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So, outsourcing human contact by using remotely operated pet avatars on tablets given to elderly patients. Notably, the avatars are remotely monitored and sometimes directly operated by a callcenter in the Philippines. Because human contact is now a luxury good...
elderly  care  remote  avatar  pet  companion  monitoring  tablet  android  app  software  health  medicine 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
Tombot Robotic Companion Animals | Home
A new therapeutic robot dog, in the vein of the Paro seal robot, as a companion for elderly dementia patients. But, a dog is a pretty big hurdle compared to a seal, because people have a lot of expectations regarding a dog, but don't really have many preconceived notions regarding a seal...
robot  dog  therapeutic  pet  simulator  paro  alternative  robotics  health  medicine  companion 
9 weeks ago by asteroza
Dr. Catsby | Dr. Catsby's Whisker Relief Food Bowl
so cat whiskers are surprisingly sensitive to side forces, such that grazing them on narrow food bowls causes substantial discomfort. So, put their food on a plate, or a shallow bowl like this
cat  food  bowl  shallow  dish  feeding  whickser  comfort  pet  care 
november 2018 by asteroza
Structural and functional studies of a Fusarium oxysporum cutinase with polyethylene terephthalate modification potential. - PubMed - NCBI
This is the original japanese bacteria found at a waste dump that had evolved to eat PET plastic waste. The enzyme that enabled this was recently further isolated and refined.
PET  plastic  waste  enzyme  biology  chemistry  research  technology 
april 2018 by asteroza
Engineering a plastic-eating enzyme
Isolated a japanese bacteria's plastic eating enzyme, and accidentally made it more powerful.

DOI link is busted
PET  enzyme  biology  materials  science  chemistry  research  technology  plastic  waste 
april 2018 by asteroza
Sony brought back the Aibo robot dog, but you get the feeling the actual hardware/capabilities haven't been upgraded, yet they want to hook you onto the cloud system walled garden. Sony still can't get over their proprietariness...
Sony  robot  dog  animal  Aibo  pet  hardware  electronics  devices 
november 2017 by asteroza
Simple Y adapter for PET bottles that makes a simple lifesaving buoy.
wye  adapter  PET  bottle  cap  floating  buoy  plastic  hardware  boat  yacht  Delicious 
august 2016 by asteroza
Revolutionary radiation-sensitive plastic (trademark "Scintirex") with a performance superior to plastic scintillators used for measuring radiation and enabling a major reduction in production costs : NIRS
Sintirex is a recycled PET plastic based plastic scintillator, which basically means the chunk of plastic glows in the dark if hit by radiation. So you put it in a sealed case with a simple optical sensor like a cheap CCD to make a crude but effective low cost radiation detector. Apparently it should be possible to make portable detectors that currently cost $500 for around $100 or less now.
japan  materials  science  research  technology  recycled  PET  plastic  scintillator  Sintirex  radiation  sensitive  flourescent  flourescence  low  cost  detector  sensor  Delicious 
august 2011 by asteroza
supercollar® | Home
Interesting integrated retractable leash mounted on an otherwise conventional dog collar.
pet  hardware  dog  integrated  retractable  leash  collar  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
PetFlow | Get Started
So, basically, this somehow is cheaper than buying from a store and provides specific brands which may not be carried by local stores. I'm surprised someone in japan hasn't done this yet.
PetFlow  custom  customized  pet  dog  dogfood  food  delivery  service  US  animal  care  feeding  Delicious 
february 2011 by asteroza
Orbotix Sphero iOS-controlled toy ball hands-on -- Engadget
Perfect for menacing a cat, but a dog will probably chew it to death...
Orbotix  Sphero  RC  ball  robot  drone  pet  toy  hardware  electronics  devices  iPhone  cat  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
Sibfox – Tame Fox - domesticated fox bred in Russia, available in USA from SibFox, Inc.
The capitalist outcome of a slightly freakish classical genetics experiment in SIberia that's been running for more than 50 years. Tamed and domesticated russian silver foxes, that exhibit behavior that's a cross between cats and dogs, and actually in a way started turning into dogs physically.
russia  russian  fox  pet  importer  animals  genetics  research  domestication  taming  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza Super Skamper Ramp Pool Pet Ramp - Pets up to 200 lbs.: Home Improvement
This is meant for pets, but being rated for 200 pounds means humans could use this get out the water too...
pet  water  ramp  access  hardware  marine  ocean  pool  seawater  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza
100202.pdf (application/pdf Object)
Kaneka has been busy with graphite based thermally conductive yet electrically insulating plastics, with one type getting 300% performance over copper for thermal conductivity (though it's not obvious if the 300% material is electrically insulating)
Kaneka  electrically  insulating  electrical  insulator  thermally  conductive  thermal  filler  graphite  polyester  polymer  PET  resin  Hyperite  plastic  japan  materials  science  research  technology  filetype:pdf  media:document  Delicious 
march 2010 by asteroza
Cool Earth Solar: Reshaping Solar Energy
Hrm, I wonder if you could make an oversized air inflated structure to support long rows of these things in an airborne pattern, like a giant inflatable wall..
technology  green  energy  power  generator  plastic  solar  concentrator  aluminum  film  inflatable  concentrating  reflector  thin  cool  balloon  earth  CSP  pet  recyclable  Delicious 
february 2009 by asteroza

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