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Fancy technical fabrics like advanced merino wool derivative t-shirts
technical  textile  fabric  merino  wool  t-shirt  clothing  apparel 
november 2017 by asteroza
Demand Sausages Everywhere T-Shirt – Soviet Visuals
"Demand Sausages Everywhere" is a 1937 Soviet poster made by the People's Commissariat for Food Industries.
humor  t-shirt  CCCP  USSR  propaganda  poster  sausage 
september 2017 by asteroza
New adidas apparel lowers your temperature and raises your game
New Climachill range of t-shirts with titanium fibers and aluminum spheres to increase heat conductivity for a better cooling effect. I think the spheres might also be doing a tenting effect to increase effective evaporative cooling rates as well.
Adidas  t-shirt  clothing  apparel  cooling  titanium  yarn  fabric  sphere  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Men's Zero Rules™ Short Sleeve Shirt
Uses Columbia's Omni-Freeze Zero tech, which basically uses water absorbing polymer rings in the fabric to alter the fabric's surface area by tenting to increase evaporative cooling effects. Basically enhanced sweating.
t-shirt  clothing  apparel  artificial  evaporation  evaporative  cooling  polymer  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Smartphone Syte Shirt | Syte Shirt
I suppose this is a ghetto way of doing a video call showing what's going on in front of you...
iPhone  iPad  iPod  carrier  case  external  mount  shirt  t-shirt  fashion  video  telephone  VoIP  3G  cellphone  Delicious 
november 2010 by asteroza
Some Dude
Some Dude = a leading cause of injuries as seen by emergency room doctors...
medical  humor  SomeDude  t-shirt  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
Standing on the Cornor Minding my Own Business
SOCMOB = Standing On the Corner Minding my Own Business, AKA one of the chief causes of injuries as seen by emergency room doctors...
medical  humor  SOCMOB  t-shirt  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza

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