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Zero-hour auto purge - protection against spam and malware | Microsoft Docs
ZAP is a nice feature, dealing with malware that's discovered a little bit after it's already in an inbox.
Azure  office365  ZAP  malware  delete  removal  policy  sysadmin  tips  tricks  email 
24 days ago by asteroza
A radiative cooling structural material | Science
using boiling hydrogen peroxide, these researchers reduced/compressed wood by removing the lignin, making an engineered wood with interesting properties, such as high strength. The kicker is that the white material is also a narrowband IR emitter tuned to dump heat to space through the atmospheric windows, so it can cool you in broad daylight.
engineered  wood  lignin  removal  narrowband  IR  emitter  atmospheric  window  insulation  cooling  subambient 
may 2019 by asteroza
EOS | Electro Optic Systems | Space Debris Management
Actually running a laser broom operation to clean up space trash/debris? Well, for stuff in the 1cm range...
space  debris  laser  broom  removal  research  technology 
february 2019 by asteroza
初めての方へ | 白髪抜き本舗
A service for white (head) hair removal via plucking.
japan  tokyo  weird  white  hair  removal  beauty 
february 2019 by asteroza
Plasma thruster: New space debris removal technology | EurekAlert! Science News
So using a double ended helicon plasma thruster to pump ions towards space debris
helicon  plasma  thruster  space  debris  trash  removal  ion  shepard 
october 2018 by asteroza
BabbleLabs Clear Cloud: Speak your mind
voice cleanup service for audio from noisy environments,free due to beta status
audio  voice  noise  removal  cleanup  cloud  service 
october 2018 by asteroza
Heat Accumulation in Laser-Based Removal of Space Debris | AIAA Journal
Laser brooms for orbital debris may face heating restrictions due to accumulated internal heat, forcing longer ablation campaigns. But, because of this cooling requirement, if you flip that around, it might imply a debris removal campaign may prefer a fast slewing pulse laser to hit any and all debris a laser station can see on every orbital pass. Basically touch everything a little bit, all the chances you get.
space  trash  orbital  debris  removal  laser  broom  sweeper  heat  retention  limit  dwell  time  liquification 
march 2018 by asteroza
Star Technology and Research
Developing a electrodynamic tether driven space junk retreiver
electrodynamic  tether  space  propulsion  research  technology  garbage  junk  trash  removal 
april 2016 by asteroza
Demonstration designs for the remediation of space debris from the International Space Station
Hrm, putting a laser up there that is meant for burning things... so decent power transfer. Bets this also doubles as a lasercomm demo and SPS laser power downlink demo as well?
japan  RIKEN  ISS  orbital  debris  junk  removal  deorbit  laser  sweep  fiber  hardware  electronics  devices  space  safety  research  technology  Delicious 
april 2015 by asteroza
Swiss Space Systems
S3 is partnering with EPFL for launching a space junk retrieval sat. Air launch on an A300, lifting body first stage, rocket second stage, then sat with deorbit capability.
systems  technology  launch  retrieval  space  garbage  research  Switzerland  junk  S3  swiss  debris  removal  air  TSTO  Delicious 
september 2013 by asteroza
iPhone Camera Removal | iPhone Repair
If you want to keep your iPhone but still use it in a place that does not allow cameras, it's either this, or try to get one of those limited edition cameraless iPhones that were made for young people going into the Singaporean draft military periods.
cameraless  security  hardware  service  removal  module  camera  iPhone  Delicious 
january 2013 by asteroza
A regenerable oxide-based H2S adsorbent with nanofibrous morphology : Nature Nanotechnology : Nature Publishing Group
Possible new absorbent that might allow sulfur removal from natural gas or coal/biomass derived syngas without a cooling/liquid step (which normally complicates the process and introduces energy inefficiencies). This would make coal or biomass based syngas much more appealing, especially for advanced syngas combustion cycles that allow for easier carbon capture.
removal  sulphur  sulfer  biogas  syngas  nanotechnology  technology  research  science  materials  fiber  nanostructure  area  surface  reactivity  high  filtering  cleaning  processing  gas  sorbent  mat  nanofiber  oxide  titanium  zinc  adsorbent  H2S  sulfide  hydrogen  Delicious 
december 2012 by asteroza
United States Patent Application: 0120241562
Boeing patent app for a counter orbit based orbital debris removal system, by launching targeted gas clouds at specific debris in a counter orbit so it doesn't destructively provide an impulse, so it doesn't further increase the microdebris issues. I wonder if it's reasonable to do the gas cloud injection/release via a targeted suborbital hop by a rocket/spaceplane (which would double as a deorbiting burn for the gas cloud launcher)
orbital  space  debris  removal  Boeing  patent  counter  orbit  temporary  gas  cloud  launcher  targeted  aerodynamic  drag  Delicious 
october 2012 by asteroza
SARDU - Multi Boot USB pendrive and CD or DVD Builder
Shardana Antivirus Rescue Disk Utility, a handy little tool for creating LiveCD/LiveDVD/bootable USB images that contain multiple individual LiveCD's, so you can carry multiple recovery and installation tool in one device.
liveCD  SARDU  multiboot  boot  image  builder  software  liveDVD  USB  install  installation  ISO  virus  malware  rootkit  removal  utilities  tips  tricks  sysadmin  antivirus  portable  rescue  linux  windows  tools  freeware  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Microsoft Safety Scanner - Antivirus | Remove Spyware, Malware, Viruses Free
Interesting that this is only good for 10 days, in an effort to force you to download the latest updates. I wonder what i the difference between this and MRT, and the Strider research?
microsoft  security  scanner  rootkit  malware  antivirus  virus  removal  software  tool  utilities  sysadmin  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
What is Windows Defender Offline?
Windows Defender Offline seems to be the official microsoft liveCD for rootkit/virus removal
antimalware  virus  windows  security  sysadmin  offline  rootkit  antivirus  removal  software  tools  utilities  liveCD  defender  malware  Delicious 
december 2011 by asteroza
Island Conservation
When you absolutely, positively, must kill every mother lovin' rat on an island with GPS guided slow acting poison, you call these guys...
rat  exterminator  invasive  species  removal  conservation  island  land  management  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Fujitsu Develops Information Device Technology to Automatically Deliver and Run Applications Needed at Particular Time and Place : Fujitsu Global
Er, so they propose a system where an external entity can push software at will to a user, force it to execute within a defined geotemporal time/location, then forcibly delete said app and data when you leave the confines of the geotemporal coordinates. Nothing can go wrong there...

If you actually care about the data, you would only provide it via a local web interface or some kind of thin client analogue. Allowing potentially untrusted apps to install, execute, then delete is malware behavior, even if by some miracle you could sandbox it somehow.

Using NFC as way to introduce the data to the portable device isn't bad though, as way to pass URL's or somesuch, though having a laptop at registration showing a custom QRcode per person achieves the same ends though.
Fujitsu  NFC  app  software  document  file  download  DRM  forced  removal  LBS  security  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Self-Cleaning Anodes: Researchers Develop Nanoparticle Technology That Could Facilitate Cost-Effective Coal-Powered Fuel Cells « Georgia Tech Research News
Barium oxide nanostructure anode coating keeps SOFC clear of coking deposits when using coal gas, operate at 750C for less expensive materials usage. Coal gas poisoning issues not explored.
SOFC  fuelcell  materials  science  reearch  anode  coking  surface  treatment  barium  oxide  nanostructure  nanotechnology  self-cleaning  cleaning  water  mediated  carbon  removal  coal  gas  syngas  vapor  deposition  Delicious 
june 2011 by asteroza
McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Uninstall - Spiceworks Community
Using the stored MSI to uninstall might work, but for an installation that isn't present in Add/Remove Programs, forcing a reinstall with this might allow a better uninstall...
McAfee  virusScan  enterprise  uninstall  manual  removal  guide  howto  tutorial  reference  sysadmin  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
ComboFix | freeware
This apparently is highly recommended, especially as an easier alternative to Malwarebytes, to remove malware/spyware infestations.
ComboFix  windows  malware  rootkit  removal  repair  uninstall  uninstaller  tool  software  sysadmin  tools  utilities  security  virus  antivirus  spyware  antispyware  antimalware  freeware  Delicious 
february 2010 by asteroza
Download and run the Norton Removal Tool
Supposedly this is a real deal Norton uninstaller. The uninstaller the CD installs is mostly for show.
tools  utilities  software  sysadmin  security  antivirus  tool  removal  uninstaller  Symantec  Norton  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza
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