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Apache NiFi
similar to yahoo pipes?
apache  NiFi  directed  grapht  ETL  yahoo  pipes 
june 2017 by asteroza
Trying to directly resurrect Yahoo Pipes, the much loved visual web workflow automator?
visual  workflow  web  processing  atom  RSS  alternative  yahoo  pipes  Delicious 
may 2017 by asteroza | Leader in iPaaS, MBaaS, API Integration, Headless CMS
Like an enterprise version of IFTTT with the workflow building of Yahoo Pipes.
connection  service  webAPI  integration  bridge  PaaS  alternative  IFTTT  yahoo  pipes  enterprise  Delicious 
july 2016 by asteroza
Yahoo built a frankenstein framework to support frankenstein hadoop clusters, with a custom MPI over RDMA protocol, infiniband interconnects,and Yarn scheduling SPark and other Deep Learning workloads. The smart approach is an integrated single cluster, so deep learning workloads stay in cluster, but can migrate between GPU and CPU stages.
Caffe  Spark  hadoop  deep  learning  cluster  framework  GPU  GPGPU  CPU  yarn  scheduling  MPI  RDMA  infiniband  yahoo  opensource  software  Delicious 
february 2016 by asteroza
Yahoo announces plans to kill off Maps, Pipes, GeoPlanet and PlaceSpotter APIs, and some regional sites
Damnit Yahoo. Guess I need to migrate to either IFTT or Zapier now. I wonder if they will opensource their code much?
yahoo  pipes  EoL  IFTTT  Delicious 
june 2015 by asteroza
Bing Distill
Bing alternative to yahoo answers, maybe
microsoft  bing  question  answer  community  service  alternative  yahoo  Delicious 
march 2015 by asteroza
cantino/huginn · GitHub
Open source web server service inspired by Yahoo Pipes.
input  monitoring  automation  service  data  opensource  feed  import  web  pipes  agent  yahoo  IFTT  workflow  tools  utilties  mashup  webapp  Delicious 
october 2013 by asteroza
Yahoo!ボックス - Android Market
5GB free, 1TB for 300yen a month (on top of the Yahoo Japan premium member 450yen fee). Accessible via android app, and browser. Giving Dropbox a run for their money.
yahoo  box  japan  cloud  online  file  storage  backup  service  android  app  software  Delicious 
october 2011 by asteroza
S4: Distributed Stream Computing Platform | Yahoo! Labs
Interesting concept for continuous data stream analysis using a cluster of commodity servers. Yahoo apparently implemented this.
S4  distributed  stream  computing  platform  software  research  unbounded  data  datastream  processing  analysis  analytics  yahoo  event  driven  architecture  Delicious 
september 2011 by asteroza
Leaving Yahoo! Japan | Thejonbackup's Blog
Surprise, surprise, Yahoo! Japan is approaching mediocrity and stagnating due to being the number one web portal business for the last decade. Best Practices = doing what everyone else does = being mediocre.
yahoo  japan  disgruntled  former  engineer  employee  blog  gripe  business  culture  working  conditions  Delicious 
october 2010 by asteroza
インターネットメールソフト Shuriken 2010
They sort of claim being a hybrid email client client, but the truth is they are actually accessing webmail services via SMTP IMAP4 POP3 interfaces the services already allow for, it seems.
japan  JustSystems  shuriken  SMTP  POP3  IMAP4  SSL  webmail  email  client  software  windows  gmail  goo  live  hotmail  yahoo  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
Visualising MPs’ Expenses Using Scatter Plots, Charts and Maps « OUseful.Info, the blog…
Boy, I'd love to see what would happen if they did this in Japan. The media would have a field day for at least 6 months, just for national politician expenses, never mind the prefectural or local politicians. This would be an interesting way of naming/shaming/forcing to resign a large number of the old guard DPJ and LDP politicians at once to attempt by citizen pressure a political clean sweeping.
information  data  statistics  visualization  england  UK  MP  parliament  expense  report  politics  greed  mashup  web  2.0  Guardian  OpenPlatform  TheyWorkForYou  google  spreadsheet  map  maps  googlemaps  yahoo  pipes  dabbleDB  JSON  API  GIS  mapping  citizen  statistical  journalism  ManyEyes  graphic  demographics  infoviz  sousveillance  transparency  database  politicians  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza

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