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Currently for fancy pants cellphone camera, and now also for self driving car sensors.
multiple  camera  computational  photography  hardware  electronics  devices  software  cluster  sensor 
march 2019 by asteroza
Dave Martorana
this does a more complete split of profiles to keep account profiles/cookie/data separate
firefox  browser  addon  plugin  extension  multiple  account  profile  privacy 
september 2018 by asteroza
Firefox Multi-Account Containers – Add-ons for Firefox
not full multi, but good enough for separating cookies and the like
firefox  browser  addon  plugin  extension  multiple  account  container  privacy 
september 2018 by asteroza
Stone Fruit Tagged "4 Fruit Tree" - Fruit Salad Trees
Huh, are they producing this through some kind of joined cuttings or some dark magic?
agriculture  fruit  multiple  variety  tree 
august 2018 by asteroza
dockerfiles/hollywood at master · jessfraz/dockerfiles
docker file with multiple terminals, looking like a hollywood hacker...
humor  docker  terminal  multiple 
october 2017 by asteroza
Vestas Multi-Rotor Wind Turbine: 3 Blades Good, 4 Turbines Better
Yo, I heard you like wind turbines, so we put wind turbines on your wind turbines...
multiple  multi  wind  turbine  power  generator  tower  research  technology  multirotor  Delicious 
march 2017 by asteroza
Online Journal of Space Communication
Interesting design, taking the weight hit to use lower power rotary joints. Easier to add solar modules too, but out of plane.
SPS  SSP  space  power  satellite  research  low  multiple  joint  rotary  technology  solar  Delicious 
march 2016 by asteroza
So apparently these guys are behind the hot open source python based robot arm motion control/planning software OpenRAVE right now in industry. They do it all, from individual arm movement, to workspace layout optimization, to multi arm coordination, all to cut down manufacturing time, and the time to reconfigure a line. Apparently they also provide the optimization as a cloud based service, where you can get them to run hardcore layout optimization simulation much faster at a fraction of the cost.
OpenRAVE  robot  arm  motion  controller  movement  plan  planning  cloud  service  python  opensource  IREX  robotics  manufacturing  line  layout  optimization  multi  multiple  coordination  production  system  lifecycle  analysis  Delicious 
march 2012 by asteroza • View topic - BionX hack: non-proprietary battery!
BionX battery hack with custom battery connector cable supporting multiple batteries.
connector  cable  multiple  custom  bicycle  bike  electric  battery  party  third  BionX  Delicious 
january 2012 by asteroza
Actual Multiple Monitors: Extended Taskbar with Support of All Windows 7 Features on Each Display.
Covers XP to 7, and apparently is really good for dealing with multiple monitors. Sort of the logical opposite of Ultramon.
windows  multiple  monitor  display  desktop  enhancement  taskbar  tasktray  modification  customization  software  sysadmin  tools  utilities  management  Delicious 
july 2011 by asteroza | Verifying and Filtering News (FOSS)
Some sort of information gathering server software that can to a certain degree verify the veracity of news coming in from disparate sources (by statistical clustering analysis?). apparently can be keyed up with other software to provide a protester information collection and dispersal platform, which would enable realtime mapping and feedback regarding riot police movements.
swiftriver  opensource  multiple  information  data  stream  analysis  collation  filtering  mappings  news  aggregator  mapping  crowdsourcing  intelligence  protest  activism  tools  utilities  software  server  BI  realtime  swiftly  ushahidi  development  Delicious 
january 2011 by asteroza
New process promises to revolutionize manufacturing of products
New research on memory metals that have multiple shape memories, rather than just two with a single transition temperature
materials  science  research  multiple  shape  memory  metal  Delicious 
september 2010 by asteroza
EoPlex Technologies - Technology
Interesting that they offer multiple simultaneous materials, as their underlying technique to achieve 3D printable electronics and devices, compared to most other fabbers.
EoPlex  HVPF  high  volume  print  forming  3D  fabber  printer  fabbing  printing  hardware  electronics  device  IC  multiple  simultaneous  materials  Delicious 
april 2010 by asteroza
Input Director
A new alternative to Synergy multimonitor control software using distributed PC's instead of multiple video cards
input  director  windows  multi  multiple  monitor  display  control  software  sysadmin  tips  trick  tools  utilities  KVM  alternative  Synergy  Delicious 
september 2009 by asteroza
Wildcard SSL :: The DigiCert Difference
You can install this cert on multiple machines without extra licensing
digicert  wildcard  ssl  certificate  service  vendor  multi  multiple  server  free  add  Delicious 
august 2008 by asteroza

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