A People Map of the US
Where city names are replaced by their most Wikipedia’ed resident.
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17 days ago
Skiplagged: The smart way to find cheap flights.
Skiplagged is an airfare search engine for cheap flights, showing hidden-city ticketing trips in addition to what sites like Expedia, KAYAK, and Travelocity show you. Save up to 80% on airfare today!
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17 days ago
Paul Muhlbach on Vimeo
Paul Muhlbach is a member of Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.
work  netflix 
19 days ago
Mental Models: The Best Way to Make Intelligent Decisions (109 Models Explained)
The smartest people in the world use mental models to make intelligent decisions, avoid stupidity, and increase productivity. Let's take a look at how ...
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20 days ago
How to Throw a Celebratory Spring Dinner Party - The New York Times
In New York, the chef and artist Laila Gohar hosted an evening inspired by an Egyptian holiday.
20 days ago
Ni véritablement un label, ni vraiment une maison d’édition, pas tout à fait une résidence et encore moins un collectif d'artistes.
inspiration  design  webdesign  agency  layout  brutalism  brutalist  dotdash  graphic  grid 
20 days ago
Actually, Gen X Did Sell Out, Invent All Things Millennial, and Cause Everything Else That’s Great and Awful - The New York Times
Gen X set the precedent for today’s social justice warriors and capitalist super-soldiers. Enjoy, and also, sorry!
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20 days ago
Near real-time satellite imagery. Straight to your desktop.
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20 days ago
Oh God, It's Raining Newsletters — by Craig Mod
On the rise of newsletter production, consumption, and monetization, and how email is one of the most powerful and resilient publishing platforms.
writing  email  newsletter  publishing  newsletters  blogging  IFTTT  blogs  Instapaper  Pocket 
20 days ago
Analytics are reshaping fashion's old-school instincts
A new crop of data-driven analytics platforms are informing the buying and product decisions of brands. But data has its limits.
data  fashion  article  analytics  analysis  brand  case-study  clothing  design  future 
20 days ago
12 Renovated Motels That Make Us Want to Hit the Road - Dwell
They seemed like a novelty in the nineties, but restored motels have gone from kitsch to cutting-edge, and play a key role in the future of hospitality.
20 days ago
Notes on AI Bias — Benedict Evans
Machine learning is the new centre of tech, and like all big new things
there are issues. ‘AI bias’ is much-discussed right now: machine learning
finds patterns but sometimes it finds the wrong one, and it can be hard to
tell. This is a real concern, but it’s also manageable as long as we pay
proper attention to it, and will probably look much like similar issues in
previous waves of automation.
bias  ifttt  ml  AI  Pocket  algorithmicbias  algorithms  analytics  machine-learning  AI+ 
27 days ago
Spaced Repetition - Gwern.net
Efficient memorization using the spacing effect: literature review of widespread applicability, tips on use & what it's good for.
IFTTT  Instapaper  Pocket  ahi  anki  bibliography  brain  education  haskell  learning  memory  psychology 
4 weeks ago
.Shop the GentleMonster.com official site Discover the latest Sunglasses, Glasses, Collaborations and Stories
shop  store  sunglasses 
5 weeks ago
Where to travel in 2019
The world’s most exciting destinations for the year ahead.
5 weeks ago
2019's Top 16 Unique Travel Experiences - InsideHook
16 Travel Experiences That Are New, Ending or Otherwise Unique to 2019. You may never get the chance to do these things again
5 weeks ago
52 Places to Go in 2019 - The New York Times
A starter kit for escaping into the world.
2019  52  Lists  Travel  and  archive  cool  go  ifttt  new  nyt  places  vacations 
5 weeks ago
Advanced NLP with spaCy · A free online course
In this course, you'll learn how to use spaCy to build advanced natural language understanding systems, using both rule-based and machine learning approaches. I originally developed the content for DataCamp, but I wanted to make a free version so you don't have to sign up for their service. As a weekend project, I ended up putting together my own little app to present the exercises and content in a fun and interactive way.
tutorial  python  nlp  spacy  ai  course  learning  machinelearning  IFTTT  via:popular 
5 weeks ago
Ikonate – fully customisable & accessible vector icons
Customise, adjust and download free vector icons. Ikonate is an adaptable set of optimised, accessible SVG icons that use can easily use in both development and design apps such as Sketch and Photoshop. Ready to use as images, inline SVGs or SVG sprites.
design  icons  svg  icon  accessibility  free  webdesign  opensource  vector  ui 
8 weeks ago
How to register a company for a startup in the USA: comprehensive guide
Read the most comprehensive guide on How to Register a Company in the USA for a sturtup. All the details that make an incorporation of a company smooth.
business  startup  ifttt  company  legal  via:popular  entrepreneurship  Hacker_News  startups  (popular 
8 weeks ago
Pete For America Design Toolkit
The PFA Design Toolkit is your home base for downloading the graphic assets you need to support our grassroots campaign.
design  politics  branding  marketing  design-system  Hacker_News  IFTTT  logo  logotype  onfocus 
9 weeks ago
Ashes & Diamonds Winery
A love letter to the Napa Valley of the 1960s, Ashes & Diamonds Winery is the intersection of modern and old-school culture, flavor and experience.
winery  napavalley 
9 weeks ago
88 Important Truths I’ve Learned About Life
Everyone gets drilled with certain lessons in life. Sometimes it takes repeated demonstrations of a given law of life to really get it into your skull, and other times one powerful experience drives the point home forever. Here are 88 things I’ve discovered about life, the world, and its inhabitants by this point in my short time on earth.
88  Advice  archival  inspiration  life  list  philosophy  truth  via:popular  wisdom 
9 weeks ago
MoMA Design Store | Modern and Contemporary Home Décor, Art and Accessories
Classic modern and cutting edge design products for adults and kids, including items produced exclusively for the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and items represented in its collection.
design  home&garden  home-decor  jewelry  moma  shopping  store 
9 weeks ago
The Illustrated Word2vec – Jay Alammar – Visualizing machine learning one concept at a time
Hacker News (347 points, 37 comments), Reddit r/MachineLearning (151 points, 19 comments)

Translations: Russian

“There is in all things a pattern that is part of our universe. It has symmetry, elegance, and grace - those qualities you find always in that which the true artist captures. You can find it in the turning of the seasons, in the way sand trails along a ridge, in the branch clusters of the creosote
bush or the pattern of its leaves.

We tr...
machinelearning  machine-learning  nlp  word2vec  ai  ml  visualization  tutorial  via:popular  algorithm 
9 weeks ago
LOT 0015-6 allows a user to get connected with another user in the network. The algorithm will assign a signal to someone in the community.
9 weeks ago
Home - Culinary Backstreets
The global guide to local eats, Culinary Backstreets writes about the local food scene and offers small group food tours in cities around the world.
food  travel  etp_news  cdmx  mexicocity 
9 weeks ago
local.mx - Mexico City Guide
Local.mx es una guía de la Ciudad de México que presenta lo más interesante, raro, propositivo y bien hecho de la agenda cultural y gastronómica.
mexico  mexicocity  cdmx 
9 weeks ago
Implementing API billing with Stripe | Blog | Daily.co
Writing new billing and payments code with Stripe for our video call API
api  business  billing  stripe  programing  blog  cart  design  e-commerce  Hacker_News 
11 weeks ago
How we built the fastest conference website in the world
This is a guest post by JSConf EU Organiser Malte Ubl. The clickbait headline got you here, so let’s make this worth your while! I have no idea whether this is the fastest conference website in the world but I also don’t know that it isn’t; and I’ve spent...
performance  css  javascript  web  webdev  animation  article  atomic  352  @4 
11 weeks ago
Teenager’s UX: Designing for Teens
Teens are (over)confident in their web abilities, but they perform worse than adults. Lower reading levels, impatience, and undeveloped research skills reduce teens' task success and require simpler sites.
Archive  Design  _admissions  age-specific  app  children  content  field  focus  gen-z  group  impatience  interview  layout  media  patience  reading  research  school  skills  social  study  teenage  teenagers  teens  usability  users  ux  web  websites  writing  young 
11 weeks ago
1.8k Stars72 Forks
python  api  rest  awesome  Pocket  via:popular  for_snap  python-lang  s  to-learn 
11 weeks ago
Famous Birthdays: celebrity bios and today's birthdays
Find out today's birthdays and discover who shares your birthday. We make it simple and entertaining to learn about celebrities.
birthdays  celebrity  fame 
11 weeks ago
Best Best List®
Best Best List summarizes thousands of editorial reviews to bring you the absolute best products. Best Best List tallies the votes and will bring you the definitive top 10 list across a ton of categories with products at competitive prices.
shopping  curated  reviews  @hardware  @life  @list_of  list  products  @ranking  @resources 
11 weeks ago
A block-styled editor with clean JSON output
javascirpt  js  editor  javascript  block  editors  IFTTT  blocks  Editing  Hacker_News 
11 weeks ago
The Angel VC: Five ways to build a $100 million business
Most SaaS companies that target small businesses charge something around $50-100 per month, so their ARPA per year is around $1k. To acquire 100,000 of these businesses you need something in the order of 0.5-2 million trial signups, depending on your conversion rate. Let's assume that your CLTV (customer lifetime value) is $2,700 (assuming an average customer lifetime of three years and a gross margin of 90%) and that you want your CLTV to be 4x your CACs (customer acquisition costs)...
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11 weeks ago
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