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Entanglement-enhanced optical gyroscope - IOPscience
New higher precision fiber optic gyro that can overcome shot-noise limit
entangled  photon  fiber  optic  gyroscope  sensor  physics  research  technology  aerospace  shot  noise  limit 
june 2019 by asteroza
Concentrated Solar Photovoltaics provide both electricity and heat.
Last pic has a split hybrid CSP system, with visible spectrum PV with an IR reflector, feeding IR to a fiber line for use elsewhere in a high temp electrolysis cell.
hybrid  CSP  PV  thermal  IR  fiber  optic  transfer  power  generator  solar  high  temperature  electrolysis  hydrogen  gas  production  syngas  CO2  cracking 
march 2019 by asteroza
Solar Thermal Propulsion for Small Spacecraft - Engineering System Development and Evaluation
Using fiber optics to simplify the arrangement between a solar concentrator rig and the actual solar thermal thruster
smallsat  small  spacecraft  space  propulsion  CSP  fiber  optic  solar  thermal  thruster  decoupled 
april 2018 by asteroza
OSA | Monolithic ultra-high-Q lithium niobate microring resonator
so lithium niobate makes for great resonators for fiber optic networks, but is chemically inert so you can't etch it easily. Now, it looks like they've achieved usable dry plasma etching to make waveguides/resonators.
lithium  niobate  fiber  optic  resonator  waveguide  optics  plasma  dry  etching  materials  science  research  technology 
january 2018 by asteroza
Industry sees new opportunities for space manufacturing -
ZBLAN fiber optic manufacturing demos on ISS shortly. This is big, because at current ZBLAN pricing, if the orbital manufacturing is viable, it can justify a Bigelow 330 space station and 6 flights a year of SpaceX Dragon to ferry ingots up and fiber down, as a real closing business case.
ISS  space  manufacturing  ZBLAN  fiber  optic 
december 2017 by asteroza
Fiber Optics Manufacturing in Space (FOMS) - Research on StationResearch on Station
This is a ZBLAN fiber production test run after the MadeInSpace experiment
ISS  space  manufacturing  ZBLAN  fiber  optic 
december 2017 by asteroza
acoustic sensing with iDAS™ - intelligent Distributed Acoustic Sensor
Jebus, this thing is using rayleigh scattering at scale to turn an entire length of fiber optic into a mic...
fiber  optic  cable  microphone  rayleigh  scattering  backscatter  mic  audio  recording  sensor  surveillance 
november 2017 by asteroza
Icon Polymer
Interesting new hose for probe&drogue aerial refueling systems, which allows power and data transfer at the drogue end unit via a clamping device, as well as telemetry of the end unit, which would be helpful for positioning. An interesting possibility is data transfer from surveillance as their current data collection is starting to exceed reasonable radio transmission capabilities. So, instead of waiting until a UAV returns to the ground to offload data, a UAV could offload data to a command tanker aircraft in theater.
aerospace  transfer  technology  refueling  drogue  cable  data  aerial  IconIC  fiber  flexible  research  probe  power  optic  Delicious 
february 2013 by asteroza
Create the Future Design Contest :: InvisiTower
Interesting take on the tethered electric surveillance quadcopter UAV, using the fiber optic cable tether for data and power. So it isn't spewing surveillance data over RF. Goes up against IAI's ETOP tethered quadcopter though.
LaserMotive  InisiTower  quadcopter  quadrotor  tether  tethered  UAV  hardware  electronics  devices  surveillance  military  police  fiber  optic  optical  power  beaming  remote  InvisiTower  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza
Breakthrough MicroSight Technology Improves Iron Sights « Daily Bulletin
This seems to have applications where one of the two things you want to see in focus is a relatively known distance from the lens/eye (in this case the forward blade of an iron sight). I wonder if this has any applications for conventional cameras as a simultaneous multifocal lens?
phased  zone  plate  fresnel  lens  optics  near  close  far  long  range  weapon  optic  scope  sight  multifocal  Delicious 
september 2010 by asteroza
LED fiber optic display films on the way
I wonder if this could be reversed to concentrate disperse solar light onto a solar cell, like a Fresnel lens?
LED  fiber  optic  film  sheet  macroscale  display  planar  light  source  materials  science  research  technology  Fraunhofer  solar  diffuse  microlens  lens  optics  backlight  Delicious 
june 2010 by asteroza

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