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Shop our body cooling vests | Ezcooldown
body cooling vests, that are popular with furries, who have a real need for this sort of thing, and this brand is particular popular because it doesn't suck (as verified by military furries)
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august 2019 by asteroza
IV-WALK | Alissa Rees
Trying to liberate patients from being chained to an IV pole by allowing them to take their drip bags with them on their body. But the pump aspect seems problematic. Maybe necessary evil for metered drips rather than gravity types? Maybe a hat like those beer hats, but for gravity IV drips?
health  medicine  portable  IV  drip  pump  vest 
december 2017 by asteroza
RISR – Take the Step to a Better You
Interesting device for assisting in interpersonal interactions. The vest basically has vibration motors at key points on the body to give cues about what postures/gestures/orientations you should be taking. It also seems to have an IR camera located near the collar bone junction just below your neck for scanning the orientation and reactions of people facing you. Since it works with a social interaction calculation engine on your phone, I guess what this means is the device is some sort of bluetooth composite device, with the IR video transmitted to the phone for analysis of body orientation and facial expressions, then feeding back to the vest motor commands to give you gesture/posture cues.
RISR  social  human  body  language  interpersonal  communication  kinaesthetic  feedback  cue  posture  gesture  adjustment  vibration  vest  position  tracking  sensor  network  IR  camera  3D  tracking  hardware  electronics  devices  iPhone  app  software  facial  expression  analysis  mood  reaction  interaction  health  medicine  anxiety  mirroring  Delicious 
september 2012 by asteroza
Empa - Real smart: protective clothing with built-in A/C
Evaporative rather than closed cycle, so useless in high humidity environments.
evaporative  portable  AC  cooler  vest  cooling  personal  coolpad  Delicious 
may 2012 by asteroza
Japan firm unveils robot suit for nuclear workers
Congratulations Cyberdyne, you have now found the motherlode of government funding sources for development. Because who can really argue with increasing the safety of radiation workers by making a load bearing exoskeleton to carry that heavy tungsten rad shield? Now if they could only join the battery pack of HAL with those human cooling suits NASA made a while back for kids with body heat cooling disorders, you might have workers that won't keel over from heat stroke at Fukushima.
Cyberdyne  HAL  exoskeleton  robot  robotic  powered  suit  radiation  shield  vest  protection  defense  load  bearing  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Tactical Vest Antenna System™ | Wearable Antenna Technologies Inc.
Wearable is kinda stretching the definition here, since this is a hard antenna that fits under a hard plate in an armored vest plate carrier.
tactical  plate  carrier  vest  antenna  insert  wearable  military  communications  technology  radio  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Wearable Rugged Computers and the Modular Tactical System from Black Diamond Advanced Technology
Not a bad wearable computer rig, and if you took out the armor plates it would weigh a lot less too.
wearable  computing  portable  mobile  computer  integrated  io  hub  carrier  plate  armor  vest  military  defense  mount  Delicious 
may 2011 by asteroza
Superlight armour jacket announced | SciTech from 2009-02-27 till 2009-02-27 | RT
Possible alternative armored vest design , which takes some design cues from the dragonscale armor much touted by soldiers and PMC's in Iraq. I think it is a form of forced tumbling of the bullet, so it can't hit the real armor layer underneath using the point of the bullet, and instead the armor layer gets hit with a bullet that is traveling sideways, which improves the spread of kinetic energy in the armor layer and thus reduces the chances of penetration Doesn't solve the problem of it hurting like hell though, but maybe a shear thickening layer of gel padding underneath the main armor layer might help mitigate it from being kicked by mule to being assaulted by a phonebook.
technology  materials  research  science  protection  defense  clothing  military  vest  russia  police  armor  ballistic  ricochet  balls  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza

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