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2018 Internet Trends — Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers
Mary Meeker's internet trend slides, usually interesting reading
internet  trend  analysis  report  research 
june 2018 by asteroza
Free Credit Score & Free Credit Reports With Monitoring | Credit Karma
Sure the credit monitoring is free, since they will try to advertise stuff directly to you rather than through third parties.
credit  report  service 
september 2017 by asteroza
NRC: Current Event Notification Report
NRC current daily reports of incidents. Usually nothing scary, just garden variety screwups and accidents...
NRC  incident  report  status  nuclear  safety 
september 2017 by asteroza
So PubMed will now also host PubSpace for NASA research reports. Why this rather than NTRS?
NASA  research  report  repository  PubSpace  PubMed  NIH  NSF  space  aerospace  aviation  aerodynamics  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
Security Analysis of TrueCryptpdfauthor - Truecrypt.pdf
Fraunhofer did an audit on Truecrypt also, didn't find anything obviously bad...
truecrypt  audit  Fraunhofer  report  encryption  security  Delicious 
november 2015 by asteroza
Annual Credit - Home Page
You can get one free web report from the big three credit report agencies here
US  personal  credit  report  service  free  finance  money  tools  security  identity  theft  check  information 
may 2014 by asteroza
科学、医学、技術分野の論文翻訳・英文校正・プルーフリーディングサービス: 論文翻訳・英文校正のエキスパート | ThinkSCIENCE (株)
Basically a service to live coach japanese academics on english report/essay/article preparation/writing and oral presentation skills. Since they suck so badly at it and causing a "Galapagos Effect" in domestic research reporting. A number of big name universities are using their service for remedial lessons for researchers/professors so they can compete on a global stage (because increasingly an academic is rated according to their publishing output, and domestic journals don't cut it anymore)
english  language  presentation  paper  writing  coaching  education  learning  science  scientific  report  research  consultant  essay  tutor  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
Diplomas and Dropouts final.pdf (application/pdf Object)
A pretty damning report on college graduation rates. Which frankly reinforces my belief that university educations at the first and second year levels are nothing but an exercise in separating people from their money, to help bankroll the rest of the university. That so many colleges are consistently willing to scam the young to fund the Ph.D's is atrocious.
university  college  graduation  rate  report  education  filetype:pdf  media:document  Delicious 
june 2009 by asteroza
So apparently, The Economist magazine has a paid research organization. I guess these guys sorta compete with Gartner?
Economist  corporate  business  industry  intelligence  paid  research  private  proprietary  reporting  report  database  information  data  statistics  finance  news  economics  Delicious 
may 2009 by asteroza
Visualising MPs’ Expenses Using Scatter Plots, Charts and Maps « OUseful.Info, the blog…
Boy, I'd love to see what would happen if they did this in Japan. The media would have a field day for at least 6 months, just for national politician expenses, never mind the prefectural or local politicians. This would be an interesting way of naming/shaming/forcing to resign a large number of the old guard DPJ and LDP politicians at once to attempt by citizen pressure a political clean sweeping.
information  data  statistics  visualization  england  UK  MP  parliament  expense  report  politics  greed  mashup  web  2.0  Guardian  OpenPlatform  TheyWorkForYou  google  spreadsheet  map  maps  googlemaps  yahoo  pipes  dabbleDB  JSON  API  GIS  mapping  citizen  statistical  journalism  ManyEyes  graphic  demographics  infoviz  sousveillance  transparency  database  politicians  Delicious 
april 2009 by asteroza

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