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EXCLUSIVE! DUMMIES GUIDE to confrontation and war strategies by frontline protesters in Hong Kong - Dimsum Daily
Guerrilla protest tactics from Hong Kong in the face of extensive state surveillance. Though part of their success is an underlying high level of identity unity, a populace fairly tolerant of moderate life disruption due to protester activities, and some social/cultural mores pushing for a high tolerance of annoyances.
protester  police  confrontation  guide  howto  tutorial  reference 
august 2019 by asteroza
4 camera 360 video neckband recorder, suitable as a body camera for cops, and for travelers
4  video  camera  360  recording  body  police  monitoring  logging  hardware  electronics  devices  neckband  wearable 
november 2018 by asteroza
Chinese company doing facial recognition type AR smartglasses
china  AR  smartglasses  facial  face  recognition  police  hardware  electronics  devices  HMD 
february 2018 by asteroza
.:: Phrack Magazine ::.
humor  phrack  hacking  magazine  zine  reference  information  police  FBI  arrest  interrogation  interview 
december 2017 by asteroza
Location-Based Social Media Monitoring by Geofeedia
So stuff like this is why activists need to use comparitively closed social network systems if at all (doesn't help if a snitch is in the circle though). PETA/ALF cell OPSEC is probably the only game in town though...
location  based  social  media  network  monitoring  listeningpost  geolocation  police  surveillance  security  outsourcing  Delicious 
november 2015 by asteroza
EMPI : TEC Torch
A portable thermite cutting torch, you know, for cutting stuff...
torch  portable  thermite  cutter  handheld  tools  breach  breaching  gear  military  police  forcible  entry  cutting  thermal  lance  Delicious 
november 2015 by asteroza
EFF says the keylogger stores key logs unencrypted and the target keyword autoemail feature sends the key log unencrypted over unencrypted email. Under most circumstances this would be classified as malware or unwanted software, but due to police relationships no antivirus vendor flags this as such.
police  malware  keylogger  software  security  Delicious 
october 2014 by asteroza
SpideyApp - Stingray Detector
Try to detect Stingray interception equipment usage by police by taking baselines of cell tower ID's and characteristics. It attempts to discover "new" local towers that aren't normally there.
android  app  software  MitM  detection  local  cell  tower  change  stingray  police  intercept  interception  detector  countersurveillance  antisurveillance  OPSEC  security  research  LAC  scan  differential  diff  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
Desert Wolf - Skunk Riot Control Copter
SkyNet starts right here folks. A riot control UAV shooting pepper spray paintballs on "undesirables". Get one for your 'burbclave today!
skunk  UAV  octocopter  helicopter  surveillance  riot  control  defense  police  military  paintball  gun  pepper  spray  compliance  marking  Delicious 
june 2014 by asteroza
So I put a backdoor in your backdoor, so I can bug while you bug...
humor  backdoor  LEA  CALEA  lawful  intercept  bug  security  police  Delicious 
may 2014 by asteroza
ArmStar | The Future of Self Defense
Interesting concept for a hardshell lower arm gauntlet with embedded taser stungun armed by a palm switch. So basically you can tase someone by backhanding them with your arm.
ArmStar  armor  arm  gauntlet  taser  stun  stungun  defense  weapon  self  hardware  electronics  devices  police  military  Delicious 
april 2014 by asteroza
Impact Armor Technologies | Ballistic Clipboard | Armor Shield | Bullet Proof Body Armored Plates
A bulletproof clipboard. While I can appreciate the rationale behind it, that line of thought will only end in kevlar iPad covers.
ballistic  armor  clipboard  bulletproof  defense  shield  military  police  hardware  Delicious 
november 2011 by asteroza
Microsoft: No Botnet Is Indestructible - Slashdot
Interesting reference for pseudo-forensic data gathering. Naturally, running this means evidence tampering on the computer though unless it's a virgin clone...
windows  tracking  network  awareness  NCSI  police  law  enforcement  forensics  tools  utilities  software  COFEE  command  line  tips  tricks  glag  switch  information  reference  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Create the Future Design Contest :: InvisiTower
Interesting take on the tethered electric surveillance quadcopter UAV, using the fiber optic cable tether for data and power. So it isn't spewing surveillance data over RF. Goes up against IAI's ETOP tethered quadcopter though.
LaserMotive  InisiTower  quadcopter  quadrotor  tether  tethered  UAV  hardware  electronics  devices  surveillance  military  police  fiber  optic  optical  power  beaming  remote  InvisiTower  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Cellebrite - Mobile Forensics and Data transfer solutions - Mobile Forensic Products
You know it's a bad sign when they specifically show extracting data from a Blackberry, a device sold explicitly for it's encryption and security.
Cellebrite  UFED  universal  forensics  extraction  device  hardware  electronics  devices  portable  mobile  cellphone  memory  storage  data  copy  police  evidence  technology  privacy  security  Delicious 
april 2011 by asteroza
Police Car for Police | Carbon Motors Corporation
I wish these guys the best, but for cash strapped cities, choosing between more but cheaper police variants of common fleet sedans (and the associated logistical chain and costs), and a purpose built police support and operations vehicle, the cities will cheap out rather than give the police officers what they need/want. It's pretty telling that a similar duty cycle vehicle, a taxi, has similar results. Older NYC taxi commission designed taxi's were built like tanks, but had maintenance and parts issues from being a custom design.
police  military  vehicle  transportation  car  automotive  technology  startup  Delicious 
january 2010 by asteroza
Authentication of forensic DNA samples
While the researchers show a potential solution to detecting faked DNA evidence (un-methylated DNA due to whole genome amplification production technique), this puts a fair bit of current DNA evidence under doubt. Lawyers will have a field day, because so much is made of DNA evidence having the image of being infallible.
police  forensic  science  DNA  evidence  fake  fabrication  research  israel  biology  test  forensics  law  enforcement  misdirection  Delicious 
august 2009 by asteroza
The service which will gather and store uploaded video/audio from Taser/AXON's new head mounted video camera. The idea being, a remote third party video evidence collection repository of police action tends to provide somewhat objective evidence of police actions. Though it could just as easily be the new YouTube version of COPS...
remote  service  online  audio  storage  monitoring  tracking  video  secure  collection  police  evidence  taser  AXON  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza
Superlight armour jacket announced | SciTech from 2009-02-27 till 2009-02-27 | RT
Possible alternative armored vest design , which takes some design cues from the dragonscale armor much touted by soldiers and PMC's in Iraq. I think it is a form of forced tumbling of the bullet, so it can't hit the real armor layer underneath using the point of the bullet, and instead the armor layer gets hit with a bullet that is traveling sideways, which improves the spread of kinetic energy in the armor layer and thus reduces the chances of penetration Doesn't solve the problem of it hurting like hell though, but maybe a shear thickening layer of gel padding underneath the main armor layer might help mitigate it from being kicked by mule to being assaulted by a phonebook.
technology  materials  research  science  protection  defense  clothing  military  vest  russia  police  armor  ballistic  ricochet  balls  Delicious 
march 2009 by asteroza
QIK | Streaming video right from your phone
An unusual (and unfortunately somewhat necessary) use of the service is to live stream video/audio from the cellphone to Qik during an encounter with police/security. Should the phone be confiscated, normally the video/audio/picture content could be erased, but streaming the video to Qik preserves evidence for later use and provides a certain degree of authentication regarding the timestamps.
QIK  cellphone  mobile  phone  video  streaming  online  support  service  blogging  broacasting  broadcast  web  2.0  twitter  cameraphone  Nokia  police  recorder  monitoring  Delicious 
february 2008 by asteroza

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