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low weight phased array radar built on a metamaterial flat panel
metamaterial  transceiver  phased  array  radar  materials  science  research  technology  2D 
25 days ago by asteroza
Using a silicon chip coated in nanoantennas, they effectively made a metamaterial mirror for a laser, allowing a 1D laser scanner LIDAR that is solid state. Made using methods similar to LCD manufacturing, which means the beam can be actively scanned at will, so not a fixed scanning cycle either.
LIDAR  sensor  metatmaterial  mirror  1D  scanner  beam  steering  solid  state  materials  science  research  technology 
25 days ago by asteroza
Material for New-Generation Atomic Reactors Developed in NUST MISIS
New steel-vanadium-steel layered composite might be good for nuclear reactor fuel rod tubes
russia  nuclear  fuel  rod  radiation  heat  resistant  steel  vanadium  composite  alloy  metal  metallurgy  materials  science  research  technology 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Technology | WaveCel
Interesting engineered structure to provide protection from linear and rotational impacts, as an alternative to traditional EPS foam helmets. Seems to use a slipping/buckling triangle design? I wonder what kinds of improvements there would be using a smaller microstructure?
WaveCel  buckling  structure  impact  absorbtion  helmet  safety  materials  science  research  technology 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Plasmonic p–n Junction for Infrared Light to Chemical Energy Conversion - Journal of the American Chemical Society (ACS Publications)
Making hydrogen gas with IR light. Though one wonders where direct conversion with this photocatalyst is better than using a frequency converter intermediary and a different photocatlyst...
japa  hydrogen  production  materials  science  research  technology  IR  cadmium  copper  sulfide  photocatalyst  heterostructure  nanocrystal  surface  plasmon  solar  fuel 
4 weeks ago by asteroza
Saarbrücken research team uses artificial muscles to develop an air conditioner for the future | Universität des Saarlandes
Using nitinol shape memory alloys as the thermal medium/matrix in a thermal wheel rotary air heat exchanger, where the wheel itself is the HVAC system!
rotary  heat  exchanger  thermal  wheel  air  entropy  nitinol  shape  memory  alloy  metal  conditioner  heater  HVAC  mechanical  materials  science  research  technology  cooling  heating 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Power generator using cycling waste heat hot water/cooling water to drive a shape memory alloy wire actuator piston, which drives a hydraulic transmission and power generator. Made a discovery for high cycle ninitol alloy (10 million versus 1 million cycles for regular NT wire) to make the linear actuator work for industrial applications. Uses direct impingement of hot water and cold water to cycle the actuator though...
nitinol  shape  memory  metal  alloy  materials  science  research  technology  wasteheat  power  generator  linear  actuator  piston  hydraulic  transmission  drive  scavenging  harvesting  high  cycle  fatigue  resistance 
5 weeks ago by asteroza
Geometry of Materials
Trying to mathematically define the theories behind knitting/stitching, to allow computers to define new textile patterns.
knitting  stitching  slipknot  computational  textile  materials  science  research  technology  mathematics  physics  topology  knot 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Spider dragline silk as torsional actuator driven by humidity | Science Advances
Spider silk at 70% humidity twists in one direction, and contracts, making it potential actuator.
spider  silk  torsional  actuator  artificial  muscle  research  technology  materials  science 
6 weeks ago by asteroza
Optical cooling achieved by tuning thermal radiation
optical cooling by sticking two objects less than the wavelength of thermal radiation from each other
optical  cooling  photodiode  materials  science  physics  optics  research  technology 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
OSA | Laser coloration of metals in visual art and design
Some sort of way of using a single laser to multicolor metal coloring using not just classic laser oxidation or periodic grating, but also some sort of subwavelength nanoparticle surface treatment
laser  oxidation  periodic  grating  subwavelength  nanoparticle  surface  treament  metal  coloring  color  materials  science  research  technology 
7 weeks ago by asteroza
Double-negative-index ceramic aerogels for thermal superinsulation | Science
Weird boron nitride aerogel. Good repeatable crush resistance and extreme temperature swing fracture resistance. Weird in that slightly squeezing it in one direction causes it to compact orthogonally.
ceramic  boron  nitride  aerogel  fracture  temperature  cycling  resistance  materials  science  research  technology 
8 weeks ago by asteroza
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nanopump  nanopyramid  nanorectenna  nanorectifier  nanoribben  nanoribbon  nanorod  nanoscale  nanoscavenger  Nanoscribe  nanoscroll  nanosensor  nanosheet  nanoshell  nanosonic  nanosphere  nanostamp  nanostamping  nanostitching  nanostructed  nanostructure  nanostructured  nanotech  nanotechnology  nanotextured  nanothread  nanotip  nanotower  nanotransistor  nanotruss  nanotube  nanotubes  nanovector  nanovoid  nanowire  nanowood  nanowrinkle  nanphotonic  nantenna  nantube  nanutbe  NaOH  narrowband  NASA  national  native  natural  navy  NCC  NCF  NDT  near  NEC  NEF  negative  NEMS  neodyium  neoprene  neoteric  net  network  Neue  neural  neutron  NewCyte  news  NFC  nfilm  NGK  NGP  NHC  Ni-Li  NIAC  nickel  nickel-63  nickelate  night  nightvision  nija  NiLi  NiMH  niobate  niobium  NIR  NIST  nitinol  nitiride  nitrate  nitride  nitrides  nitrofullerene  nitrogen  nitroxide  NiZn  NML  noble  Nocera  NOFBX  noise  nokia  non-periodic  non-pressed  non-reflective  nonaqueous  Nonburnite  nonlinear  nonreciprocal  nonscale  nontechnology  nontoxic  nonvolatile  noodle  NOR  norbornadiene  norway  nose  note  NOtES  Novacem  Novel  Novomer  NOx  nozzle  NREL  NRL  NROM  NTH  NTR  NU-109  NU-110  nuclear  nucleation  nucleus  nueron  Numonyx  NuPGA  nylon  O2  oak  OAM  obesity  object  ocean  octahedral  octet  octopus  offgrid  offshore  oil  OLED  olefin  oleophobic  OLET  OMEGA  ominidirectional  omnidirectional  omniphobic  ondemand  onfined  onion  online  opal  Opalux  Open  operation  optic  optical  optically  optics  opticsresearch  optimization  optimized  optoelectric  optoelectronic  optoelectronics  optofluidic  optomechanical  optomechanics  optonics  optoplasmonic  optronics  orangic  ORB  orbit  orbital  orbtronics  order  ordered  organic  organics  organism  organocatlyst  orgiami  orientation  oriented  origami  ornithopter  ORNL  OSC  oscillating  oscillation  oscillator  oscillatorless  osmosis  osmotic  OTEC  overlay  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plate  platelet  platform  plating  platinum  plexiglass  PLGA  pliable  pliant  ply  plywood  pneumatic  PNF  pnictides  pnictogen  pocofoam  pointing  poisoning  polar  polarcrypsis  Polaris  polariton  polarity  polarization  polarized  polarizer  police  pollution  polyacrylonitrile  polybutadiene  polycrystalline  polydiallyldimethylammonium  polydimethylsiloxane  polyelectrolyte  polyester  polyetheretherketone  polyetherketoneketone  polyethylene  polygon  polyhydroxy-butyrate  polyimide  polyiodide  polyisocyanide  polylactic  polymer  polymeric  polymerization  polymervision  polyphenyl  polyphenylene  PolyPlus  polypropylene  polysaccharide  polysiloxane  polystyrene  polysulfide  polythiophene  polythiourethane  polyurethane  polyvinyl  polyvinylidene  polyyne  PolyZion  pore  porosity  porous  porpus  portable  portal  portlandite  POSME  post  postcombustion  poster  posters  potassium  potential  powder  powdered  power  powered  PowerGenix  powerglass  powerplant  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