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Windows Sandbox - Microsoft Tech Community - 301849
Sandbox works via their container system, but it looks like it requires Hyper-V?
windows  10  disposable  VM  sandbox  security  virtualization  Hyper-V  container 
december 2018 by asteroza
New online malware scanning service, but the backend seems to be substantially different from VirusTotal and similar checking services
malware  analysis  sandbox  service  online  free  security  hacking  pentesting 
december 2018 by asteroza
Windows Defender Antivirus can now run in a sandbox - Microsoft Secure
Tavis Ormandy and TrailofBits bullying Windows Defender finally resulted in something useful, WD in a proper sandbox.
Microsoft  Windows  Defender  antivirus  sandbox  security 
october 2018 by asteroza
Windows Defender Antivirus cloud protection service: Advanced real-time defense against never-before-seen malware – Windows Security
Microsoft upping their EDR (Endpoint Detection and Response) gameby making their antivirus suck less, probably fusing/extending their Defender APT work
Microsoft  antivirus  defender  windows  10  security  realtime  cloud  sandbox 
july 2017 by asteroza
Interesting, trying to go the hyperisolation route with otherwise conventional software.
Qubes  software  sandboxing  isolation  container  sandbox  virtualization  security  linux  distro  Delicious 
november 2013 by asteroza

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