, and Fast Font Manager
FontBase is a font manager made by designers, for designers. Lightning fast, with beautiful interface, and totally free. Works on Mac and Windows.
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7 weeks ago by atran
Twipped/InterviewThis: An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers
An open source list of developer questions to ask prospective employers - Twipped/InterviewThis
interview  job  hiring  interviewing  job-search  management  recruitment 
9 weeks ago by atran
Advice for a new executive | Lara Hogan
When I was getting ready to join Kickstarter as VP of Engineering, Chad Dickerson (who was the CEO of Etsy when I worked there) offered to send me a bunch of advice. Chad had been a CTO multiple times before being CEO; he knew that this executive-level role was brand new to me, so he offered to help give me a steer and a foundation as I walked into this totally new territory.

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12 weeks ago by atran
Tapwater is an app for creating a timeline of a project as it progresses. By easily logging the past, present, and future, it keeps everyone on the same page and gives you clarity to do your best work.
projectmanagement  design  tool  management  project  apollo  app  dotdash  inspiration  productivity 
november 2017 by atran
How we grow junior developers at the BBC – BBC Design & Engineering – Medium
The best teams I've worked on were at least half juniors. Better knowledge sharing and higher quality products
culture  development  BBC  Apprenticeship  intern  (popular  100DaysOfCode  2017-09-24  2017-09-26  management  0 
september 2017 by atran
The Tech Lead’s New Project Checklist – In Simple Terms
These are my notes from a session on what a tech lead needs to do and know when arriving on a new project. The wisdom came from @JimBarritt at Thoughtworks - I am just the conduit. Note that this list applies both to projects that existed before the tech lead arrived, and those where the whole…
career  engineering  management  project  checklist  programming  tech  technology  via:popular  lead 
august 2017 by atran
Managering in Terrible Times | Lara Hogan
These are terrible times. You may be facing these events head-on as a member of a marginalized group or as an ally, and if you’re a manager, you likely have direct reports who are doing the same.

advice  productivity  work  politics  management  qualities  support  @issues  @leadership  @tips 
february 2017 by atran
Millennials aren’t coddled—they just reject abuse as a management tactic
Younger employees keep getting stereotyped as insecure and needy. Perhaps the rest of us need to reconsider why we find it normal for bosses to be jerks.
work  management  abuse 
february 2017 by atran
How to Pay Programmers Less - Yegor Bugayenko
Programmers are expensive and difficult to control; here are a few tricks to keep them underpaid and happy, for a while.
career  dev  funny  management  bluegolf  IFTTT  industry  Pocket  programming  salary-negotiation 
december 2016 by atran
The One Method I’ve Used to Eliminate Bad Tech Hires - Mattermark
Let’s be real. Interviews are a terrible way to hire tech candidates. Here’s why paying candidates to solve problems works.
programming  interview  business  management  hiring  dev  interviews  interviewing  career  tech 
november 2016 by atran
The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work - Zapier
Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between web apps.
career  culture  work  management  remote  startup  guide  business  IFTTT  via:popular 
november 2016 by atran
Matterhorn: Your new project manager
Meet Matterhorn - Your new Project Manager. A simple-to use, lightweight project management tool that helps your team keep track of multiple people and projects at once
design  management  productivity  project  tools  projectmanagement  software  via:popular  agile  project-management 
february 2015 by atran
Lychee is a free photo-management tool, which runs on your server or web-space. Installing is a matter of seconds. Upload, manage and share photos like from a native application. Lychee comes with everything you need and all your photos are stored securely.
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january 2014 by atran

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