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Hydraulic Hydro Storage: The Optimal Energy Storage System
Interesting take on pumped hydro, using a giant solid stone piston for the compression mass, cut using an upper and lower ring tunnel connected by a wire saw. So basically an excavate in place scheme for a high mass, rather than say Gravity Power, which uses a vertical TBM and an artificial (concrete?) piston. Still uses water as the working fluid, no indication if this is closed loop. Some of the drawings even show the piston cut from the ground surface, which means as you store energy, this giant cylinder rock mass rises from the ground like a mountain...
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july 2013 by asteroza
A ‘Magic Box’ For Your Passivhaus |
The Magic Box, AKA heavily integrated thermal compnents for homes such that heat/cold can be used/reused effectively, from HVAC to hot water heaters and boilers for in floor heating. Most of the focus here is heat recovery ventilators, which recover heat energy from hot exhaust air to preheat/heat the evaporator coil of a heat pump. Too bad hardly anyone is selling them.
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august 2012 by asteroza

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