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Scylla DB
Interesting, sharding a DB down to the CPU level, such that inter-CPU comms is functionally the same as inter-server, and is thus massively parallelizable, at the expense of per thread scheduling complexity.
ScyllaDB  Cassandra  seastar  C++  rewrite  NoSQL  database  software  Delicious  CPU  sharding  high  performance 
september 2015 by asteroza
Performance & Security for Any Website | CloudFlare | Home
Was an inline web security proxy/load balancer startup that accidentally turned into CDN (due to tremendous optimization and and anycast edge caching techniques) and discovered some tricks to fiddle with client content to hide it from spambot trawling (like inline replacement of email addresses with a short javascript string, or adding third party services such as Google Analytics to content without modifying the origin content, or even inline feeding of third party widgets via keepalive session extension). They handle double digit amounts of world web traffic apparently.
CloudFlare  CDN  anycast  edge  cache  content  optimization  web  security  obfuscation  spambot  antitrawling  rewrite  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza

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