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How Does Project Pacific Deliver 8% Better Performance Than Bare Metal? - VMware VROOM! Blog - VMware Blogs
Interesting, so ESXi scheduler must be fully NUMA aware for VM work, while linux doesn't need to be, which is where most of the gain came from.
VMware  ESXi  kubernetes  container  performance  tuning  NUMA  domain  pinning 
11 weeks ago by asteroza
windows - NTFS performance and large volumes of files and directories - Stack Overflow
so fragmented folder indexes and excessive name similarity causing short name collisions will drag you down
NTFS  file  system  performance  tuning  folder  index  8.3  short  name  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
october 2019 by asteroza
Contig - Windows Sysinternals | Microsoft Docs
So this may fix/improve the performance of folders which have heavily fragmented file indexes. Do by naming the path to the folder itself with contig -a
windows  NTFS  performance  tuning  defrag  file  index  sysadmin  tips  tricks  tools  utilities  filesystem  fragmentation 
october 2019 by asteroza
SentryOne Plan Explorer - A Free SQL Server Query Tuning Tool
SInce the native MSSQL query plan explorer tools are 32bit, they can choke of fancier stuff. This is 64bit so you can do really huge query exploration, and it seems to have good analysis tools as well.
MSSQL  sql  server  query  plan  explorer  analysis  performance  tuning  DBA  tools  utilities  software  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
october 2019 by asteroza
cmu-db/peloton: The Self-Driving Database Management System
Exploring concepts in self-optimizing cluster databases, but now dead
automatic  management  self  optimizing  distributed  hybrid  memory  database  tuning 
june 2019 by asteroza
High IO latency from simple file copy? |VMware Communities
Hrm, if iscsi max burst is 16MB, setting disk max IO also to 16MB might align...
VMware  ESXi  iSCSi  performance  tuning  disk  IO 
july 2017 by asteroza
Taskbar - Android Apps on Google Play
This can enable freeform floating windows for apps (best for tablets with screen space)
android  7  nougat  freeform  GUI  UI  customization  window  app  software  system  tuning  Delicious 
september 2016 by asteroza
From tunable core-shell nanoparticles to plasmonic drawbridges: Active control o...
Electric voltage induced color changes in silver nanoparticle infused glass, effectively making active stained glass.
silver  nanoparticle  plasmon  tuning  optics  materials  science  research  technology  active  color  change  glass  reversible  switching  Delicious 
june 2016 by asteroza

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